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MS. Laud Misc. 175

Summary Catalogue no.: 673

Augustine and ps.-Augustine, various works; 12th century, beginning


Language(s): Latin

1. (fols. 1r-6v)
Augustine, De fide et symbolo
Rubric: Augustinus de fide catholica secundum breuitatem simboli
Incipit: Quoniam scriptum est et apostolicę doctrinę
Explicit: quod credunt intelligant amen

See Römer, Handschrifliche Überlieferung (1972), p. 92.

2. (fols. 6v-9v)
Ps.-Augustine, Altercatio cum Pascentio Ariano
Rubric: Augustinus contra Pascentium De omousion et quid significet omousion
Incipit: Laurentius nunc partibus in personis
Explicit: culpam incurrere. Pascentius vir sp(ectabilis) d(ixit) scripta||
3. (fol. 10r-17r)
Quodvultdeus (Ps.-Augustine), Adversus quinque haereses
Rubric: Augustinus aduersus quinque hereses
Incipit: Debitor sum fateor
Explicit: credentes in se custodit ipse in secula seculorum

See Römer, Handschrifliche Überlieferung (1972), p. 159.

4. (fols. 17r-18(a)v)
Ambrose, De mysteriis
Incipit: De mysteriis cottidianis sermonem habuimus
Explicit: in hac fide mortuus mundo


ed. PL 16.389A-395A. See Drobner, "Newly identified Augustinian and pseudo-Augustinian texts ...", Augustinianum 55:2 (2015) p. 523.

Rest of fol. 18(a) blank. Fol. 18(b) recto-verso blank.

5. (fols. 19r-37r)
Augustine, De Genesi contra Manichaeos libri II
Rubric: Incipit tractatus beati Augustini contra manicheos. Liber primus.
Incipit: Si elegerint Manichei
Explicit: mihi videbantur exposui

See Römer, Handschrifliche Überlieferung (1972), p. 96.

6. (fols. 37r-43v)
Evodius Uzalitanus (ps.-Augustinus), De fide contra Manichaeos liber I
Rubric: Incipit tractatus Eluiodii contra manicheos
Incipit: Unus deus pater et filius
Explicit: dei substantiam violavit

See Römer, Handschrifliche Überlieferung (1972), p. 90.

7. (fols. 44r-54r)
Augustine, Collatio cum Maximino Arianorum episcopo
Incipit: ⟨C⟩um Augustinus ex Maximinus
Explicit: Item alia manu Maximinus episcopus subscripsit

See Römer, Handschrifliche Überlieferung (1972), p. 123.

8. (fol. 54r-85r)
Augustine, Contra Maximinum haereticum Arianorum episcopum libri II
Incipit: ⟨D⟩isputationi Maximini arianorum episcopi
Explicit: de tua fraternitate gaud(e)amus

CPL 700

See Römer, Handschrifliche Überlieferung (1972), p. 123.

9. (fols. 85r-v)
⟨Walter of Mortagne⟩, ⟨Tractatus de trinitate⟩ (cc. 1–2)
Incipit: Indubitanter credo unum deum esse et non plures iuxta illud moysi, Audi israel
Explicit: quod est contrarium sabelliane heresi

PL 209.575–8.

10. (fol. 85v)
⟨Anselm of Laon⟩, Commentary on Gloria patri
Incipit: Gloria patri et filio […] Iste versiculus postunumquemque psalmum cantatur
Explicit: honoretur et magnificetur deus
Stegmüller 1357,1
11. (fol. 85v)
Incipit: Has questiones fecit quidam Augustino de anima humana: unde sit, qualis sit, quanta sit, cur corpori fuerit dedita
Explicit: rationis particeps regendo corpori accomodata

Cf. Augustine, De quantitate animae, 1.1 and 13.12

Items 9–11 are contemporary additions.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 1 + 86 + 1 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 158 × 110 mm.
Foliation: i, 1–86 (fol. 18 doubled)


Written in 35 long lines; ruled in leadpoint. Written space 135 × 100 mm.


Protogothic; several hands.


Coloured initials; rubrics.


Reversed calf binding over laminated pulpboard for Abp. Laud, 1637–1639.


Origin: 12th century, second half ; southern Germany (?), or Austria (?)

Provenance and Acquisition

Cistercian abbey of Engelszell (founded 1293): 'Liber sancte Marie in Cella Angelorum' (fol. 85v). Dispersed at an unknown date.

Acquired in Germany during the period of the Thirty Years' War on behalf of William Laud, 1573–1645: his ex libris, 1638, fol. i verso.

Part of his third donation to the Bodleian, 1639.

Record Sources

Description by Tuija Ainonen and Matthew Holford (October 2020). Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue.
H. O. Coxe, Laudian Manuscripts, Quarto Catalogues II, repr. with corrections, 1969, from the original ed. of 1858–1885 [acquisition, provenance]

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