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MS. Lat. th. f. 10

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Thomas à Kempis. Dutch, second half 15th cent.


Summary of Contents: Works of Thomas à Kempis. Items b-l are all found in the autograph MS., Brussels 5855– 61 though in a slightly different order. The order of the pieces in this MS. is Nos. I–V, VII–X, XII.4, XII.1–3, 6–9, VI, XI, XIII in the edition of Delaissé. The rubrication, script and punctuation correspond closely to those of the autograph, notably in the use of the flexus peculiar to MSS. written within the Windesheim congregation (cf. Delaissé II. p.165).

Language(s): Latin

a. (fol.1)
Thomas à Kempis, Meditatio de incarnatione Christi Sermones de uita et passione Domini scilicet ab aduentu Domini
Rubric: Meditationes et sermones devoti de vita benedicti Iesu secundum testimonia scripturarum

As pr. in the Opera, ed. M. J. Pohl, vol. III, pp.5–313, except that sermons 27, 28 are here placed between 21, 22

Language(s): Latin
b. (fol.97)
Thomas à Kempis, Imitatio Christi
Rubric: De imitatione Christi et contemptu omnium vanitatum mundi

Four books, with the titles and order of the autograph (cf. the diplomatic edition by L. M. J. Delaissé, Paris etc., 1956)

Language(s): Latin
c. (fol.196)
Thomas à Kempis, Libellus de disciplina claustralium
Rubric: Libellus de disciplina claustralium
Language(s): Latin
d. (fol.218v)
Thomas à Kempis, Libellus spiritualis exercitii
Rubric: Libellus spiritualis exercicii
Language(s): Latin
e. (fol.229v)
Thomas à Kempis, Libellus de recognitione propriae fragilitatis
Rubric: De recognitione proprie fragilitatis
Language(s): Latin
f. (fol.235v)
Thomas à Kempis,
Rubric: Recommendatio humilitatis
Language(s): Latin
g. (fol.237v)
Thomas à Kempis, De mortificata uita
Rubric: De mortificata vita pro Christo habenda
Language(s): Latin
h. (fol.240v)
Thomas à Kempis,
Rubric: Oratio de abrenunciatione omnium mundanorum
Language(s): Latin
i. (fol.242)
Thomas à Kempis, De eleuatione mentis
Rubric: De elevatione mentis ad inquirendum summum bonum
Language(s): Latin
j. (fol.249)
Thomas à Kempis, Epistula deuota ad quendam regularem
Rubric: Epistola devoti ad quemdam regularem
Language(s): Latin
k. (fol.251v)
Thomas à Kempis, De bona pacifica uita
Rubric: De bona pacifica vita cum resignatione propria
Language(s): Latin
l. (fol.252v)
Thomas à Kempis, Breuis admonicio spiritualis exercitii
Rubric: Brevis ammonicio spiritualis exercicii
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: -sus es immolari
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: vi + 258 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 145 × 95–100 mm.
Dimensions (written): 100 × 65 mm.


1(8)–12(8), 13(4), 14(8)–31(8), 32(6), 33(8) the quires numbered a-z, aa-kk


28–31 long lines


Border, initials. (P&A i. 238)

Decorated border (fol.1), large flourished initials with partial border at the beginning of books, the rest plain red and blue


17th cent. red morocco binding in a velvet case.


Origin: 15th century, second half ; Dutch

Provenance and Acquisition

Probably written in a monastery of the Windesheim congregation,

Walter Long (bookplate).

E. P. Goldschmidt, cat. 39, no. 151, 1936; bought by the Bodleian.

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