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MS. Lat. misc. b. 16

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Apparatus on the Sext; English, 14th century, second quarter


Language(s): Latin

Boniface VIII, Decretal Debent superioribus

Relating to the visitation of Durham cathedral priory (Extravag. Communes I.7.1). Added in a later hand

Liber Sextus Decretalium

With the gloss of Johannes Monachus, pr. Venice, 1585

Final rubric: Explicit apparatus sexti libri decretalium cum omnibus additionibus novis et novissimis(fol.150)
Guido de Baysio, Apparatus ad Sextum,

pr. Milan, 1490

In the margin of fol.180 (ad Sext I. IX. 2) in a 15th cent. hand is ‘Nota Moresby signanter istum arch⟨idiaconum⟩ cui iunge notata per eundem in c. statutum de rescriptis in glosa tracta super ill⟨ud⟩ Actor et reus in fine glose’. For Richard Moresby , archdeacon of Huntingdon and London, see Emden, A biographical register of the University of Cambridge to A.D.1500.

Dinus de Mugello, De regulis iuris

Pr. Rome, 1472.

Legal cases
Incipit: Abbas et conventus de Oseneie ex donacione T. laici ecclesiam de C.
Explicit: Religiosi hiis omnibus contradicunt. Queritur quid iuris
Incipit: Diocesanus priorem sibi presentatum ad curam animarum
Explicit: episcopus et vicarius contradicunt. queritur quid iuris

Followed by a long discussion of the points of law involved. Fol.73 and 150v are blank.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: in errores
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iv + 281 leaves(fols. 1–257)
Dimensions (leaf): 390 × 230 mm.
Dimensions (written): 320 × 180–90 mm.
(fols. 258 - end: text and gloss of varying size)


1(12)–5(12), 6(14), 7(12)–10(12), 11(10) (wants 8), 12(12), 13(8), 14(12) (wants 4–9), 15(12)–22(12), 23(8), 24(12), 25(8), catchwords


2 cols., 77 lines


Good borders, historiated initials in two different styles, other initials. (Pächt and Alexander iii. 610, pl. LXIII)

four historiated initials, each with partial border in blue, gold, red and rose, incorporating animals and grotesque figures. Illuminated initials with similar borders on fol.84v, 102v, 112v, 129, the rest blue with red flourishes and red with blue or purple flourishes

The subjects of the initials are: (fol.1) doctor expounding to a lady; (fol.74) Pope Boniface VIII; (fol.151) doctor expounding to students; (fol.258) virgin and child. The style of the second differs from that of the others.


18th cent.calf binding.


Origin: 14th century, second quarter ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

' Johannes Legat dedit et concessit …' (fol. 277v)

Gwysaney library of Robert Davies of Llannerch (1684–1728) , antiquary and naturalist (cf. H. D. Emanuel, 'The Gwysaney MSS', The National Library of Wales Journal, 7, 1951–2, 326–43, and Sixth Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, Pt. 1, 1877–78, 418–21)

Bryan Cooke (1756–1821) of Owston, Yorks (who married Frances, daughter of Mary Davies) (bookplate)

Remained in the Davies family until sold by Lt.-Col. P. R. Davies-Cooke at Sotheby's 15 June 1959, lot 199; bought.

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