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MS. Lat. th. d. 20

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Theological pieces; Normandy, late 11th century


Language(s): Latin

Gennadius , Liber ecclesiasticorum dogmatum
Rubric: liber sancti Augustini de edificationibus ortodoxe fidei et ecclesiasticorum dogmatum

Pr. P.L. 58 col.979–1000.

Language(s): Latin
Commentary on the Old testament

Consisting largely of allegorical interpretation.

Incipit: In principio i.in filio qui de seipso ait
Explicit: moritur huic mundo et vivit in eternum cum christo. Tobias quoque invenitur tam vita quam doctrina pertinere ad christum
Language(s): Latin
Summary of Jewish history

From the time of the last prophets to the Incarnation, which continues as a gospel harmony.

Incipit: Postquam gens iudea coepit non habere prophetas
Explicit: ipse quoque iam fidem quam persequebatur evangelizans qualia faciebat passus est
Language(s): Latin
History of the Church under the Emperors from Nero to Theodosius
Rubric: de ecclesiastica historia
Incipit: Passi sunt et apostoli Thomas apud parthos
Explicit: et aecclesias dei Guibertum cum mille simonibus violantem

At fol.97v the writer has inserted in the context ‘cum.. nos vero qui scribimus millesimum nonagesimum primum [annum] videamus impleri… defleamus turcos vastantes orientem heinricum [the emperor Henry IV] romanum imperium … profanantem et aecclesias dei Guibertum [the anti-pope Clement III]… violantem’.

Language(s): Latin
Patristic extracts

Abbreviated extracts from Augustine, De civitate Dei, notably Bks.21, ch.4, 5, 22 ch.13–19, 30.

Language(s): Latin
Ps.-Damasus , Ep. 5

Pr. P.L. 13 col.410.

Language(s): Latin
Ps.-Jerome , ep.47 § 1

Pr. P.L. 30 col.294.

Language(s): Latin
Ps.-Augustine , De laude spiritualium canticorum
Rubric: Tractatus Augustini de auctoritate psalmorum
Incipit: Dicamus que nobis deus donare dignatur
Explicit: quia ipsi laudabunt dominum in secula seculorum.amen
Language(s): Latin
Remigius of Auxerre , Enarrationes in Psalmos (extract)
Rubric: Item ex dictis patris Augustini que sint virtutes psalmorum
Incipit: Canticum psalmorum animas decorat

Pr. P.L. 131 col. 142.

Language(s): Latin

Extracts on the psalms from Gregory and Cassiodorus

Language(s): Latin

Compilation from Augustine, Enarrationes in psalmos

Language(s): Latin
Jerome , ep.30 (on the alphabetical psalms)
Language(s): Latin

General anthology of pieces from Augustine, Bede and Gregory

Language(s): Latin

Extracts from decreta and registers, very largely those of Gregory the Great

Language(s): Latin
Ordo for use at a council
Incipit: Prima die cum episcopus vel eius vicarius synodum ingreditur
Explicit: et ita conventus absolvatur

Abbreviated form of that found in the Romano-Germanic pontifical ed. by M. Hittorp, Bibl. Patrum, Par. 1610, col.170–176.

Language(s): Latin
Rubric: Excommunicatio leonis pape
Incipit: Leo episcopus servus servorum dei. Dilectissimis fratribus et filiis… in Francia commanentibus. Indicatum est nobis fratres karissimi quod in vestris regionibus
Explicit: in ipsius aula benedicat nomen glorie tue semper.Per dominum
Language(s): Latin

Excerpts, mostly from Augustine, but also from Amalarius De eccles. off. (fol.146–8, including bk.1 ch.18, 2 ch.26, 3 ch.8, 4 ch.7), Gregory Moralia (fol.149v, 159v, 172v), Jerome (fol.156, 168v – 170, the latter containing excerpts from epp.22, 107, 130), Bede (fol.156, 163v), Isidore Etymologiae (fol.159v), and Ambrose (fol.156v, 170). The series ends (fol.174v) with extracts from Augustine, Jerome and Ambrose on the penitence of Solomon (cf.R. W. Hunt, Medieval and Renaissance Studies IV.30).

Language(s): Latin
Language(s): Latin
(fol. 175)
Akathistos hymn (Latin adaptation)
Rubric: ymnus in annuntiatione…sancte Marie matris domini cantandum quem in laudem eius beatus germanus patriarcha … composuit
Incipit: Ave sponsa insponsata

Pr. by G.C.Meersseman, Der Hymnos Akathistos im Abendland (Spicil. Friburgense. 2) pp. 130–2

Language(s): Latin
Horace , Ars poetica,

ll. 158–174

In an English 13th cent. hand.

Language(s): Latin

Scattered through the book are marginal notes of the 15th, 16th and later centuries.

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: ut antroformus
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 178 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 280 × 170 mm.
Dimensions (written): 190 × 105 mm.


1(8)–10(8), 11(4), 12(8) – 16(8), 17(8)(wants 4 and 5), 18(8) – 23(8)


28 – 36 long lines. Ruling partly drypoint, partly crayon.


Mainly in two hands, (1) fol. 1-3v, 74-85v, 164-75v (2) fol. 3v-74, 85v-164.


Plain red and blue initials.


Medieval binding of white leather over oak boards, with marks of strap and peg fastenings.


Origin: Late 11th century, 1091 or later ; French, Normandy (?)

Provenance and Acquisition

' Tho Lot(?)ha ', 17th century.

'A 579', 18th - 19th century.


Robinson, bought 1934.

Record Sources

Typescript description by Bodleian Library staff; provenance revised by Peter Kidd, late 1990s.