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MS. Auct. F. 6. 3

Summary Catalogue no.: 2060

Medical treatises, etc.; A-G: England, 13th century, first half

Physical Description

Composite: seven parts
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iii + 156 leaves
Dimensions (binding): 6 × 4.5 in.


Some illuminated capitals.


Origin: 13th century, first half ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

St Augustine's, Canterbury: 'De librario Sancti Augustini Cantuarie. Quaternus de physica qui dicitur Liber aureus, cum alijs', 14th cent., except the last two (15th cent.) words: 'Dist. xii, Gra. iii.'

Presented by Thomas Twyne in 1612.

MS. Auct. F. 6. 3. – Part A


Language(s): Latin

(fol. ii)
Johannes Afflacius, Liber aureus
Rubric: Liber aureus \Johannis filii Constantini/
Incipit: Si dolor capitis sit

Preceded by a list of its 69 chapters.

Followed at fol. 33v by recipes and medical notes, which are also found throughout the volume.

MS. Auct. F. 6. 3. – Part B


Language(s): Latin

(fols. 41, 69)
Johannes de Sancto Paulo, De simplicium medicinarum uirtutibus
Rubric: Liber de uirtutibus medicine secundum medicum Cheph
Incipit: (prologue) Virtus medicine est potencia
Incipit: (text) Perfecte temperata dicuntur

Preceded by a prologue and list of its 69 chapters.

In an epilogue the author entitles the work 'Opusculum virtutum', and refers to 'Breuiarium nostrum quod paulo ante perscripsimus', also to a 'Passionarius', for both which the present treatise would be of utility. In the middle of the treatise art. 3 (part C) is inserted by the binder.

Followed at fol. 81 by a leaf bearing:

(1) a note on the effect of the moon on wood, etc., cf. fol. 143v.

(2) verses on medical weights and measures

Incipit: Tertia pars dragme

(3) a note on a supposed saying of Solomon that tall men are wise, etc.

MS. Auct. F. 6. 3. – Part C


Language(s): Latin

(fol. 43)
Copho, Modus medendi
Rubric: Modus medendi
Incipit: In medendis corporibus

Followed (at fol. 66v) by some verses on the same subject and on medical weights and measures.

Incipit: Etatem uires ejus circumspice primum
Incipit: Libra vel as ex uncioli

MS. Auct. F. 6. 3. – Part D


Language(s): Latin

(fol. 82)
Regimen sanitatis (eTK 0760K)
Rubric: Introducciones fisice
Incipit: Intentio huius artis est sanitatem conseruare

MS. Auct. F. 6. 3. – Part E


Language(s): Latin

(fol. 92)
Isidore of Seville, Etymologiae (bk. 4)
Rubric: Libellus Ethimologiarum Ysidori: de fisica

The fourth book or medical section of the Etymologiae, with the last chapter imbedded in the last but one.

MS. Auct. F. 6. 3. – Part F


(fol. 99)
Marbod, De lapidibus
Rubric: Liber de lapidibus
Incipit: (preface) Euax rex Arabum legitur scripsisse Neroni
Incipit: (text) Vltima precipuum genus India fert adamantis

A poem by Marbodus on precious stones

Language(s): Latin

at fol. 114v are notes on the winds, with their English titles.

Language(s): Latin and Middle English

MS. Auct. F. 6. 3. – Part G


Language(s): Latin

(fol. 115a)
Incipit: Antidotum. Aurea Alexandrina. Recipe asari

An Antidotarium or book of recipes: in alphabetical order as far as fol. 126, where miscellaneous recipes follow.

On fol. 135v begin descriptions of drugs, at first about opiates

Petrus de Musanda, Summa de opiatis (eTK 0999C)
Incipit: Omnis medicine opiate duplex est effectus
(fol. 143)
Ps.-Hippocrates, Epistola de phlebotomia (eTK 1035E)
Incipit: Peristomia[sic]. id est recta uene incisio
(fol. 146)
Regulae urinarum ⟨secundum Platearium (?)⟩ (eTK 1271J, cf. 0291A)
Rubric: Tractatus de urinis
Incipit: Quoniam de urinis agere debemus

Attributed in the Catalogue of St. Augustine's Abbey at Canterbury to 'Salomo'.

MS. Auct. F. 6. 3 - fol. 115a


Language(s): Latin

An affixed 12th cent. scrap bearing Latin medical advice.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Origin: 12th century

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