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MS. Holkham Gr. 34

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Diktyon no.: 48102

Gregory of Nazianzus, Sermons with marginal scholia by Basil elachistos and others (incomplete).


Language(s): Greek

1. (fols 1r-32v)
Gregory of Nazianzus, In sanctum baptisma (or. 40)

CPG 3010.40, BHG 1947, inc. mut. Νήπιον ἔστι σοι … eds Cl. Moreschini- P. Gallay, Grégoire de Nazianze: Discours 38–41 (SChr 358), Paris 1990, pp. 232–310. (In marg.): ἐξ ὀνύχων …, see V. Puntoni, ‘Scolii alle orazioni di Gregorio Nazianzeno’, Studi di filologia greca, 1 (1886) 179–180.

2. (fols 32v-39r)
Gregory of Nazianzus, In Gregorium Nyssenum (or. 11)

CPG 3010.11, BHG 716, ed. M.-A. Calvet-Sebasti, Grégoire de Nazianze: Discours 6–12 (SChr 405), Paris 1995, pp. 328–346.

3. (fols 39v-87v)
Gregory of Nazianzus, In Athanasium (or. 21)

CPG 3010.21, BHG 186, eds J. Mossay-G. Lafontaine, Grégoire de Nazianze: Discours 20–23 (SChr 270), Paris 1980, pp. 110–192.

4. (fols 88r-114r)
Gregory of Nazianzus, Supremum vale vel Syntactirium vel In praesentia episcoporum (or. 42)

CPG 3010.42, BHG 730b, ed. J. Bernardi, Grégoire de Nazianze: Discours 42–43 (SChr 384), Paris 1992, pp. 48–114.

Gregory of Nazianzus, In patrem tacentem vel In plagam grandinis (or. 16)

CPG 3010.16, des. mut. καὶ ἄγριος ἐξεθέρισεν; PG 35, 933–941. 26.

6. (fols 120r-121v)
Gregory of Nazianzus, In sanctum pascha vel In sanctum pascha et in tarditatem (or.1)

CPG 3010.01, inc. mut. δώσει δὲ οὐδὲν τοιοῦτον, ed. J. Bernardi, Grégoire de Nazianze: Discours 1–3 (SChr 247), Paris 1978, pp. 78–82.

7. (fols 121v-138v)
Gregory of Nazianzus, In Sanctum Pascha vel In sanctum pascha et tarditatem 1–2 (IIa) (or. 1 and 45)

CPG 3010.01, 45. PG 36, 624–664: i) fols 121v-123v: In Sanctum Pascha IIa, des. mut. αὐτὸς ἑαυτὸν ὀνο[μάζει … PG 36, 624–625 C4; ii) fols 124r-138v: In patrem tacentem vel In plagam grandinis, des. mut. μακρῷ χρόνῳ πτ⟩ωχοὺς ἀστέ[γους περιστέλλ]ειν PG 35, 933–961C 2–6.

8. (Fols 138r-138v)

Fragments in a very bad state, as they have been possibly burnt.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: ii + 140 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 320 × 210 mm.


20 lines per page.



Decorative pieces preceding each sermon (fols 32v, 39v, 88r, 114v). Titles are given in Alexandrinische Auszeichnungsmajuskel.

Additions: Several marginal comments by Basil elachistos.


Typical Holkham binding of brown leather, with Coke family ostrich crest in gilt in the centre of the upper cover; Date: early nineteenth century. Rebound by John Jones of Liverpool (worked for Holkham 1816–1823.


Origin: 10th-11th century (circa 950?) ; Constantinople

Provenance and Acquisition

Ownership Notes: fol. 1r: handwritten note in black ink by B. de Montfaucon: Codex numero 2. Gregorii/ Nazianz(eni). Orations quaedam 600 ann.

Old Catalogue Nrs: 1st pasted down in its verso: 663d. (on the left side, in pencil); fol. ir: Holk Cat No- 58 D6AI (written in pencil). Giustiniani 2. Olim Holkham Hall, Libr. of the Earl of Leicester, 58

Record Sources

Description by Dimitrios Skrekas (2018), with the support of the Leventis Foundation, the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, the Yerolemou Trust and the Michael Marks Charitable Trust.

Digital Images

Digital Bodleian (images from 35mm. slides)


Last Substantive Revision

2018-08-21: Record fully revised: new description by Dimitris Skrekas.