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MS. Laud Misc. 89

Summary Catalogue no.: 1064


Fols. 1r-2r blank except for ex libris and later notes.

(fols. 2v-128v)
Bernard of Clairvaux, Sermones per annum, siue de tempore et de sanctis (‘winter’ part)
(fols. 2v-5v)

In adventu domini sermo 3 (Schneyer I.442 (3))

(fols. 5v-8r)

In adventu domini sermo 4 (Schneyer I.442 (4))

(fols. 8r-9r)

In adventu domini sermo 5 (Schneyer I.442 (5))

(fols. 9r-11r)

In adventu domini sermo 6 (Schneyer I.442 (6))

(fols. 11r-v)

In adventu domini sermo 7 (Schneyer I.442 (7))

(fols. 11v-14r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (13))

(fols. 14r-17v)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (14))

(fols. 17v-22r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 3 (Scheyner I.443 (15))

(fols. 22r-26r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 4 (Scheyner I.443 (16))

(fols. 26r-29r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 5 (Scheyner I.443 (17))

(fols. 29r-34r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 6 (Scheyner I.443 (18))

(fols. 34r-37r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (19))

(fols. 37r-39r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (20))

(fols. 39r-42r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 3 (Scheyner I.443 (21))

(fols. 42r-43r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 4 (Scheyner I.443 (22))

(fols. 43v-45r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 5 (Scheyner I.443 (23))

Rubric on fol. 43r.

(fols. 45r-46v)

De festivitatibus sancti Stephani, sancti Johannis, et sanctorum innocentium (Scheyner I.443 (24))

(fols. 46v-48r)

In circumcisione domini sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (26))

(fols. 48r-50v)

In circumcisione domini sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (25))

(fols. 50v-54r)

In circumcisione domini sermo 3 (Scheyner I.443 (27))

(fols. 54r-58v)

In epiphania domini sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (28))

(fols. 58v-60r)

In epiphania domini sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (29))

(fols. 60r-63r)

In epiphania domini sermo 3 (Scheyner I.444 (30))

(fols. 63r-64v)

In octava epiphaniae (Scheyner I.443 (31))

(fols. 64v-66v)

In dominica prima post octavam epiphaniae sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (32))

(fols. 66v-70v)

In dominica prima post octavam epiphaniae sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (33))

(fols. 70v-74r)

In conversione sancti Pauli sermo 1 (Scheyner I.447 (89))

(fols. 74r-76r)

In purificatione sanctae Mariae sermo 1 (Scheyner I.447 (91))

(fols. 76r-77r)

In purificatione sanctae Mariae sermo 2 (Scheyner I.447 (92))

(fols. 77r-78v)

In purificatione sanctae Mariae sermo 3 (Scheyner I.447 (93))

(fols. 78v-81r)

In Septuagesima sermo 1 (Scheyner I.444 (34))

(fols. 81r-82v)

In Septuagesima sermo 2 (Scheyner I.444 (35))

(fols. 82v-85r)

In Quadragesima sermo 1 (Scheyner I.444 (36))

(fols. 85r-87v)

In Quadragesima sermo 2 (Scheyner I.444 (37))

(fols. 87v-88v)

In Quadragesima sermo 3 (Scheyner I.444 (38))

(fols. 88v-90r)

In Quadragesima sermo 4 (Scheyner I.444 (39))

(fols. 90r-91v)

In Quadragesima sermo 7 (Scheyner I.444 (42))

(fols. 92r-99v)

In festivite sancti Martini episcopi (Scheyner I.449 (120))

(fols. 99v-102r)

In natali sancti Clementis (Scheyner I.449 (121))

(fols. 102r-104r)

In vigilia sancti Andreae apostoli (Scheyner I.449 (122))

(fols. 104r-108r)

In natali sancti Andreae sermo 1 (Scheyner I.449 (123))

(fols. 108r-111v)

In natali sancti Andreae sermo 2 (Scheyner I.449 (124))

(fols. 111v-114r)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 1 (Scheyner I.449 (126))

(fols. 114r-115v)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 2 (Scheyner I.449 (127))

(fols. 115v-117v)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 3 (Scheyner I.449 (128))

(fols. 117v-120r)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 4 (Scheyner I.449 (129))

(fols. 120r-124v)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 5 (Scheyner I.449 (130))

(fols. 124v-125v)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 6 (Scheyner I.449 (131))

(fols. 125v-128v)

In obitu domni Humberti (Scheyner I.449 (125))

Final rubric: Explicit liber sermonum annualium

Broadly corresponds to Leclerq's series Pf1 (S. Bernardi Opera IV.138-41, where the present manuscript is incorrectly classified (p. 140)).

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 128 fols.
Dimensions (leaf): 268 × 175 mm.
Dimensions (written): 190 × 109 mm.


Red ‘silhouette’ initials.

Red initials with very occasional penwork flourishing.


Origin: 13th century, first half

Provenance and Acquisition

Eberbach, Cistercian abbey: ex libris (fol. 1r).

Possibly identifiable as d 18 in the Eberbach library catalogue of 1502.

William Laud, 1573-1645, 1637.

Part of his third donation to the Bodleian, 1639.

Record Sources

Description adapted (April 2019) by Matthew Holford, with additional description of content, from the following sources:
Nigel F. Palmer, Zisterzienser und ihre Bücher: die mittelalterliche Bibliotheksgeschichte von Kloster Eberbach im Rheingau (Regensburg, 1998), p, 286 [date, physical description, provenance]
H. O. Coxe, Laudian Manuscripts, Quarto Catalogues II, repr. with corrections, 1969, from the original ed. of 1858-1885 [contents, acquisition]