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MS. Lat. liturg. f. 2

Summary Catalogue no.: 29741


Language(s): Latin with a little Anglo-Norman

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Scott (1996 no. 22) distinguishes six artists of the miniatures, of whom hands C, D and F were working in France or Flanders in the late fourteenth century, hands A and B in England, probably London, somewhat later. Hand A, to whom she attributes fols. 2v, 4v, 10, 104v, 143v, 144v, and 146v, has been identified elsewhere (e.g. (Pächt and Alexander iii. 795) as Herman Scheerre, although Scott does not accept this identification. Hand C (fols. 6v, 11v, 12v), is identified as the Master of the Beaufort Saints. Hand E (fol. 19v, probably an inserted miniature) is also found in the Bedford Hours and Psalter (British Library MS Addit. 42131).Cf. Pächt and Alexander i. 308, pl. XXIV; iii. 795, pl. LXXVII.

Miniatures (partly defaced).

Borders (some unfinished) .



Origin: 14th century, late - 15th century, early ; France or Flanders, with additions in England

Provenance and Acquisition

Interpreted by Scott (1996 no. 22) as a Franco-Flemish Book of Hours enhanced in England with additional text and decoration.

Record Sources

Summary description abbreviated from the Summary Catalogue (1905). Decoration, localization and date follow Pächt and Alexander (1973).


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Digital Images

Digital Bodleian (full digital facsimile)
Digital Bodleian (34 images from 35mm slides)


    Printed descriptions:

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