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MS. Lat. th. e. 26

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Mystica. England (Sheen), c. 1425–50


Summary of Contents: Mystical works mainly by Walter Hilton. Articles b, d-f are also in MS. Lat. th. d. 27.
(fol. 2)
Catherine of Siena, Dialogi (extract; added in a slightly later hand)
Language(s): Latin
a. (fol.3)
Walter Hilton, Scale of Perfection (Latin translation by Thomas Fishlake )
Rubric: Incipit prima pars libelli magistri Walter Hilton canonici de Thurgarton, qui obiit anno domini M.CCC.LXXXXVe in vigilia assumpcionis b. Marie quem libellum magister et frater Thomas Fyslake ordinis b. Marie de Monte Carmeli transtulit de Anglico in Latinum

At the end of book II is a summary of the work found in other MSS. of the Latin translation

Language(s): Latin
b. (fol.120v)
Walter Hilton, Epistola ad Adam Horsley de origine et utilitate religionis
Rubric: Incipit epistola magistri Walteri Hilton de utilitate et prerogativis religionis et precipue ordinis Cartusiensis quam quidem epistolam idem Walterus primo direxit cuidam venerabili baroni scakkarii domini regis ardinem Cartusiensem intrare disponenti. Nomenque eius era⟨t⟩ Adam Horsley qui eciam dictum ordinem Cartusiensem postea ingressus
Language(s): Latin
c. (fol.139)
Bernard of Clairvaux, De XII gradibus humilitatis (English translation)
Rubric: Hic incipiunt duodecim gradus humilitatis
Incipit: Seint Gregour pe doctor seyth pat withoute mekenesse

As in MSS.Laud misc.517, fol.175v and e Mus.232 (S.C.3657), fol.18

Language(s): Middle English
d. (fol.142v)
Ps.-Macharius, Epistola ad filios Dei (ep. 1)
Rubric: Epistola S. Macharii monachi ad filios

Pr. P.L. 67 col.1163

Language(s): Latin
e. (fol.144v)
Ps.-Peter of Blois, Regula aurea Silentium teneas
Rubric: Epistola aurea
Incipit: Silencium teneas quia secundum Ysidorum

Pr. P.L. 207 col.1125. Also in MS. Univ. Coll. 14, fol.57v

Language(s): Latin
f. (fol.145)
Peter Damian, Institutio monalis (ch. 6)
Rubric: Secreta Ieronimi
Incipit: Pensandum quippe est cum iam peccatrix anima

P.L. 145 col. 737. Also in MS. Bodl. 61 (S.C.2023), fol.85

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: tuo. Quod
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i + 148 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 190 × 130 mm.
Dimensions (written): 135 × 95 mm.


1(8)–17(8) catchwords


29 long lines


Written by Johannes Feriby, monk of Sheen (recorded in 1440), fol. 145v.


Pächt and Alexander iii. 935, pl. LXXXIX:

Fine borders, initials.

Large initials and partial borders with leaf pattern in green, carmine, rose and gold (fol.6v, 57v, 72v, 120v).

The rest blue with red penwork


18th cent. speckled calf binding, rebacked.


Origin: 15th century, second quarter ; English, Sheen, Charterhouse

Provenance and Acquisition

'Liber domus de Bethleem ordinis Carthusiensis de Schene quem scripsit dominus Iohannes Feriby monachus sacerdos et professus eiusdem domus ad honorem Dei omnipotentis, S. Marie virginis, B. Nicholai confessoris, S. Katerine martyris et omnium sanctorum in remissionem peccatorum suorum Amen', 15th cent. (fol.145v)

Erased inscr. (10 lines) on fol. ii verso (s. xv): ' Iste liber pertinet [cancelled] ⟨dom⟩us Ihesu de bethleem iuxta schen ordinis cart' ad c et ionem [?] et monachi sancti edmundi regis' et ⟨martinis de bu⟩ry tempore patre Iohanne Ing⟨il⟩b⟨y⟩ dicte domus de Schen per me dicta domo de Schen anno domini 1488o [?] quem ciis [?] remittere etur at se poterit retinere aut alienare absque consensu Prioris dicte domus de Schen ‘tunc temporis’ existentis. S⟨i⟩ contra fecerit s⟨it⟩ anathema maranatha [?] Ihesus amen.' John Ingilby was prior 1479–1480.

Sheen Charterhouse, Surrey

' Christopher Tootell ', late 16th century (fol.1)

Lawrence Reyner, prior of Dieulouard (1624–9, 1653–7), 17th century. 'Monasterii D. Laurentii de Dei custodia ad usum fr. Laurentii Reyner congreg. Anglicanae' (fol.1v and 2. Reynar was prior of Dieulouard, 1624–9, 1653–7, see Catholic Rec. Soc. 33, 1933, 228)

'Datum huic monasterio sanctissime Trinitatis Celestinorum de Marcoussiaco [Marcoussis], 1691', and 'Ex dono Abelis de Sainte Marthe domini de Corbeuilli in suprema vectigalium curia senatoris' (both fol.1, in different hands)

Bought, 1947.

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