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MS. Laud Misc. 106

Summary Catalogue no.: 717*

Hrabanus Maurus, Commentary on the Pauline Epistles; Würzburg, Domstift, s. ix2/3.


Language(s): Latin

This description is abbreviated from Daniela Mairhofer, Medieval Manuscripts from Würzburg in the Bodleian Library, Oxford: A Descriptive Catalogue (Oxford, 2014), pp. 358–64. For purposes of scholarly citation, reference to the printed catalogue is requested.

(fol. i recto–verso, 17th-cent. endleaf) blank
(fol. ii recto–verso)

1st leaf of quire i. Pen trials and notes, by several hands of s. ix–xi; some texts with neums, predominantly of the St Gall type; the clivis is of the Würzburg type.

(fol. ii recto)

‘Scrauuan | Scrauan erat ue[…] | scrauuan erat ueltes melior cui[?] nomine [?] altis [or: altes?]’, s. ix–x (sic).

(fol. 1r)

Notes and pen trials, by various hands s. xii–xiii.

(fols. 1v–150v)
Rabanus Maurus, Commentary on St. Paul's Epistles (imperfect)

I.1 - XI.15, on Romans and I Corinthians (impf.); abbreviated version.

(fol. 151r–v, modern endleaf) blank.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i (17th cent.) + 151 + i (17th cent.) leaves
Dimensions (leaf): c. 272–77 × 202–13 mm.
The margins trimmed (sometimes occasioning the loss of quire signatures, and partially of marginalia).
Foliation: i-ii, 1–151, in modern (19th-cent.) pencil, (fol. 151) in a different hand.


Ruling in hard point; one column of (mostly) 23 or 24 widely-spaced lines. Ruled space c. 200–35 × 145–53 mm.


Carolingian minuscule, s. ix2/3 by several hands from the time of Bp. Gozbald, varying in size of script, the majority of which still write a minuscule of the late Hunbert style.

Musical Notation:

fols. ii recto-verso: some texts with neums.


Simple one- to three-line initials in the ink of the text, marking major and minor textual units.


Brown tanned calf over laminated pulpboard for Abp. Laud, 1637–1639.


Origin: Germany, Würzburg, St. Kilian ; 9th century, second third

Provenance and Acquisition

Written in Würzburg, Domstift St Kilian in, s. ix2/3, at the time of Bp. Gozbald; a 15th-cent. shelfmark of the Domstift at the head of fol. 2r.

William Laud, 1573–1645: his ex libris, 1637, fol. 1v.

Given to the Bodleian as part of his third donation, dispatched on 28 June 1639.

Record Sources

See above. Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (H. O. Coxe, Laudian Manuscripts, Quarto Catalogues II, repr. with corrections, 1969, from the original ed. of 1858–1885).

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2019-06-20: Description revised for Polonsky digitization project to include additional information from Mairhofer catalogue.