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MS. Laud Misc. 211

Summary Catalogue no.: 1063


Language(s): Latin

1. (fols. 1v-123v)
Rupert of Deutz, De diuinis officiis (VII.13-XII.24)
Rubric: Incipit liber septimus domni ruperti abbatis de diuinis officiis. Incipit de die dominice resurrectis[sic]
Incipit: Octauam illamque in paralipomenon
Explicit: tanto difficilior uictoria

Fol. 109v partly blank, marking a break in production, but text runs without a gap from 'probi ac strenui' to fol. 110r, 'qui dum in prima acie' (XI.18, PL 170.313D).

2. (fols. 124r-129v)
Rubric: (fol. 123v) Ex opusculis sancti Ambrosii episcopi
Incipit: Dominus iesus postulatus a discipulis normam sibi insinuari
Explicit: in alios conferre sanctificationis sue gratiam

Unidentified; in large part on Noah's Ark.

3. (fols. 129v-145r)
⟨Hugh of St-Victor⟩, ⟨De archa Noe morali⟩ (extract, II.17-III.14)
Incipit: Tres sunt paradysi. unus terrestris cuius incola fuit primus adam
Explicit: per caritatem roboratur

Omitting the end of II.18 (after 'cibat') and the beginning of III.Prol.

4. (fol. 145r-173v)
⟨Florus of Lyon⟩, ⟨De expositione missae⟩
Rubric: Sermo sancti Augustini
Incipit: In mysterio corporis et sanguinis domini
Explicit: in carne ueritate perceperunt. Pro ipsa enim||

Interpolated text, as pr. PL 119.15-72; omits c. 1, and ends imperfect in c. 54 (PL 119.49D)

(fols. 174r-176v)

Texts perhaps added on originally blank leaves (the leaves have been pricked for 23 lines, as for fols. 110-173, but are written with 31-34 lines):

(fol. 174r-175v)
Letter on the First Crusade by Dagobert of Pisa et al. (Laodicea, 1099)

As pr. H. Hagenmeyer, Die Kreuzzegsbriefe aus den Jahren 1088-1100 (1901), no. XVIII, 167-174, in the second recension ending with c. 18.

Liturgical glosses and expositions:

5.2. (fols. 175v-176r)

On baptism

Incipit: Baptizo i(d est) tingo. Exorcizo i(d est) adiuro
Explicit: gratiam vite donatus eterne

Resembles Susan A. Keefe, Water and the Word: baptism and the education of the clergy in the Carolingian empire (2002), II, text 11 = Le Pontifical romano-germanique du dixième siècle, ed. C. Vogel et al. (1963-1972), II.172-5 (to c. 21).

5.3. (fol. 175v)

On the creed (?)

Incipit: Consubstantiale unius substantie. Consempiternum i(d est) sine fine
Explicit: Medelam i(d est) medicinam

Probably belongs with the preceding item.

5.4. (fol. 176r-v)
⟨Expositio missae ‘Introitus misse quare dicitur’⟩
Incipit: Introitus misse quare dicitur. eo quod per eum
Explicit: ⟨secret⟩am facimus orationem||

As pr. Amalarii episcopi opera liturgica omnia, ed. J. M. Hanssens, III.318-321, ending imperfect in c. 13 (ed. III.321.7)

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 176 folios
Dimensions (leaf): 201 × 128 mm.
Dimensions (written): 167 × 98 mm.


Good initial. (P&A i. 87, pl. VII)

Red floriate initials with animal motifs.


Origin: 12th century, third quarter ; German, Eberbach, Cistercian abbey (?)

Provenance and Acquisition

‘Possibly’ from the Eberbach scriptorium (Palmer).

Eberbach ex libris, 15th century (fol. 1r)

Identifiable as c 17 in the Eberbach library catalogue of 1502.

William Laud, 1573-1645, 1638.

Part of his third donation to the Bodleian, 1639.

Record Sources

Description adapted (May 2019) by Matthew Holford, with additional description of content, from the following sources:
Nigel F. Palmer, Zisterzienser und ihre Bücher: die mittelalterliche Bibliotheksgeschichte von Kloster Eberbach im Rheingau (Regensburg, 1998), p. 289 [physical description, date, origin, provenance]
H. O. Coxe, Laudian Manuscripts, Quarto Catalogues II, repr. with corrections, 1969, from the original ed. of 1858-1885 [contents, acquisition]


    Printed descriptions:

    Otto Pächt and J. J. G. Alexander, Illuminated Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library Oxford, I (1966), no. 87

Last Substantive Revision

2019-06-05: Description revised for Polonsky to incorporate all information in Palmer, P&A and Quarto catalogues, with additional description of content.