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MS. Lat. liturg. a. 4

Summary Catalogue no.: 30062


Gradual and Antiphonal (Ambrosian)

Summer part. Temporale (fol. 1), ending with the feast of Corpus Christi (fol. 102v); sanctorale from the feast of St. George (fol. 113) to that of all Saints; common of the dedication ‘ecclesie maioris’ (fol. 214) and ‘ecclesie minoris’ (fol. 226), common of the saints (fol. 239v); responsories and antiphons for the Sundays during the year (fol. 291v), for Lent (fol. 330v) and for ferial days (fol. 339v), all grouped under the various parts of the office and mass; office and mass of the dead (fol. 364); mass of the Virgin (fol. 378); Benedicamus (fol. 380v).

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i + 380 (379) + i fol., fol. 283 missing.
Dimensions (leaf): 550 × 390 mm.
Foliation: Original foliation of red Roman figures in the upper margins of the rectos.


1 col., 7 lines of script and 7 staves of music, 360–70 × 65 mm.


Written by Fatius de Castoldis, beneficialis of S. Eufemia. For other MSS. written by him see Colophons de mss. ii, nos. 4036–7, and L. Betrami, L’Arte negli aredi sacri della Lombardia… 28, pl.7–11.

Musical Notation:

Square notation on 7 staves of 4 black lines and coloured F and C lines, 380 × 275 mm.


Fine miniature (partly damaged), historiated borders, initials. Penwork initials with grotesque faces. By Anovelo da Imbonate. (Pächt and Alexander ii. 186, pl. XVII)

Illuminated initials; on the titlepage illuminated borders a large historiated initial of St. Ambrose, baptising the kneeling figure of a canon (fol. 1)

Illuminated miniature, historiated borders, illuminated historiated initial, penwork initials, rubrics.


Contemporary binding (c. 1400) of boards covered with metal plates and bosses.


Origin: 1399 ; Italian, Milan

Provenance and Acquisition

Fol. 380v: 'Expletum anno domini Millesimo trecentesimo nonagesimo nono Vltimo Januarii per presbyterum Fatium de Castoldis bene(fitiatum) ecclesie sancte eufymie m(edio)l(an)i. Factum in honore sancti ambrosij maioris m(edio)l(an)i. Eram annorum xxxx quando conpleui hunc librum.'

Arms of Bossi of Milan, with initials 'B.B.', perhaps over earlier arms.

Rev. G. J. Chester

Bought from him, 25 July, 1889, for £12.

Record Sources

Adapted (2018) from S. J. P. Van Dijk, Handlist of the Latin Liturgical Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library Oxford : Vol. 1: Mass Books (typescript, 1957), Pächt and Alexander, Watson, and the Summary Catalogue (1924).

Digital Images

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