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MS. Laud Misc. 436

Summary Catalogue no.: 882

Cresconius, Concordia canonum, etc.; Würzburg (Domstift), s. ix1/3.


Language(s): Latin

This description is abbreviated from Daniela Mairhofer, Medieval Manuscripts from Würzburg in the Bodleian Library, Oxford: A Descriptive Catalogue (Oxford, 2014), pp. 684–92. For purposes of scholarly citation, reference to the printed catalogue is requested.

Fols. i recto–ii verso, blank

1. (fols. 1r–161v)
Cresconius Afer, Concordia canonum (with appendix)

Interlinear pen glosses, presumably inserted first half of the 9th century.

Language(s): Old High German (Rhenish Franconian, or East Franconian) and Latin
2. (fols. 161v–183v)
Appendix ad Concordiam canonum Cresconii
2.1. (fol. 161v)
Expositio fidei (Concilii Chalcedonensis, act. VI, 8)
2.2. (fol. 162v)
Symbolum Nicaenum
2.3. (fol. 163r)
Symbolum Constantinopolitanum
2.4. (fol. 163v)
Ultima pars actionis sextae Concilii Chalcedonensis
(fol. 165v)
Two unidentified canons
Incipit: ut si maiora [scil.: maior a] inferiori negotium habuerit stantes uterque dent uel accipiant. – Item placuit ut si quis senior cum inferiori ante primatem causam suae sententiae adfirmae uoluerit litigans omnino non sedeat
Explicit: ęqualem debet habere stadium.
Incipit: Ex cognitione quarte synodus[sic]. titulo xuiii – Si quis episcopus cum presbytero diacono uel cum subiectis gradibus quodcumque uentilandum negotium ante cognitores adfuerint. iustum est
Explicit: siue serui siue liberi in christo unum sumus.
2.9. (fol. 179v)
Mansuetus, Expositio fidei (CPL 1171)
(fol. 182v)
Cyprian of Carthage, Ad martyres et confessores (ep. 10)

Imperfect; added in Carolingian minuscule s. ix1/3

Fols. 184r–185v blank.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i (17-cent. paper) + i (17-cent. parchment) + 183 + i (17-cent. parchment) + i (17-cent. paper) leaves
Dimensions (leaf): c. 314–18 × 223–30 mm.
Foliation: i–ii, 1–185


Ruling in hard point; one column of (mostly) 22–25 lines. Ruled space c. 215–20 × 140–52 mm.


German Anglo-Saxon minuscule, moderately ‘nagelförmig’, s. ix1/3, by several hands, from Würzburg.


Initials. (Pächt and Alexander i. 13).

Red rubrics.


Brown tanned calf over laminated pulpboard for Abp. Laud, 1637–1639.


Origin: 9th century, first third ; Germany, Würzburg, St. Kilian

Provenance and Acquisition

Very likely written in Würzburg, Domstift St Kilian, s. ix1/3, by German Anglo-Saxon hands: script and additions.

William Laud, 1573–1645: his ex libris, 1637, fol. 1r.

Given to the Bodleian as part of his third donation, dispatched on 28 June 1639.

Last Substantive Revision

2019-07-18: Description revised for Polonsky digitization project to include additional information from Mairhofer catalogue.