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MS. Lyell 88


Language(s): Latin

Gospel Lectionary (fol. 1) Temporale; (fol. 118v) Sanctorale, beginning with St. Silvester whose date is mistakenly given as ‘II. Kal. Marcii’; (fol. 152v) Common of saints; (fol. 153) Commemorations: of the B.V.M.; (fol. 153v) the Holy Cross; St. Michael; (fol. 154) ‘In dedicatione ecclesie’; (fol. 154) ‘Ad nuptias’; (fol. 155v) ‘Ad missam votivam’; ‘Pro infirmis’; (fol. 156v) ‘Nat. Plurimorum defunctorum’; ‘Pro defunctis’; (fol. 157v) ‘De trinitate’; ‘De sancta cruce’; (fol. 158) ‘De sancta Maria’; ‘De S. Michaele’; ‘Vig. apostolorum Simonis et lude’. Ends fol. 158v.

On the lower part of fol. 158v, originally blank, some further pieces were written (13th cent.?).

The first is damaged and illegible.

The second is a noted antiphon (?) for St. Augustine

Incipit: Domino (?) benedicimus corde verbis actibus eia (?) benedicit in oculis Augustini spiritus

Contemporary corrections and marginal additions in later hands, including:

(fol. 126) (2 June)

In festo sanctorum Celedonii et Emeterii martirum (13th-14th cent.); Sts. Hemeterius and Chelidonius are patron saints of Santander, in North Spain.

(fol. 12v)

Computations of the years from the Creation to the birth of Christ, added in 13th century hand

Incipit: Incipit ordo annorum ab exordio mundi usque ad adventum domini Christi ab Adam collecti
Incipit: Incipit computacio Eusebii et Iheronimi. Prima etas ab Adam usque ad diluvium transierunt anni. ijº. milia.ccti. XL.ijº.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: ait illis.
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: ii+152 leaves (fol. 35 is double, fol. i–ii, 159–60 are flyleaves, modern foliation skips from 130 to 140)
Dimensions (leaf): 285 × 190 mm.
Dimensions (written): 195–200 × 110 mm.
Foliation: The Temporale and Sanctorale have separate medieval foliations, a (fol. 1–118v) [i]-cxix, written on the verso; b (fol. 119–158v) i–xxxii, written on the recto.


1⁸ (1 missing), 2⁸ (3 and 6 are singletons), 3⁸-5⁸, 6⁸ (3 and 7 are singletons), 7⁸-16⁸, 17⁸ (4 and 5 are singletons), 18(8) (2 missing), 19(8)


25 long lines ruled with a hard point

Musical Notation:

Square notation on drypoint lines. The parts in the passions are indicated by c, s and +


Fol. 1r, interlacing ink-drawn initial framed in red with background in pale yellow and red inside and blue outside. First words of the text written in large capitals in alternating lines of red and blue. On fol. 13r, the heading is in large rustic capitals, with alternate words in red and brown, and the initial is in red and blue, with the first four words in large red and blue capitals. Smaller initials on fols. 1v-7v are in gold, outlined in red. Later initials are in red (mostly) or brown, occasionally with some decoration in ink (or blue), sometimes accompanied by yellow wash. (Pächt and Alexander i. 876, pl. LXV)


19th century German binding in stiff parchment.


Origin: 12th century, middle ; Spanish, North

Provenance and Acquisition

Bookplate of Wilfred Merton [1888–1957], 1921.

Bought by James Lyell in July 1942 from Davis and Orioli.

With the MS. is a note in Lyell’s hand: ‘This came at one time from Ludwig Rosenthal of Munich and was so identified to me by Dr. Ettinghausen in his employ at the time from marks in binding.’

Chosen as one of the hundred manuscripts bequeathed to the library by Lyell in 1948.

Record Sources

Adapted (2018) from A. de la Mare, Catalogue of the Medieval Manuscripts Bequeathed to the Bodleian Library Oxford by James P. R. Lyell (1971); S. J. P. Van Dijk, Handlist of the Latin Liturgical Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library Oxford : Vol. 1: Mass Books (typescript, 1957).

Digital Images

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