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MS. Lat. th. d. 15

Summary Catalogue no.: New Summary Catalogue 48024

Collections of Robert Parkyn. English, 16th century (c. 1550–65).


Summary of Contents: A collection of miscellaneous pieces made by Robert Parkyn , curate of Adwick-le-street near Doncaster, and partly of his own composition including:
Richard Rolle, Paruum Iob

As printed (cf.H. E. Allen, Writings ascribed to Richard Rolle, New York 1927, pp.130–144).

Rubric: Lectiones de exequiis mortuorum a deuoto Ricardo Roylle edite quondam heremita de Hanepulle
Language(s): Latin
Richard Rolle, Commentary on Prov. xxxi. 10 ('Mulierum fortem')
Rubric: Tractatus de vita activa necnon et contemplativa

Allen pp.159–161.

Language(s): Latin
Richard Rolle, Commentary on Ps. 20

As printed (Allen pp.194–6).

Rubric: Tractatus super psalmum vicesimum
Language(s): Latin
Rubric: Genealogia regum Israel a morte Salomonis usque ad transmigrationem Babilonis
Language(s): Latin
Summary of the Pauline epistles
Incipit: Paulus famulus Jesus Christi vocatus apostolus segregatus in evangelium dei
Explicit: futurorum bonorum etc.
Language(s): Latin
(fol. 115)
Incipit: Help me dere father

Here ascribed to St. Thomas More , and pr. as his from this MS. by A.G.Dickens, Church Qu. Rev., no.247, 1957, pp.231–6, but really by St. John Fisher (cf. Dickens, Tudor Treatises, Yorks. Arch. Soc. 125, 1959, p.19, n.3).

Language(s): English
St. Thomas More, Prayers
Incipit: O holy trinite

Pr. Works, 1557 edition, pp.1417, 8.

Incipit: Almyghty God, have mercy

Pr. Works, p. 1418.

Incipit: Beare no malice

Pr. Works p.1405.

Incipit: Give me the grace

Pr. Works, pp.1416, 7.

Language(s): English

in twelve seven line stanzas.

Incipit: O holly gode of dreydfull maieste
Explicit: as a veray lovinge tender father
Language(s): English

22 lines on one rhyme

Incipit: I thanke the lorde with gratulacion
Explicit: and bring my sowlle to highe salvation
Language(s): English
(fol. 120v)
Rubric: Sermo ex commentario beati Hieronimi presbiteri

Partly based on Jerome 's Comment. in Matt. (P.L.26 col.138, 9).

Incipit: Grandis fiducia. Petrus piscator erat
Explicit: et in choris sanctorum gratulemur in sec.sec.Amen
Language(s): Latin
(fol. 121v)

Ten hexameter ‘ventrini et caudati’ lines.

Incipit: Regia nobilitas dignetur tangere munus
Explicit: sit eterna sit sibi certa polis
Language(s): Latin
Catalogue of the kings of England

Drawn from Geoffrey of Monmouth and continued by Parkyn to the first year of Queen Elizabeth.

Language(s): Latin
Poem on the Kings of England,

in 42 eight line stanzas, with a note in prose carrying the account to the last year of Mary.

Rubric: Here after followithe certen Englishe verses… concernyng the Kyngs of Englande sithen the Conquest… lattly wrettyn by Robert Parkyn.. anno domini 1551
Incipit: William Conqueror duke of Normandye
Explicit: God save kynge Edwarde our lorde and soueraigne
Language(s): English
John Lydgate, Dietary
Rubric: Dietarium salutis
Incipit: |FOr healthe of bodie Cover from Colde thy heade |Eatt no raw meytt tayke good heyde herto
Explicit: |of mayster Anthony ne of mayster hewe |to all In differentt Richest dierari
DIMEV 1356
Language(s): English
(fol. 133, margin)
Epitaph in verse
Rubric: The saynges of a deyde man
Incipit: Mann loyke and see
Explicit: butt boynes all bayre
Language(s): English
(fol. 133)
Colophon: Orate pro anima domini Roberti parkinii presbyterii qui hunc librum totaliter exaravit’
Language(s): Latin
Account in prose of the events of 1532–55

Pr. by A. G. Dickens, Engl. Hist. Rev. LXII (1947), pp.64–83.

Language(s): English
St. Cyprian, Epistula ad Fortunatum; Epp. II. 3–6,

all copied from the edition of Erasmus

Language(s): Latin
Colophon: Conscriptus per manus domini Roberti Parkinii curati de Aithewyk super Stratum Anno domini 1565, ac anno reginae Elizabethe 7o mense Julii etc.
Language(s): Latin

For further description of the contents of the MS. see A. G. Dickens Engl. Hist. Rev. LXII (1947), pp.58–64.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment (fol.i–iii, 1–92) and paper (fol.93–159), watermark hand, fleur-de-lys and star, with initials F.P., cf. Briquet 11371–5
Extent: iii + 159 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 240 × 190 mm.
Dimensions (written): 170–180 × 135 mm.
(fols. 1–114v)


1(12) (9 canc.), 2(6), 3(8) (1 canc.) 4(8) – 9(8), 10(10), 11(10), 12(8)–16(8), 17(10), 18(8)+ 1, 19(6) Quires numbered a-m.


varies between 18–33 long lines


Plain red initials.


Original binding of brown leather on oak boards with two clasps of which the hasps are now missing.

Accompanying Material

Fol.i and ii are a leaf of a 14th cent. MS. of the Catholicon of Johannes de Balbis containing the end of part two and the beginning of part three.


Origin: c. 1550–65 ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

‘Iste liber pertinet ad dominum Robert Byard ’ (fol.iii verso in Parkyn's own hand except for the name Byard written over an erasure, presumably of ‘Parkyn’).

Sir Brian Cooke of Wheatley, 1736 (F. Drake, Eboracum, p. 452; cf. Dickens art.cit.p.58.n.1).

Bought at the sale of the library of G. E. Cooke-Yarborough , 1931, Crouch of Doncaster lot. 769.

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Typescript description by Bodleian library staff.

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