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MS. Laud Misc. 89

Summary Catalogue no.: 1064


Fols. 1r-2r blank except for ex libris and later notes.

(fols. 2v-128v)
Bernard of Clairvaux, Sermones per annum, siue de tempore et de sanctis (‘winter’ part)
(fols. 2v-5v)

In adventu domini sermo 3 (Schneyer I.442 (3))

(fols. 5v-8r)

In adventu domini sermo 4 (Schneyer I.442 (4))

(fols. 8r-9r)

In adventu domini sermo 5 (Schneyer I.442 (5))

(fols. 9r-11r)

In adventu domini sermo 6 (Schneyer I.442 (6))

(fols. 11r-v)

In adventu domini sermo 7 (Schneyer I.442 (7))

(fols. 11v-14r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (13))

(fols. 14r-17v)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (14))

(fols. 17v-22r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 3 (Scheyner I.443 (15))

(fols. 22r-26r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 4 (Scheyner I.443 (16))

(fols. 26r-29r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 5 (Scheyner I.443 (17))

(fols. 29r-34r)

In vigilia nativitatis Domini sermo 6 (Scheyner I.443 (18))

(fols. 34r-37r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (19))

(fols. 37r-39r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (20))

(fols. 39r-42r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 3 (Scheyner I.443 (21))

(fols. 42r-43r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 4 (Scheyner I.443 (22))

(fols. 43v-45r)

In nativitate Domini sermo 5 (Scheyner I.443 (23))

Rubric on fol. 43r.

(fols. 45r-46v)

De festivitatibus sancti Stephani, sancti Johannis, et sanctorum innocentium (Scheyner I.443 (24))

(fols. 46v-48r)

In circumcisione domini sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (26))

(fols. 48r-50v)

In circumcisione domini sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (25))

(fols. 50v-54r)

In circumcisione domini sermo 3 (Scheyner I.443 (27))

(fols. 54r-58v)

In epiphania domini sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (28))

(fols. 58v-60r)

In epiphania domini sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (29))

(fols. 60r-63r)

In epiphania domini sermo 3 (Scheyner I.444 (30))

(fols. 63r-64v)

In octava epiphaniae (Scheyner I.443 (31))

(fols. 64v-66v)

In dominica prima post octavam epiphaniae sermo 1 (Scheyner I.443 (32))

(fols. 66v-70v)

In dominica prima post octavam epiphaniae sermo 2 (Scheyner I.443 (33))

(fols. 70v-74r)

In conversione sancti Pauli sermo 1 (Scheyner I.447 (89))

(fols. 74r-76r)

In purificatione sanctae Mariae sermo 1 (Scheyner I.447 (91))

(fols. 76r-77r)

In purificatione sanctae Mariae sermo 2 (Scheyner I.447 (92))

(fols. 77r-78v)

In purificatione sanctae Mariae sermo 3 (Scheyner I.447 (93))

(fols. 78v-81r)

In Septuagesima sermo 1 (Scheyner I.444 (34))

(fols. 81r-82v)

In Septuagesima sermo 2 (Scheyner I.444 (35))

(fols. 82v-85r)

In Quadragesima sermo 1 (Scheyner I.444 (36))

(fols. 85r-87v)

In Quadragesima sermo 2 (Scheyner I.444 (37))

(fols. 87v-88v)

In Quadragesima sermo 3 (Scheyner I.444 (38))

(fols. 88v-90r)

In Quadragesima sermo 4 (Scheyner I.444 (39))

(fols. 90r-91v)

In Quadragesima sermo 7 (Scheyner I.444 (42))

(fols. 92r-99v)

In festivite sancti Martini episcopi (Scheyner I.449 (120))

(fols. 99v-102r)

In natali sancti Clementis (Scheyner I.449 (121))

(fols. 102r-104r)

In vigilia sancti Andreae apostoli (Scheyner I.449 (122))

(fols. 104r-108r)

In natali sancti Andreae sermo 1 (Scheyner I.449 (123))

(fols. 108r-111v)

In natali sancti Andreae sermo 2 (Scheyner I.449 (124))

(fols. 111v-114r)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 1 (Scheyner I.449 (126))

(fols. 114r-115v)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 2 (Scheyner I.449 (127))

(fols. 115v-117v)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 3 (Scheyner I.449 (128))

(fols. 117v-120r)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 4 (Scheyner I.449 (129))

(fols. 120r-124v)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 5 (Scheyner I.449 (130))

(fols. 124v-125v)

In dedicatione ecclesiae sermo 6 (Scheyner I.449 (131))

(fols. 125v-128v)

In obitu domni Humberti (Scheyner I.449 (125))

Final rubric: Explicit liber sermonum annualium

Broadly corresponds to Leclerq's series Pf1 (S. Bernardi Opera IV.138–41, where the present manuscript is incorrectly classified (p. 140)).

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: 128 fols.
Dimensions (leaf): 268 × 175 mm.
Dimensions (written): 190 × 109 mm.


Red ‘silhouette’ initials.

Red initials with very occasional penwork flourishing.


Origin: 13th century, first half

Provenance and Acquisition

Eberbach, Cistercian abbey: ex libris (fol. 1r).

Possibly identifiable as d 18 in the Eberbach library catalogue of 1502.

William Laud, 1573–1645, 1637.

Part of his third donation to the Bodleian, 1639.

Record Sources

Description adapted (April 2019) by Matthew Holford, with additional description of content, from the following sources:
Nigel F. Palmer, Zisterzienser und ihre Bücher: die mittelalterliche Bibliotheksgeschichte von Kloster Eberbach im Rheingau (Regensburg, 1998), p, 286 [date, physical description, provenance]
H. O. Coxe, Laudian Manuscripts, Quarto Catalogues II, repr. with corrections, 1969, from the original ed. of 1858–1885 [contents, acquisition]

Digital Images

Digital Bodleian (full digital facsimile)


Last Substantive Revision

2019-04-02: Description revised for Polonsky to incorporate all information in Palmer and Quarto catalogue; additional description of content from observation of MS.