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MS. Lat. th. e. 41

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)


Nicholas de Gorran, Sermons for Sundays and Saints' days
(fols. 1–4)
Rubric: Tabula ad sequencia themata divisa
(in another hand)

Temporale, wanting 8th Sunday after Trinity, serm.1 – 17th Sunday, serm.2 (pp.52 – 60 of the edition) due to the loss of a quire after fol.52.


Sanctorale and (fol.190) common of saints, wanting St. Thomas, apostle, serm.4 - Sts. Fabian and Sebastian, serm.5 (pp.103 – 118 of the edition) due to the loss of two quires and four leaves after fol.112.

Pr. Antwerp, 1620.

In this MS. the text of the ends of the temporale and sanctorale is confused. In the temporale the order after Trinity 25, serm.2 (fol.61v) is: (fol.62) Ad relig., serm.2 - ad religiosas serm.2 (ed. sanct., pp.210, 211); (fol.63) Trinity 25, serm.3–5; (fol.63v) Ad relig., serm.1, Ad religiosas, serm.3, 4 (ed. sanct., pp.210, 211); (fol.64v) In visitat., serm.3, 8–10 (ed. sanct., pp.206–8); (fol.66) In synodo, serm. 8–14 (ed. sanct., pp.203–5); (fol.68v) In ded. ecclesie, serm. 2, 9, 10 and In ded. altaris, serm. 1–5 (ed. temp., pp.90–95); (fol.71) In elect. prelati, serm. 1 - In prima missa novi sacerdotis, serm.3 (ed. sanct., pp.208–210); (fol.73) In ordinibus, serm.1 - In ordin. post exalt. s. crucis (ed. temp., pp.93–97); (fol.78) In ingressu religionis, serm. 1 - In consecrat. virg., serm. 3 (ed. sanct., pp.212, 3); (fol.79v) Ad impetrand. serenitatem, serm. 4 - De cruce (ed. sanct., pp.214, 215); (fol.81v) three sermons on the cross not in the edition; (fol.82v) feris 4 in capite ieiunii, serm. 1, 2 (ed. temp., p.69); (fol.83) Fer. 5 post cineres, serm.1 - Sabbato post Dom. in passione, serm. 1 (ed. temp., pp.71 –83); (fol.96v) Fer.2 post Dom. in ramis, serm. 1 - Fer.5, serm.2 (ed. temp., pp.85, 86); (fol.97v) sermons on epistles and gospels of Passion week (ed. temp., pp.27, 28, 89).

In the sanctorale the order after In synodo, serm.7 (fol.201) is: (fol.201v) In visitat., serm. 1–6 (ed. sanct., pp.206, 7); (fol.203) In ded. ecclesie, serm. 1–7 (ed. temp., pp.89–91); (fol.204v) In die cinerum, serm. 3–8 (ed. temp., pp.69, 70); (fol.208) Dom. in ramis, serm. 1 - In sabbato Pasche, serm.2 (ed. temp., pp.83–9); (fol.211) In die Pasche, serm., 5–12 (ed. temp., pp.29–31); (fol.213) In die Ascensionis, serm. 5–10 (ed. temp., pp.39, 40); (fol.214v) In die Pentecostes, serm. 4–9 (ed. temp., pp.41–3); (fol.216v) In festo Trinitatis, serm. 3–5 (ed. temp., pp.44, 45).

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: (fol.6) libenter
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iv + 223 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 200 × 140 mm.
Lower edge cropped by binder.
Dimensions (written): 130 × 100 mm.


1(4), 2(12)– 5(12), 6 missing, 7(12)– 11(12), 12, 13 missing, 14(12)(wants 1–4), 15(12)– 22(12) catchwords quires signed [a] - u


30 – 33 long lines


Good borders, initials. (Pächt and Alexander iii. 629)

Two initials in blue, rose and gold with partial borders (fol.5 and 101), other initials blue with red flourishes.


18th cent. calf binding.


Origin: 14th century, first half ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

Sir Ashton Lever (bookplate)

Bought, 1961.

Record Sources

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