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MS. Lat. misc. d. 66

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Treatises on dictamen; Germany, 15th cent.


Language(s): Latin and German
Leonine distich
Incipit: Qui non conswescit virtute dum iuvenescit
Incipit: Si paritas vel disparitas constent elementis
(Walther, Alphab. Verzeichnis no.17832)
John of Garland, Parisiana poetria
Rubric: Incipit poetria Iohannis Anglici de arte prosayca metrica et rithmica

The first two parts ed. partly from this MS. by G. Mari Roman. Forschungen XIII (1901), pp. 883–965, the ‘ars rithmica’ also by Mari ‘I trattati medievale di ritmica latina’ Memorie del R. instituto lombardo vol.XX (1899), pp. 407–452. The text ends imperfect at l.1372 ‘qua semita tendant docet pedissequas’.

Language(s): Latin
master Ludolf of Hildesheim, Summa dictaminum

Chapters I–IV:pr. Rockinger Briefsteller und Formelbücher, Munich, 1863, pp.359–400

Incipit: De arte dictandi breviter et lucide secundum usum modernorum
Explicit: et hec de litteris missilibus dicta sufficiant.
Language(s): Latin
Treatise on dictamen
Incipit: ⟨C⟩upientes rivulos scaturientis artis dictatorie puteo manantes
Explicit: et hec dicta de statu laycali et aliqualiter de clericali statu sufficiant
(cf. Rockinger, Über Formelbücher vom 13.–16. Jahrh., Munich, 1855, p.50, note 85).
Language(s): Latin
Otto of Lüneburg, Ars dictandi metrice
Incipit: Dictandi normas per metrorum cape formas
Explicit: In circum. con. a. pro. di. de. con.
Language(s): Latin
Treatise on dictamen
Incipit: circa modum dictandi modernorum qui ab antiquis multum dispendiose
Explicit: cum ipso agendo ut regula iuris fatur
Language(s): Latin

Erfurt is mentioned several times in the examples

Formularies of letters in German
Incipit: Myne sûinliche grůis mit ganzer stedicheit
Language(s): German
Formularies of letters in Latin
Incipit: Consingulari obsequie cum tota promocione.
Language(s): Latin
Formularies of charters
Incipit: Nos H. talis miles.

There are several references to Erfurt and on fol.73v a charter is dated 1359.

Language(s): Latin and German
Jupiter Monoculus, Summa Iovis

Treatise on dictamen in verse

Poem of 110 leonines, so entitled in MSS. Troyes 2015 and Erfurt Quart. 378 (Walther, Alphab. Verzeichnis 17707)

Incipit: Si dictare velis et iungere sœma loquelis
Explicit: Do gratis Christo perfecte iupiter isto
Language(s): Latin
Formulary of mandata and responsiones
Incipit: Cum karitate totali solutacione filiali obedienter premissa.
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: ad quid per
Form: codex
Support: Paper. Watermarks: fish cf. Briquet 12410; bell cf. Briquet 3974; steer's head cf. Briquet 14120.
Extent: 87 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 220–5 × 150–5 mm.
Dimensions (written): 140 × 95 mm.


1(10)–4(10), 5(8), 6(10)–8(10), 9(10) (10 canc.) Catchwords. Quires numbered 1–8 in a contemporary hand at the end.


30–38 long lines


Mainly in two hands 1) fol.1–40v, 59–87, 2) fol.41–58v


Spaces left for initials.

Additions: Items 2, 4, 5, and 8 have marginal and interlinear notes in the same hand as that of the text.


medieval vellum binding.


Origin: 15th century ; German

Provenance and Acquisition

'Helmhardus' & 'Helemhardus', 15th century (fol. i)

No. 637 in the Admont Stiftsbibliothek (spine & fol. i)

Bought from E. P. Goldschmidt, cat. 100, no. 11, 1936.

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Typescript description by Bodleian library staff, revised by Peter Kidd, late 1990s.

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