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MS. Lat. misc. e. 108

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Grammatical miscellany; England, 14th century


Exposition of difficult words in the Missal
Incipit: Cum plurima in missali vocabula
Final rubric: Explicit missale parvis pueris speciale

Also in MS. e Mus.64 (S.C. 3654), fol.I

Language(s): Latin
Exposition of difficult words in the Troper
Incipit: Quoniam in tropario plura vocabula

In MS. e Mus.64, fol.66

Language(s): Latin
Treatise on figures of speech and construction
Incipit: Ad presens dicendum de figuris. Primo queritur quid est figura.
Final rubric: Expliciunt figure constructionis et locutionis secundum usum de N.

Also in Cambridge Caius Coll. MS. 203, p.306.

Language(s): Latin
Treatise on genders
Incipit: Omnia nomina terminantia in -a feminina sunt preter nomina fluviorum
Final rubric: Expliciunt genera secundum usum Newerchie sub compendio data etc.
Language(s): Latin
Treatise on accents
Incipit: Prosodia secunda pars gramatice est de accentu. Quod omnis accentus.

Part II of a work found in Cambridge Corpus Christi Coll. 233, London, B. M. Add. 37075 and Shrewsbury School IV

Language(s): Latin
Treatise on orthography
Rubric: Tractatus orthografie
Incipit: De singulis literis quantum vero (?) ad ortografia[m]
Language(s): Latin
Vocabulary in verse
Incipit: Equus caballus pullus dextrarius equa

pr. T. Wright, Vol. of vocabularies (1857), 177–81

Language(s): Latin
Exposition of difficult words in the Psalter and Canticles
Incipit: Cum vocabulorum difficultatibus psalterii plures sunt ignorantes

Ends incomplete owing to loss of leaf after fol.91. Also in MS. e Mus. 64 fol.78v;

Language(s): Latin
Vocabulary in verse
Incipit: Scribere proposui mente cum devota Rerum que sunt nomina pluribus ignota
Language(s): Latin
Vocabulary in verse
Incipit: Aurificina locus in quo faber excoquit (?) aurum
Language(s): Latin
Expositiones super ymnos
Incipit: O lux beata trinitas. In principio istius ymni tangitur.

Also in MS. e Mus. fol.72

Language(s): Latin
Exposition of words in legends
Rubric: Incipit tam sanctorum confessorum quam martirum legenda
Incipit: Terme i. loca calida scil. balnea.

Also in MS. e Mus. fol.94

Language(s): Latin
Exposition of words in legends read on Sundays
Incipit: Quia in legendis dierum dominicorum plura vocabula

Also in MS. e Mus. fol.102v

Language(s): Latin
Grammatical treatise
Rubric: Obiectiones bone et utiles circa Donatum
Incipit: Notandum quod octo sunt partes orationis, scil. nomen
Explicit: Sed contra. Dicit enim Prescianus quod ex nomine

Also found in MS. Auct. F. 5.23 (S.C. 2674), fol.189v, and Worcester Cath. Libr. MS. Q. 50, fol. 132v

Language(s): Latin
Grammatical treatise
Rubric: Regule bone et utiles de preteritis et supinis verborum
Incipit: Lucida verborum nitet hic via preteritorum
Explicit: Ad speciales regulas omnium coniugationum
Language(s): Latin
Grammatical treatise
Rubric: Regule differentiales
Incipit: Apud Latinos viginti sunt litere, quarum quinque sunt vocales

Also found in London, B. M. MS. Add. 12195, fol.91.

Language(s): Latin

Interpersed, in the same hand, are verses, distinctiones, and other pieces, including

(fol. 92)
Verses de sancta Maria
Incipit: Altitonans alitrix apex angelorum.
Language(s): Latin

At the beginning is a quire in another hand, containing computistical material, verse-tags, and grammatical notes. On fol.6 is ‘Explicit (sic) sententie de prima septemana quando respondui (sic) istuc. Amen.’

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: (fol.11) a. um. dicitur
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i + 134 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 185 × 130 mm.
Dimensions (written): 150–5 × 90 mm.


1(10) 2(12) (10, 11 cut out) 3(12)–8(12) 9(12) (1 cut out) 10(12) 11(12) (8–12 cut out) 12(14) (1 cut out)


frame ruling, except the last quire, 40–4 long lines


contemporary binding of white skin over boards, pin for central strap.


Origin: 14th century ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

In the margins are the names Thomas Chaumbur (fol.4v), Homfray Waltar (fol.5v), Willelmus Chaundre (fol.6)

Iste liber constat Nicholao (?) H.....Amen. (15th cent., fol. 134 (erased))

, Tollemache family, of Helmingham, Suffolk..

Sale at Sotheby's 14 June 1965, lot 15, bought by Quaritch on behalf of the Bodleian.

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Typescript description by Bodleian Library staff, revised by Peter Kidd, late 1990s.

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