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MS. Lat. misc. e. 91

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)


1. (fol. 1)
Ps.-William of Conches, Compendium philosophiae
Incipit: Potissimum o⟨mnium expetendorum⟩
Explicit: longitudinem terminemus.
Colophon: Amen, Ad laudem dei omnipotentis. Explicit compendium phylosophie compositum per Ugonem priorem Parisiensem monasterii sancti Victoris ut creditur a monachiis (sic) monasterii siti in districtu civitatis Mutine in villa Nonantula ubi est iste liber de multum antiqua litera scriptus. Deo gratias. Amen

Partly printed by C.Ottaviano, Un brano inedito della ‘Philosophia’ di Guglielmo di Conches, Naples, 1935. A Munich MS. (Lat. 23529) has the same subscription.

Language(s): Latin
2. (fol. 35)
Rubric: Oratio
Incipit: Yhesu domine, Yhesu pie, Yhesu bone qui mori dignatus es
Explicit: Laudo benedico atque adoro qui vivit et regnat … Amen.
Language(s): Latin
3. (fol. 36v)
Ps.-Augustine, Soliloquia animae ad Deum
Rubric: Incipit liber soliloquiorum doctoris eximii Aurelii Augustini de cognitione dei
Colophon: Expl.liber solil. Scriptum per me Antonium Levitam Patavum ad contemplationem [Francisci Bonvillani notarii over erasure] Lendenarie [i]n eius habitatione. Anno domini M CCCCº xlvijº Septembris nono. Ad laudem omnipotentis dei.

Pr.P.L.40 col.863

Language(s): Latin
(fol. 56)
Medical recipes
Incipit: Pro infirmitate Bartolomei testiculorum pergamensis Recipe pulverem
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 59 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 205 × 135 mm.
Dimensions (written): 136 × 77 mm.


1(10)–5(10), 6(8), catchwords at right angles to text


first leaf and others mutilated, and leaves at beg. and end damp stained


38 long lines


Fine miniatures (drawings), initials. Mutilated and stained. By Lodovico Sambonifazio . Written by Antonius Levita of Padua at Lendinara in 1447, fol. 56r. (P&A ii. 600, pl. LVIII)

Red and blue initials. There are numerous marginal figures in pen-and-ink of men in attitudes of prayer and playing musical instruments. For Lodovico Sambonifazio, who similarly ornamented Verona, Bibl. comunale MS. 523, and also illuminated MS. Canon misc. 101, cf. the funeral oration by Ludovico Carbone in A. Segarizzi, ‘Lodovico Sambonifazio e il suo epistolario’ in Nuovo Archivio Veneto, N.S.20, 1910, p. 74.


morocco binding of 20th cent.


Origin: 1447 ; Italian, Lendinara

Provenance and Acquisition

The original owner was no doubt Lodovico Sambonifazio who lived at Lendinara.

Bought from Maggs Bros. cat. 678, no. 236, 1940.

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