A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

MS. Hatton 6

Summary Catalogue no.: 4129


Language(s): Latin

1. (fol. 1)
Pseudo-Isidore, Decretales (‘False Decretals’)

Wanting the Councils which generally form the second part of that work. After the prologue of 'Isidorus Peccator', i.e. I. Mercator, and other prefatory matter, follow on fol. 3 the 'Canones apostolorum' (which are given in an English 14th-cent. hand on fol. 1 as title to the whole volume), and then the Decretals of Roman pontiffs from st. Clement to Gregory ii. A summary of contents of foll. 3–55 is given at fol. 3, and at fol. 72 is a fuller list of tituli of the subsequent decretals (Damasus-Gregory ii).

1a. (fol. 184)
Pseudo-Isidore, Capitula Angilrammi

Followed by two letters of Isidorus Hispalensis (foll. 186v, 187: begg. 'Perlectis sanctitatis tue litteris', 'Veniente ad nos famulo uestro'). At fol. 187v is a Latin note on the Council of Clermont, A.D. 1096. This MS., which is not noticed in Paul Hinschius's edition of the Decretals, resembles MSS. Vatican 1344 and Bibl. Nat. lat. 15391 in the order of its contents, but contains at fol. 57v the 'canones Siluestri' (beg. 'Domino Constantino Augusto, eodem tempore cum multi') wanting in other MSS. The text is imperfect through the loss of 26 leaves after fol. 102.

2. (fol. 189)
Acts of Greek Councils

Canons of the Council of Nicaea, preceded by the three usual prefaces (beg. 'Canones generalium conciliorum') and (fol. 190) creed, and followed (fol. 192) by the Nicene creed repeated, subscriptions, and creed of st. Gregory bp. of Neocaesarea: (fol. 192v) 'Canones concilii Constantinopolitani' primi: (fol. 193v) 'Translatio primi Ephesini concilii', the collection of acts known as that of the manuscript of Tours: this is complete except for a considerable lacuna (Baluze, col. 394, 1. 12-col. 402, 1. 20) at fol. 195v (col. 1, last line) due to the loss of some leaves of the exemplar, but the order differs from that of other known MSS.: (fol. 246v) 'Epistola beati Athanasii ... ad Epictetum' (beg. 'Ego quidem putabam'), three 'epistole paschales' of Theophilus bp. of Alexandria in the Latin translation of st. Jerome (foll. 249, 254, 258), and st. Jerome's letter to Theophilus (fol. 261v: beg. 'Ex eo tempore'): (fol. 262) Canons of the Council of Chalcedon, with preface (beg. 'Consulatu piissimi et amatoris Christi'), followed by the 'edictum imperatorum in confirmatione concilii' (beg. 'Tandem aliquando'); at fol. 266v 'incipiunt non nulle sanctiones sparsim collecte... . Calcedonensis concilii' from the acts of that council; the letter of Theodosius ii and Valentinian iii to Dioscorus (beg. 'Cunctis constitit') occurs at fol. 270v : (fol. 273v) 'Capitula quinti concilii Constantinopoli celebrati', A.D. 553: (fol. 274v) Extracts from the acts of the sixth general council, A.D. 680.

3a. (fol. 275v)
Rubric: Nomina XI regionum
3b. (fol. 275v)
Rubric: nomina ciuitatum .cxxv. que sunt in prouinciis solius regionis Gallie

Generally known as the Notitia Galliarum

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 276 leaves
Dimensions (in): 14.75 × 9.75 mm.


In double columns.


Illuminated capitals.


White leather on boards, with outer cover of white sheepskin, edges stained red; there are two leather thongs, pins wanting; at bottom of front cover are remains of a chain fastening for attachment to a lectern, on back outer cover a 15th-cent. parchment label of contents; English 15th-cent. (?) work.


Origin: 13th century, early ; French

Provenance and Acquisition

Worcester Cathedral Priory: accepted by MLGB as a medieval Worcester book.

No. 324 in the Worcester catalogue of 1622–23 (Catalogus Librorum..., ed. Atkins and Ker, p. 57)

Acquired from Worcester by Christopher, baron Hatton (d. 1670).

Bought with his library by the Bodleian through the London bookseller Robert Scot in 1671.

Record Sources

Adapted from the Summary Catalogue (1937), with additional reference to published literature cited in the description.


Last Substantive Revision

2019-05-17: Description updated from SC and other cited sources.