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MS. Lat. th. f. 18

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)


(fol. 2r)
Bonaventure, Officium de passione domini (in a version akin to MSS. C and D in Quaracchi, ed., Opera omnia, VIII, 152–8)
Rubric: Incipiunt hore [hole in leaf]

Added, 15th century.

Language(s): Latin
(fol. 5r)
Guibert of Tournai, Sermones de festis
Rubric: Incipit prologus super sermones fratris Guiberti
Incipit: (prologue) ⟨R⟩ogatus pluries

Letters exchanged between Pope Alexander IV and the author

(fol. 8)

List of sermons

Rubric: Sermo de Angelis (fol.8v)
Incipit: Stelle manentes … Iudic. v. verba hec exponi possunt
Explicit: in visione dei et gustu et dulcedinis eius. Quod nobis prestare dignetur etc.(fol.240)
Final rubric: Explicit summa fratris Guiberti de ordine fratrum minorum de festis. Deo gratias.

The text has been corrected in a contemporary hand. For other MSS. see Glorieux, Répertoire 311 c; V. Doucet, Arch. Franciscanum Historicum 27 (1934), 546; N. R. Ker, Mediaeval and Renaissance Studies ii (1950), 165.

Language(s): Latin
(fol. 240r)
Incipit: Ave sanctissima semper dei genitrix uirgo maria celi et domina intacta

Added, 15th century.

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: (text) iacob
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 1 + 241 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 165 × 120 mm.
Dimensions (written): 110 × 90 mm.
Foliation: Contemporary foliation (incomplete) in Roman numerals on top left corner of verso


1(4) 2(12) 3(14) 4–5(16) 6(14) 7–8(16) 9(14) 10–11(18) 12(20) 13–18(10) 19(2)


2 cols. 29–31 lines. Not rubricated.


Origin: 13th century, late - 14th century, early; additions, 15th century ; French

Provenance and Acquisition

Charles Adrien Picard (d. 1779) (fol. 5), apparently no. 82 in the catalogue of his library, 1780

J. (?) M. Dolan , 1854

Bought, 1951.

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