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MS. Hamilton 26

Summary Catalogue no.: 24456

Robert Holcot, Ps.-Augustine, etc.; Germany, 1444–1445


Language(s): Latin

Inside front cover: ownership inscription (see Provenance) and table of contents by the scribe.

(fol. 1r)

Theological notes: apparently extracts from Henricus de Frimaria, Expositio decem praeceptorum

Added, fifteenth century, by the main scribe.

(fol. 1v)

Theological notes: list of scriptural and theological sevens.

Added, fifteenth century.

1. (fols. 2r-206r)
Robert Holcot, Lectiones super librum Sapientiae
Final rubric: Explicit Robertus Holkoth super librum Sapientie
Colophon: Scriptus per me Petrum Myszner plebanum in Podolczk [Podelzig] et vicarium perpetuum ecclesie Lubucensis [Lebus] sub anno Domini Mº.ccccºxlvº et finitus in profesto Diuisionis Apostolorum que sunt xiiijª dies mensis Julij. Orate pro requie anime mee

Followed by a note of a great flood in Saxony in the same year.

(fols. 206r-210v; 211r blank)
Rubric: Registrum libri euisdem
Incipit: Anima bona est xxix d
Explicit: Zona quadruplex CC iij d\xxj d/
(fols. 211v-228r)
Ps.-Eusebius of Cremona, Epistola de transitu beati Hieronymi
Rubric: Epistola venerabilis Eusebij de morte beati Jeronimi
Colophon: Explicit anno Domini Mccccxlvº feria iiijª infra Octava Assumpcionis
(fols. 228r-231v)
Ps.-Augustine, Epistola de transitu beati Hieronymi
Rubric: Epistola beati Augustini ad Cyrillum
(fols. 231v-234v; 235r blank)
Ps.-Cyril of Jerusalem, Epistola de transitu beati Hieronymi (cc. 1–3)
Rubric: Incipit epistola Cirlli ad Augustinum de laude beati Ieronimi
Explicit: eadem hora sunt mortui, fuerunt corpora tumulata. Deo gratias amen.
3. (fols. 235v-257v; 258r blank)
Ps.-Augustine, Sermones ad fratres in eremo (selection)
Rubric: Incipiunt sermones beati Augustini ad fratres suos heremitas

Twenty-five sermons: 1–4, 6–13, 43, 5, 26, 44, 14–22 in the Maurist numbering.

Colophon: Inventi Parisius a domino Ruberto de Bardis de Florencia cancellario Parisiensi, scripti per me Petrum Miszner ... [etc., as above] Sub anno Domini Mccccxliiij die iiijª mensis Augusti finiti...
(fol. 258va)
Rubric: De missa
Incipit: Sanctus thomas dicit quod missa est magis meritoria quod sub celo fieri potest. Probatum, Quia sine illo actu nemo potest mereri vitam eternam

Added, fifteenth century.

(fol. 258vb)
Two medical recipes

Added, fifteenth century.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: paper
Extent: 258 fols.
Dimensions (leaf): 305 × 218 mm.
Foliation: Contemporary foliation for items 1–3 (each item in separate sequence), in roman numerals, on the versos.


2 cols., 42–46 lines, column space 223 × c. 70 mm.


Written by Petrus Meyszner. The colophon on fol. 206 covers fols. 2–260a and perhaps 206b-210v. The colophon on fol. 228 covers fols. 211v-228. The colophon on fol. 257v covers fols. 235v-257v and perhaps 228–234v.


Puzzle initials, sometimes with penwork flourishing in blue and red.

Coloured initials (red, blue and green) with simple decoration.



Fifteenth-century binding of brown leather over boards, ruled in blind; clasps and bosses lost; remains of contemporary contents label.


Origin: 1444 and 1445 ; Germany, area of Podelzig or Lebus (?)

Provenance and Acquisition

‘Iste liber est domini Petri Meysner plebani ville Podolczk’ (inside front cover)

Cistercian abbey of Neuzelle, near Guben: ‘Liber Noue Celle sancte Marie’, 15th century, fol. 1.

Sir William Hamilton, 1788–1856

Presented to the Bodleian Library by his sons and received in 1857.

Record Sources

Description adapted by Matthew Holford, with additional description of content, decoration and binding (Dec. 2019, rev. August 2020), from the following sources:
Andrew G. Watson, Catalogue of Dated and Datable Manuscripts c. 435–1600 in Oxford Libraries (1984), no. 500 [physical description, origin, provenance]
The Summary Catalogue (1905) [contents]

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2020-08-26: Added binding description.