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MS. Auct. F. 5. 28

Summary Catalogue no.: 3623

Physical Description

Composite: fols. 1–144 || part B


Provenance and Acquisition

Oxford, Oxfordshire, Oriel College (Domus beate Marie seu Collegium regale Oxon'): 'Liber scolarium beate Marie Oxonie .... [? comparat]us .... i per magistrum Iohannem Cobuldik anno Domini MCCC tricesimo septimo precio xx solidorum et non accomodetur extra domum nisi consanguineis predicti magistri Iohannis sub racionali caucione' (fol. 226v). Visible in the catalogue of 1375, which refers to part 1; second folio: 'latera' agrees. (MLGB3: evidence of dicta probatoria and an ex-libris inscription or note of gift).

'Per magistrum Heliam de T(ri)kyngham' (fol. 145r) is of s. xiv ex. Caucio of William Bridly AD 1421. Caucio of W[...]wyn AD 1463. Under lamp and mirror March 1962; the name looked like Olwyn (an Oriel man named Walter Petwyn occurs at the right date). The date was clear. Fol. ii recto has Dee's ladder mark etc. Dee's cat. T. 13. Ricardus Bruarius [?] (fol. ii recto, s. xvi). (MLGB3)

Made up of two parts: 1) Auct. F. 5. 28 fols. ii–xlii, 1–144, 226–227; 2) fols. 145–225. Table of part 1 on fol. 227r (s. xiv in.); and table of whole MS. on fol. 225v (s. xiv ex.). Fols. 226, 227 were formerly bound after fol. 144, as pattern of wormholes shows. (MLGB3)

MS. Auct. F. 5. 28 – Part 1


Euclid, Elementa
Language(s): Latin
Mathematical treatises
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Pächt and Alexander iii. 415, pl. XXXV:

Good diagrams.


Origin: 13th century, middle ; English

MS. Auct. F. 5. 28 – Part 2


Language(s): Latin

Rubric: Liber de creatione
Incipit: Deus est suppremum bonum
Rubric: De filio deo
Incipit: ⟨P⟩otentia est uis faciens aliquem motum operari
Rubric: De fato puerorum secundum lunam
Incipit: Nascentis pueri debent hec fata uideri

Thirty-two hexameters.

Rubric: De assignanda causa ex qua scite sunt scientie philosophie & ordo earum & similiter disciplina
Incipit: Scias nichil esse nisi substantiam & accidens
eTK 1287D
Razes, Liber almansoris

Extract: book II (cf. eTK 0267I)

Rubric: Liber secundus Rasis de phis⟨i⟩onomia & signis sumptis ab exterioribus
Incipit: ⟨C⟩orporis complexio ex colore
Rubric: Anatomia G. de homine
Incipit: ⟨G⟩alienus in Tegni attestatur

Cf. eTK 0575K

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Origin: 13th century, late ; English

Additional Information

Record Sources

Summary description abbreviated from the Summary Catalogue (1937). Decoration, localization and date follow Pächt and Alexander (1973).

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