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MS. Holkham misc. 35

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)


1. (fol. 1r-)
Rubric: Epitaphium Virgilii quod moriens fecit
Incipit: Mantua me genuit, Calabri rapuere tenet nunc
(Walther, Alphab. Verz., no. 10656).
Language(s): Latin

Four distichs pr. Baehrens, Poet. Lat. Min. IV.156–7:

Incipit: Nocte pluit tota redeunt spectacula mane
Incipit: Hos ego versicuos feci tulit alter honores

[with two lines not in the edition]

Incipit: Humor alit segetem segeti contratius humor
Incipit: Monte sub hoc lapidum tegitur Balista sepultus
Language(s): Latin
Rubric: Versos (sic) Ovidii Nasonis
Incipit: Vergilius magno quantum concessit Homero
(Walther, no. 20188)
Language(s): Latin
Rubric: Ordo librorum breviter prenotatus
Incipit: Primus habet Lybicam veniant ut Troes in urbem
(Walther, no. 14661).
Language(s): Latin
Virgil, Aeneid

Wanting VIII.450 to the end. Each book is preceded by one of the pseudo Ovidian prologues (pr. Baehrens, Poet. Lat. Min., IV, 162–8)

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: Hinc populum
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iii (paper) + 86 + iii (paper).
Dimensions (leaf): 185 × 110 mm.
Dimensions (ruled): 145–50 × 65–70 mm.
Foliation: Modern pencil: i-iii, 1–89.


1(8)-11(8), quires (probably seven) missing at the end


35 written lines, 'above top line'; in 1 column. Dry point ruling.


Neat gothic bookhand.


Marginal diagram of a labyrinth (fol. 53r). (P&A i. 70)

Initials at the beginning of books, red with silvering now oxidized, black ink (fol. 34, 57, 70), or with spaces left unfilled.


Typical Holkham binding in polished brown leather; the spine lettered in gilt 'VIRGILII | ÆNÆIS. || MS. | SÆC. XV.' and with the number '308' at the bottom.


Origin: German ; 12th century

Provenance and Acquisition

Marginal and some interlinear glosses throughout, mostly in one hand, 15th-16th century.

Bookplate of 'THOMAS WILLIAM COKE', formerly Norfolk, Holkham Hall, MS. 308.

Record Sources

Draft description by Peter Kidd, late 1990s

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