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MS. Holkham misc. 35

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)


1. (fol. 1r-)
Rubric: Epitaphium Virgilii quod moriens fecit
Incipit: Mantua me genuit, Calabri rapuere tenet nunc
(WIC 10656).
Language(s): Latin

Four distichs pr. Baehrens, Poet. Lat. Min. IV.156–7:

Incipit: Nocte pluit tota redeunt spectacula mane
Incipit: Hos ego versicuos feci tulit alter honores

[with two lines not in the edition]

Incipit: Humor alit segetem segeti contratius humor
Incipit: Monte sub hoc lapidum tegitur Balista sepultus
Language(s): Latin
Rubric: Versos (sic) Ovidii Nasonis
Incipit: Vergilius magno quantum concessit Homero
(WIC 20188)
Language(s): Latin
Rubric: Ordo librorum breviter prenotatus
Incipit: Primus habet Lybicam veniant ut Troes in urbem
(WIC 14661).
Language(s): Latin
Virgil, Aeneid

Wanting VIII.450 to the end. Each book is preceded by one of the pseudo Ovidian prologues (pr. Baehrens, Poet. Lat. Min., IV, 162–8)

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: Hinc populum
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iii (paper) + 86 + iii (paper).
Dimensions (leaf): 185 × 110 mm.
Dimensions (ruled): 145–50 × 65–70 mm.
Foliation: Modern pencil: i-iii, 1–89.


1(8)-11(8), quires (probably seven) missing at the end


35 written lines, 'above top line'; in 1 column. Dry point ruling.


Neat gothic bookhand.


Marginal diagram of a labyrinth (fol. 53r). (Pächt and Alexander i. 70)

Initials at the beginning of books, red with silvering now oxidized, or black ink (fol. 34, 57, 70).

Or with spaces left unfilled.


Typical Holkham binding in polished brown leather; the spine lettered in gilt 'VIRGILII | ÆNÆIS. || MS. | SÆC. XV.' and with the number '308' at the bottom.


Origin: German ; 12th century

Provenance and Acquisition

Marginal and some interlinear glosses throughout, mostly in one hand, 15th-16th century.

Bookplate of 'THOMAS WILLIAM COKE', formerly Norfolk, Holkham Hall, MS. 308.

Record Sources

Draft description by Peter Kidd, late 1990s

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2017-07-01: First online publication.