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MS. Lat. misc. d. 83

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)


Robert Grosseteste , Commentary on Aristotle, Analytica Posteriora

As pr. in the Venice edition of 1496 (Proctor 5602)

Rubric: Hic incipit liber posteriorum secundum dominum lincolniensem
Incipit: Omnis doctrina et omnis disciplina etc. Intencio Aristotelis in hoc libro est investigare
Final rubric: Explicit sentencia domini lincolniensis super 2os libros posteriorum analeticorum
Language(s): Latin
Logical note and notes on natural phenomena
Language(s): Latin
Treatise on descant, with musical notation
Language(s): English
Incipit: How many cordys be they of dyscant
Explicit: and in thys mesure ys no alteracyon

Similar to but not identical with those pr. in T. Georgiades Englische Diskanttraktate, Munich, 1937

Medical recipes
Language(s): Latin and English
Rubric: Psalterium beati Ieronimi presbiteri

On bifolium added at end of volume. Pr. in Horse Eboracenses ed. Wordsworth (Surtees Soc. Publ. 132) pp. 116–122, ends imperfect (p.118 1.8) ‘Illustra faciem’

Language(s): Latin
Devotions addressed to the Blessed Virgin
Incipit: ||Indigni vero tecum loquimur
Language(s): Latin
Document setting out the duties of an eschaetor (incomplete; added at end of volume)
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Parchment (outer and middle leaves of quires) and paper, watermark bird (not in Briquet).
Dimensions (leaf): 245 × 170 mm.
Dimensions (written): 170 × 110–5 mm.


1(16), 2(14), 3(14), 4(10) (wants 5 and 6), 5(10) (+ 1 added at the end) Catchwords.


35–42 long lines


plain red initials


modern binding.


Origin: 15th century ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

Written by Alex. Capel . Written inside the initial on fol. 2 in the same ink is ‘alex. Capel’, inside that on fol. 29v ‘alex’, and at the end of book I (fol. 39) ‘quod Alex.’

At fol. 61v in a different hand from that of the text is ‘Hic finit colni sentencia nobilis ensis quod Thomas Pett ’ (perhaps the Thomas Pett who was Keeper of the Chest with Four Keys at Oxford in 1452, cf. Emden Biographical Register III, p.1471).

On fol.1 in a 15th cent. hand is a list of sums paid for items including candles, paper, ink and battels headed by the name ‘Hungerford’.

John Hychcoke . ‘Iste liber constat domino Johanni Hychecoke emtus a domino Iohanne Aschby bachulario artium in aula vitrea (Glasen Hall) commorante et predictus dominus H. in aula beate Marie pro 11 s. vi d.’ (fol. 61v). For Hychecok, admitted B.A. at Oxford 1450 cf. Emden op. cit. II. p.929.

, Davies-Cooke family of Gwsaney, Llanerch and Owston.

Sold at Sotheby's, 15 June 1959, lot 210.

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