A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

MS. Rawl. B. 356

Summary Catalogue no.: 11694

Charters and statutes, etc., of London (‘liber memorandorum’), s. xiv 2/4


Summary of Contents: A collection of various documents and memoranda relating to London. Almost all the contents are also found in the ‘Liber Horn’ compiled by Andrew Horn. At least as far as fol. 87r, the contents were originally numbered sequentially, but most of the numbers were later erased. The present manuscript is a sister volume to the London ‘Liber Memorandorum’, which contains almost exactly the same contents, marginalia and numbering, but ends incomplete in the ordinances of the fishmongers (fols. 69v-72v below). Most items are printed or calendared from other copies in Munimenta Gildhallæ Londoniensis, ed. H. T. Riley, Rolls Series (1859) and/or Calendar of letter-books preserved among the archives of the Corporation of the City of London at the Guildhall, ed. R. R. Sharpe (1899–1912).

Language(s): Latin and French, with a very little English (fols. 46v, 56v-57r)

(fol. 1)
Rubric: De restitucione Libertatis

Ordinance of 1298 regarding homicides, robbers etc., as cal. Letter-Bk. B, p. 215.

(fol. 1)
Rubric: Quid abrocar(ii) vini capient pro doleo

1286, as cal. Letter-Bk. A, p. 164

(fol. 1)
Rubric: Item de abrokar(iis) vinorum

Writ of 1285, as cal. Letter-Bk. A, pp. 214–5.

(fol. 1r-v)
Rubric: Des maceons
Rubric: Des seriauntz de Maceons
Rubric: [added, 14th century De carectariis Loni(?) sabuli vel Grauele

As pr. Munimenta II.i.99(l. 21, ‘Et a totes solempnes festes’...)-100; cf. Letter-Bk. A, p. 184.

(fol. 1v)
Rubric: De non ponendo Midd’ ad firmam

18 Oct. 1283, as cal. Letter-Bk. A, p. 206, names of aldermen not here given.

(fol. 1v)
Rubric: Quod in omnibus placitis terrarum sint duo homines feoffati

18 Oct. 1283, as cal. Letter-Bk. A, p. 206.

(fols. 1v-2r)
Rubric: Item in quarto hoc statutum de molendino de Braciatoribus

Ordinances concerning millers and fraudulent brewsters, as pr. Munimenta I.354–5; cf. Letter-Bk. A, p. 208.

(fol. 2r)
Rubric: De latitudine pannorum

French. As briefly cal. Letter-Bk. A, p. 212.

(fol. 2r)
Rubric: De recognicionibus factis Camerario

Memorandum that the chamberlain receives recognizances of debts, referring to Letter-Book A.

(fol. 2r-v)
Rubric: Carta teutonicorum (i(d est)) Alemannorum

Letters patent of Edward I of inspeximus to the merchants of Germany in London, 18 Nov. 1281 (cal. CPR 1272–81, p. 485) followed by charter of Henry III, 1260 (Letter-Bk C, p. 41).

(fols. 2v-3r)
Rubric: Composicio facta inter Ciues London’ et teutonicos

June, 1282, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 41.

(fols. 3r-4r)
Rubric: De muragio London’

Writ of Edward ⟨I⟩, n.d., differs from Letter-Bk. A, pp. 222–4.

(fol. 4r)
Rubric: (added) Alias carta de muragio

Writ of Edward ⟨I⟩, 18 July 1276

(fol. 4r-v)
Rubric: Carta Coloniensium

As pr. Munimenta II.i.66–7, but the regnal year here is 28.

(fol. 4v)
Rubric: Carta Alianore nuper Regine Anglie facta fratribus penitencie iesu christi

As pr. Munimenta III.430–1.

(fols. 4v-5r)
Rubric: Carta Regis Henrici facta Decano sancti Martini magni Lond’

4 Feb. 1231, as pr. Munimenta II.ii.669–71

(fol. 5r-v)
Rubric: Carta Burg’ de Portesmeue

Charter of Richard I, 2 May 1194, as pr. Munimenta II.ii.655–6

(fols. 5v-6r)
Rubric: Carta Oxon’

Charter of Henry III, 16 Feb. 1229, pr. Munimenta II.ii.672–3. Followed by a note that on 12 Jan. 1327 the burgesses of Oxford were prohibited from buying wine from ‘extraneis’ in the city of London, as recorded in the Black Book ‘alio signato cum littera A’, fol. 12.

(fol. 6r)
Rubric: Breve Burg’ de Duaco

Writ of Edward I, 1282, preceded by a note that the writ was presented to the mayor and others in the Guildhall by Walter Musard, burgess of Douay, on 29 Sept. 1282; as cal. Letter-Bk. B, p. 233.

(fol. 6r-v)
Rubric: Carta regis E(dwardi)[sic] de eisdem

Charter of Henry III, 1260, as cal. Letter-Bk. B, pp. 233–4, here dated 41 Henry III.

(fols. 6v-7r)
Rubric: Carta Ciuium Oxon[sic]

Charter-inspeximus of Henry III to Exeter (‘Oxon’’ corrected only once in this text to ‘Exon’’), 24 March 1237, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 64, pr. (from inspeximus of Edward I) Munimenta II.ii.667–9.

(fols. 7r-v)
Rubric: Carta Exon’

Charter-inspeximus of Edward I, 4 May 1300, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 240, pr. Munimenta II.ii.667–9.

(fols. 7v-8r)
Rubric: De bladar’

24 Feb. 1300 (here misdated as 28 Edward II); as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 58

(fol. 8r-v)
Rubric: Carta honoris Walyngford

Charter inspeximus of Henry III, 12 Jan. 1267, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 59, pr. Foedera i.471, etc.

(fols. 8v-9r)
Rubric: Conuencio inter Ciues London’ et Mercatores de Amias Corbye et de nele

1237; as as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 66, pr. Munimenta II.i.64–66.

(fols. 9v-10r)
Incipit: Memorandum quod in xlviij folio eiusdem libri nigri inuenitur quod Rex per breve suum

Notes of items in the ‘liber niger’, fols. 48 and 49

Rubric: Returnum cuiuslibet brevis de prisonibus extra lib’ ducend’

Return to a writ of 1300, as cal. Letter-Bk. C. pp. 69–70.

Rubric: Walebrok. Et de pontibus eius iuxta murum.

Summary of inquisition of 8 July 1300, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 70

Rubric: Item de Walebrok

Summary of inquisition of 12 July 1300, cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 70

Rubric: De custodibus Pontium

Summary of agreement of 20 July 1300, cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 72

(fol. 10r)
Rubric: Carta fratrum predicatorum

Charter of Edward I, 10 June 1276, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 71–2.

(fol. 10r-v)
Rubric: Carta prori⟨s⟩ sancte Trinitatis

Charter of Henry I, as pr. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 73–4.

(fols. 10v-11r)
Rubric: De lormerariis[sic]

Ordinances of 45 Henry III, as pr. Munimenta II.i.78–80.

Marginal note that the original sealed chirograph was burned in the Guildhall, St Faith, 14 Edw. II.

(fol. 11r)
Rubric: Pena forist
Incipit: In eodem libro fol. Lj scribitur quod foristallarius attinctus debet

Perhaps cf. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 76–7.

(fol. 11r)
Rubric: De Richardo de Refham

Summary of writ of 14 June 1300, cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 77–8.

Note of election of wardens of the lorimers in 1313, as recorded on the last folio of a red book of memoranda in the Guildhall (Letter-Bk. D, p. 316).

(fol. 11v)
Rubric: De compoto Camerariorum

Summary of ordinance of 14 Sept. 1300, cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 78.

(fol. 11v)
Rubric: Breve pro mercatoribus Burdegal’

Writ of 29 August 1300, with return, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 80.

(fols. 11v-12r)
Rubric: Carta de libertate de Rading’ regis Henrici tercii patris regis Edwardi nunc

As pr. Munimenta II.ii.671. Followed by a note that the charter was read and enforced on 28 March 1318 following a complaint by the mayor of Reading, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 82.

(fol. 12r-v)
Rubric: Iudicium pro naut⟨is⟩
Rubric: Salarium mensuratorum bladi et carianc’ in Ripa Regine

As cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 86–7.

(fol. 12r-v)
Rubric: Salarium mensuratorum bladi et carianc’ in Ripa Regine

Inquisition of 1300, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 87.

(fols. 12v-13v)
Rubric: Capitula dicenda pistoribus in halimoto suo

As pr. Munimenta I.356–8 and II.i.104–5.

(fol. 13v)
Rubric: De constitucionibus prouisis et observandis in Civitate Lond’ In Itinere Iusticiorum anno Regis Henrici xxviijo in rotulo Hugonis de Waltham

As pr. London Eyre of 1244, ed. Helena M Chew and Martin Weinbaum (London, 1970), pp. 82–113, no. 235

Followed (fol. 14r) by memoranda that this constitution was ordered to be observed in the parliament of 1302 (partly as National Archives, SC 9/11, item 15, as pr. in Parliament Rolls of Medieval England)

(fol. 14r)
Rubric: Carta regis Henrici ⟨de⟩ eligendo Maio⟨rem⟩

As pr. Munimenta II.i.45–6

(fols. 14v-16r)
Rubric: Irrotulantur in Itinere regis Henrici apud Turrim London’ coram Huberto de Burgo et sociis suis Iustic‘ annis .v.to et .x.o dicti Regis Henrici

‘Quaestiones itineris’, as pr. Munimenta I.62–71.

(fol. 16r)
Rubric: De ponder’

As pr. Statutes of the Realm, I. 204.

(fol. 16r-v)
Rubric: De mensura strictorum de rotis ad carect’

As cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 88–9, pr. Munimenta II.i.85

(fol. 16v)
Rubric: Quod vicecomites inueniant clericos ad scribendum placita hustengalia

Ordinance of 1302, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 106, partly pr. Munimenta I.402, II.i.88

(fol. 16v)
Rubric: Ordinacio de iudicio reddendo in hustengo et de testamentis admittendis

Ordinance of 1302, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 108.

(fols. 16–17r)
Rubric: Placita terre tenta in husteng’ London’ die lune proxima post festum sancti Edmundi Regis videlicet .xxij. die Nouembris anno regni regis Edwardi .vj.to

As cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 108, pr. Munimenta I.403–4, II.i.89

(fol. 17r)
Rubric: Ordinacio de rotulis vic’ de intrusionibus

Friday after St Martin, 1304, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 108.

(fol. 17r)
Rubric: De officio vic’ supplendo non obstante resistencia
Rubric: Item de probacione testamenti

Two ordinances of 1259, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 108.

(fol. 17r-v)
Rubric: De contempnentibus sequestrum
Rubric: Quod non gaudeant summonicionibus
Rubric: Quod appreciatores habeant cum petens ea haberent nolit

Three ordinances of 1305, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 109.

(fol. 17v)
Rubric: Ordinaciones de clauibus de Neugate et Coketto

1305, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 110.

(fol. 17v)
Rubric: Pro hominibus de Alemannia quiet’ apud Bisshopesg’

1305, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 111.

(fols. 17v-18r)
Rubric: Ordinacio renouata pro Cordewaners

1303, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 126, pr. Memorials II.i.83–4. French.

(fol. 18r-v)
Rubric: De statera vt remaneat in equali

Writ of 16 Nov. 1305, as briefly cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 129.

(fol. 18v)
Rubric: De iuramento officii recordacionis

1304, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 132–3.

(fols. 18v-19r)
Rubric: Composicio inter Ciues Wynton’ et London’

1304, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 133–4.

(fol. 19r)
Rubric: Ordinacio poletrie et piscis

As cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 134, pr. Munimenta II.i.82–3.

(fols. 19r-20r)
Rubric: Quod quid non eat obuiam piscibus et empcione piscium

As cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 134, pr. Munimenta II.I.117–20.

(fol. 20r)
Rubric: Admissio [sic for Amissio] libertatis carnificum

As cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 148–9.

(fol. 20r)
Rubric: Preceptum factum est piscenariis de vico pontis

As cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 149.

(fol. 20r)
Rubric: Returnum brevis regis quod statutum Wynton’ non pt in Ciuitate Lond’ in omnibus articulis obseruari

Writ of 7 Dec. 1306, and return, as very briefly cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 153.

(fol. 20r-v)
Rubric: Ordinacio fustariorum

French. As cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 167–8, pr. Munimenta II.i.80.

(fols. 20v-21v)
Rubric: Seruicia et libertates Roberti fiz Wauter in London’

French. As pr. Munimenta II.i.147–51.

(fol. 22r)
Rubric: Ordinacio facta de modo ponderandi per balanc’

1309, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, pp. 209–10.

(fol. 22r)
Rubric: De recognitere desponsata
Incipit: Post hec in [left blank] folio proximo sequenti inuenietur quod recognicio stabit mulieris recognicionem facientis

Probably refers to Letter-Bk. D, p. 239.

(fol. 22r-v)
Rubric: De non fullonando pannos ad moldeninum sub pena

21 Dec. 1310, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, pp. 239–40, pr. Munimenta I, app. II.

(fol. 22v)
Rubric: Finis Godefridi de Loueneye

As cal. Letter-Bk. D p. 240, pr. Munimenta III.431.

(fol. 22v)
Rubric: Turnarii

As cal. Letter-Bk. D p. 240, pr. Munimenta III.432.

(fols. 22v-23r)
Rubric: Ordinacio de vendicione vinorum tempore Richardi de Refham

15 Jan. 1311, as cal. Letter-Bk. D p. 249, pr. Delpit, Collection Generale des Documents Français qui se trouvent en Angleterre, pp. 44–45.

(fol. 23r)
Rubric: Iuramentum megucerorum
Rubric: De equis infra Ciuitate vel suburbia non excoriandis

1311, as cal. Letter-Bk. D p. 258, pr. Munimenta III.432–3.

(fol. 23r-24r)
Rubric: De capelariis

Three ordinances of temp. Henry III and 1311, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, pp. 271–3.

(fol. 24r-v)
Rubric: Ordinacio facta de placeis ad le stokkis

12 March 1312, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, pp. 281–2.

(fol. 24v)
Rubric: Premunicio facta mercatoribus alienigenis quod non morentur nec teneant bona sua deuendita vltra xl dies
Rubric: Quod alienigene non teneant bona sua deuendita ultra xl. dies

1312, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, pp. 282–3.

(fol. 24v)
Rubric: De alienigeneis in libertate admittend’
Rubric: De communi sigillo custodiendo

1312, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, p. 283, first three articles only.

(fol. 24v-25r)
Rubric: Ordinacio de clericis et seruientibus Ciuitatis

1310, as briefly cal. Letter-Bk. D, p. 284.

(fol. 25r-v)
Rubric: Ordinacione super assessione et collectione talliagiorum in Ciuitate ne quis alibi taxetur quam in Warda vbi manet

1311, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, pp. 285–6.

(fol. 25v)
Rubric: De ponderacione magne balancie

1312, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, pp. 296–7.

(fol. 25v)
Rubric: De custuma ponderatoris magne balancie
Incipit: Item in folio [left blank] habentur ordinaciones promulgandas per totam civitatem et sunt valde longe et scribuntur ante
(fols. 25v-26r)
Rubric: Carta de libertatibus ville de Andoure

Charter of Henry III (1228), and related proceedings of 1312, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, pp. 299–300.

(fols. 26r-27v)
Rubric: Memoranda de allegacionibus factis per maiorem et ciues London’ coram consilio domini regis Edwardi filius regis Edwardi quod non debent talliari

Proceedings of 1313, ending with writ of 16 Dec. 1314, as cal. Letter-Bk. D, pp. 305–7 and as pr. Munimenta III.433–7.

(fols. 27v-28r)
Rubric: Breve domini regis directum Taxatorum de comitatu Oxon’ ne assiderent Ciues London’ inter eos ad tallagium

13 Feb. 1313, as cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 10, pr. Munimenta I.428.

(fol. 28r)
Rubric: Peticio exhibita Maiori et Aldermannis per Comunitatem

1312, as cal. Letter-Bk. E, pp. 12–14, the final item (John Simeon) not given here.

(fols. 28v-29r)
Rubric: Placitum coram Iustic’ domini Regis de Banco placitum in quo allocata fuit libertas Ciuitatis

As cal. Letter-Bk. E, pp. 22–23.

(fol. 29r-v)
Rubric: Breve domini Regis pro pace conseruanda secundum articulos statuti Wynt’

Writ, 13 Apr. 1314, and subsequent proclamation, as briefly cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 25, cf. CPR 1313–17, p. 107.

(fols. 29v-30r)
Rubric: Breve domini Regis vicecomitis London’ absentibus et ad scaccariam Regis presentand’

26 Sept. 1313, as cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 25.

(fol. 30r-v)
Rubric: Placita coram domini Rege apud Westm’ de termino sancti Michaelis anno regni regis Edwardi filii Edwardi octauo

As cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 39, pr. Munimenta I.298–300.

(fols. 30v-31r)
Rubric: Breve Regis Edwardi filii Regis Edwardi quod nullus interfit eleccioni Maioris aut vic’ nisi ad hoc summonitus fuerit

Writ, 4 July 1315, and proclamation, as cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 53 = Letter-Bk. D, pp. 24–6.

(fols. 31r-v)
Rubric: Ordinacio bladar’

French and Latin. As cal. Letter-Bk. E, pp. 56–7.

(fol. 31v)
Rubric: Querela pottariorum

French. As cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 67, cf. Memorials, p. 118.

(fols. 31v-32r)
Rubric: Ordinacio peperariorum de Sopereslane

French. As cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 67, cf. Memorials, p. 120.

(fols. 32r-34v)
Rubric: Allocacio libertatis ville Gippewyci et transcriptum libertatum eiusdem ville

1318, reciting charter-inspeximus of Edward II (30 May 1317), as cal. Letter-Bk. E, pp. 84–5.

(fols. 34v-35v)
Rubric: De ordinacione prima Cordewaniroum et hic retro in capitulo lxxxxvj est a(ntiq)a(?) eorum ordinacio

56 Henry III, as pr. Munimenta I.441–5.

(fols. 35v-36r)
Rubric: Ordinacio pictorum

French. 11 Edward I. Unprinted (?).

(fols. 36r-37r)
Rubric: Consuetudines veteres de Ripa Regine

As pr. Munimenta I.445–8.

(fol. 37r)
Rubric: Sacramentum vicecomitis London’

Cf. Munimenta I.307–8.

(fols. 37r-38r)
Rubric: Nouum statutum Ebor’ anno R. Edwardi .xij.mo

12 Edw. II, as pr. Statutes of the Realm i.177

(fols. 38r-39r)
Rubric: Breve domini regis de prisis quod confirmat statutum primum W. et ordinaciones de prisis cessandis

Writ of 10 Apr. 1316 as cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 63.

(fol. 39r)
Rubric: Breve domini regis de poletria et animalibus

Writ of 14 March 1315, cf. Letter-Bk. E, p. 44, but here addressed to sheriffs only.

(fol. 39r-v)
Rubric: Breve domini regis de reclamatione poletrie per ipsum Regem et consilium

Writ attested 20 Feb. 1316; cf. Letter-Bk. E, p. 44 n. 1

(fols. 39v-40r)
Rubric: Ordinacio de serviciis in domibus prelatorum et aliorum magnatum de ystrionibus

French; 6 August 1315; as cal. CCR 1313–18, p. 306.

(fol. 40r)
Rubric: De trona Ciuitatis emendata

1313, as cal. Letter-Bk. E, pp. 19–20.

(fol. 40r-43r)
Rubric: Prosecucio facta tempore domini Johannis de Gisorcio Maior London’ per Hugonem de Waltham

As pr. Munimenta II.i.137–47; cf. Letter-Bk. E, p. 21.

(fol. 43r-v)
Rubric: De diuersis purpresturis tangentibus vic’ London’

As briefly cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 21.

(fol. 43v)
Rubric: Ordinacio Wyndrawerorium

30 Edward I; cf. Letter-Bk. C, p. 111, here omitting names.

(fols. 43v-46v)
Laws of Oleron

The text in the Liber Memorandorum was collated (siglum M) in the edition by T. Twiss, The Black Book of the Admiralty, Rolls Series (1873), II. 210–241.

Followed by a memorandum on the location of Oleron, as pr. Twiss, I.lx n.

(fols. 46v-51r)

Transcripts of royal charters to London.

(fol. 46v-47r)
Rubric: Carta Regis Willelmi primi anno domini millesimo .lxvij.o

English and Latin versions, dated 1314, as pr. Munimenta II.i.246–7.

(fol. 47r)

Henry I (W. de G. Birch, The historical charters and constitutional documents of the city of London (1884), no. 3)

(fol. 47r-v)

Henry II (Birch, no. 4)

(fols. 47v-48r)

Richard I, 1194 (Birch, no. 5)

(fol. 48r-v)

John, 5 July 1199 (Birch, no. 9)

(fols. 48v-49r)

Henry III, 18 August 1227 (Birch, no. 16)

(fol. 49r)

Henry III, 18 Feb. 1227 (Birch, no. 14)

(fol. 49r-50r)

Henry III, 26 March 1268 (Birch, no. 20)

(fol. 50r-v)

Letters patent of Henry III, 22 Dec. 1226 (Patent Rolls Henry III, 1225–1232, p. 104; not in Birch)

Followed by a memorandum of 24 Oct. 1321 relating to fines for non-appearance when summoned.

(fols. 50v-51r)

Henry III, 18 Feb. 1227 (Birch, no. 13)

Followed by a note that a similar charter was granted by King John, from which the compiler deduces (‘intelligo’) that the first mayor was elected in John's reign .

(fols. 51r-v)
Leges Edwardi Confessoris (cc. 1–8)
Incipit: Post adquisitionem Anglie per Willelmum Ducem Norm’ Idem Rex Willelmus anno regni sui quarto
Explicit: et sic ceperunt minui

Followed (fol. 52r) by note: ‘leges et consuetudines per ipsum Willelmum et per successores suos ordinate in hoc libro inuenies’.

(fol. 52r)

Charter of Henry I (Birch, no. 3, same text as fol. 47r above)

(fols. 52r-v)

Charter of Henry II (Birch, no. 4, as fol. 47r-v above)

(fols. 52v-54v)
Rubric: Hic incipiunt questiones quas Iustic’ itinerantes ad Turrim London’ […] proposuerunt Ciuibus London’ super placitis Corone

Largely as pr. Munimenta I.62–71; same text as fols. 14v-16r above.

(fols. 54v-55v)
Rubric: Corrodium de ponte

As pr. Munimenta III.449–53.

(fols. 56r-v)
Rubric: Extenta manerii de Leuesham quod vocatur le Bruge Hous


(fols. 56v-57r)
Rubric: Nomina Anglicana vsitata in cartis antiquorum regum Angl’

As pr. Munimenta III.453–6. English and French.

(fols. 57r-v)
Rubric: Isodorus ethimologiarum libro xvo capitulo xvo
Incipit: Digitus est minima pars
Explicit: hoc est per unum diem naturalem

Begins as XV.xv.2 but continues regarding ‘stadium’; followed by notes on measures according to English custom (pollex, ulna, etc.); and on the cubit according to Alfraganus; followed in turn by notes on the height of gutters and the length of ‘teyse’, as in the red book and transcribed later in the present book.

(fol. 57v-58r)
Rubric: De quo warranto
Rubric: Proclamacio super quo Warranto

Writ, n.d., enclosed proclamation.

(fol. 58r-v)

Note on procedure when a ‘foreigner’ is vouched to warranty.

As pr. Munimenta II.i.177.

(fol. 58v)

Writ of Edward I, 10 June 1281, enclosing a corrected article of the Statute of Gloucester.

(fol. 58v)
Rubric: Breve perpetratum super libertate \pro viduis/

Writ of Edward I or Edward II (1279 or 1314) regarding widows' contribution to tallage.

(fols. 58v-59r)

Letter of papal legate Ottobonus on the same subject.

1268, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 37.

(fol. 59r)
Rubric: De legibus regis Aeluredi sumptis de veteri testamento
Incipit: Vidue et pupillo non noceit
Explicit: pupilli et vidue iudicium

4 lines, cf. Exodus 22.22–24, Deut. 27.19

(fol. 59r)
Rubric: Carta Regis Henrici viduis London’ concessa anno Regis Henrici Lij.o

As cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 36–7, pr. Foedera I.i.475.

(fol. 59r-v)
Rubric: Concessio xxti.ml. marcas et ml.xlviij. libras

1299, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 37–8 [fol. xxviii b].

(fols. 59v-60r)
Rubric: Breve Regis pro libertatibus Ciuium Wynt’

1299, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 40–1 (fol. xxx).

(fols. 60r-63v)
Rubric: Confirmacio libertatum Ciuibus London’ facta per dominum Regem Edwardum filium Edwardi anno regni sui xijo

As pr. Munimenta II.i.255–68.

Numerous marginal notes.

(fols. 63v-69v)
Rubric: De conseruacione pacis Regis

Ordinances of Edward I for the government of the city while in the king's hand, as pr. Munimenta I. 280–97. French.

(fols. 69v-72v)
Rubric: Consuetudines piscenariorum pontis et veteris piscar’
Final rubric: Expliciunt ordinacio piscenariorum.

Latin and French. As pr. Munimenta I.373–85. Fol. 71r (= p. 379, ‘De ordenaunce des pessoners’), heading, ‘Ceste chose fu crie a Londres le venderdi prochein deuant la Pentecoust en lan du regne le Roi Edward xviij’. Here followed by eight further items concerning nets: ‘item ilia vne autre manere de Reys […] Cotnet Shouenet Kideles &c.’

Notes of customs. French.

(fols. 72v-74r)
Rubric: Incipiunt custume pontis Lond’

Largely as pr. Munimenta I.234–238 (l. 4, ‘par estraunge, iiii deniers’)

(fols. 74r-75r)
Incipit: La karke de Greyne q(e) peise
Explicit: ou pur xij

Various customs, largely as pr. Munimenta I.230–234.

(fol. 75r-v)
Incipit: De vne liure de leyn au foreyn
Explicit: tolir la prise le Roy

As pr. Munimenta I.246–8.

Final rubric: Et fet a remembrer qen cest liure nad nule mencioun de la Ryue pur ceo qe les Citeyns de Loundres ont mesmes al Ryue a ferme del Counte de Cornewaille et a li responent de la ferme. Expliciunt
(fols. 75v-76r)

Note on the word hallmote.

Incipit: Memorandum quod halimotus quem nos moderni dicimus halimot
Explicit: debet intelligi per antiquam consuetudinem iste articulus
(fol. 76r)
Rubric: Les chapitres qi deuient estre ditz as pestours
Incipit: Deux pains .v. et iiij. deuient estre fait a vendre
Explicit: faet gre a son primer mestre


(fol. 76r-v)

Memorandum on a kidell of the abbot of Lesnes.

As cal. Letter-Bk. A, fol. 91.

(fol. 76v-79r)
Rubric: Incipit ordo qualiter procedendum est in assisis de edificiis inter vicinos Ciuitatis London’

Assize of Buildings, 1189, as pr. Munimenta I.319–332.

(fol. 79r-v)
Rubric: De aliquibus maximis libertatibus Ciuitatis London’

Ten articles; as summarized Munimenta I.673, referring to Liber Horn, fol. 230.

(fol. 79v-80r)
Rubric: Carta facta Ciuibus London’ de Ripa Regine

Charter-inspeximus of Henry III, 25 Feb. 1247, cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 15, pr. Munimenta II.i.46–7.

(fol. 80r-v)
Rubric: Ces sount les Chapitres de les assises et establisemenz des audermanz que sont a mustrer en plein Wardemotes
Incipit: Qe la pes deu et la pes nostre seignur le Roi soit fermement garde
Explicit: fet damage en temps de este
(fol. 80v-81v)
Rubric: De serianz et atturnez

Largely as pr. Munimenta II.i.280–2, text here a little fuller.

(fol. 81v)
Rubric: Ces sount les vsages et les franchises de Loundres les queux Richer de Refham Meire de Loundres par comandement le Roy fist crier par my Loundres
Incipit: En primes qe la pees dieu et la pees nostre seignur le roi soit bien garde et meintenue
Explicit: mester sur greue forfaiture
(fols. 82r-83v)
Rubric: Ista allocacio libertatis London’ facta fuit coram domino Rege apud Westm’ termino sancti Hillarii ano regni Regis Edwardi filii regis Edwardi sexto. Rotulo .lxxix.

Pleadings in Petronilla who was the wife of Robert de Breme of Lapworth vs. Henry de Brandeston and Henry le Webner.

(fols. 83v-85r)
Rubric: Adhuc de libertatibus London’
Incipit: Nul homme qest en la franchise
Explicit: remanentes nullas postposuerunt

Latin and French; cf. Munimenta I.675–8 (referring to Liber Horn, fols. 255–6); ibid. I.109–110, 112 (c. 49)-117 (c. 61).

(fol. 85v)
Rubric: Quomodo Ciues London’ cognouerunt se esse talliabiles et hoc est contra eorum antiquam libertatem

Writ of Henry III to the barons of the exchequer, and proceedings, 39 Henry III

(fol. 86r)

Ordinance of 1300 concerning curriers, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 79. French.

(fols. 86r-90r)

Miscellaneous ordinances concerning trades

Largely as pr. Munimenta I.261 (‘Et pur ceo qascuns achatours’) - 276 (‘soient puniz’). French.

(fol. 90r-v)
Rubric: Breve et ordinacio fullonum

Writ, 1298, and proceedings, largely as cal. Letter-Bk. C, pp. 51–3 (fuller) and pr. Munimenta II.i.127–9. Latin and French.

(fols. 90v-91r)
Rubric: Carta Regis Henrici tercij de Gilda Telariorum

1243, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 55, pr. Munimenta II.i.48, here with names of witnesses.

(fol. 91r)
Rubric: Carta Gilde Telariorum

Charter of King John, 20 March 1202, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 55, witnesses here abbreviated.

(fol. 91r-v)
Rubric: Electio Telariorum

1300, as cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 56, pr. Munimenta II.i.126, names of bailiffs at end omitted.

(fols. 91v-93r)
Rubric: Ordinaciones Telariorum

As cal. Letter-Bk. C, p. 60, pr. Munimenta II.i.121–6. French.

(fols. 93r-104v)

Legal and other memoranda, added in several hands, mid-fourteenth century; further additions, fols. 99v-100r, late fourteenth century.

(fol. 93r)

Pleas in Hustings, 16 June 1320, as cal. Letter-Bk. E, p. 133

(fol. 93r-v)

Pleas in Hustings, Monday, St Edmund king, 14 Edward III.

(fol. 93v)

Pleas in Hustings, Monday after St Edmund king, 18 Edward III.

(fol. 94r)

Plea in the sheriff's court (?), Friday, morrow of Hilary, 18 Edward III.

(fol. 94v)

Letters patent of Edward III concerning the keepers of the change, 30 Sept. 16 Edward III.

(fols. 95r-v)

Proceedings in the Exchequer, Michaelmas 18 Edward III, against John Syward and John Aylesham, sheriffs, relating to the escape from Newgate gaol of Robert Nuytaundr' (?), followed by a memorandum on a similar case, 19 Edward III.

(fol. 95v)

Pleas in Hustings, Monday after St Edmund bishop, 24 Henry VIII; 16th century addition.

(fol. 96r)

Memorandum of 28 Sept. 19 Edw. III relating to the right of departing sheriffs to the wool custom (Letter-Bk F, pp. 133–4).

(fol. 96r-v)

Proclamation relating to pulterers, Sat. before Palm Sunday, 19 Edward III (1345), and subsequent memorandum (Letter-Bk F, p. 123, names of aldermen here omitted).

(fol. 97r-98r)

Pleas in Hustings.

Fol. 97r: Mon. after St Dunstan, 13 Edward III.

Fol. 97r-v: Monday before St Barnabas, 13 Edw. III.

Fol. 97v: Monday before St Margaret, 13 Edw. III

Fol. 97v: Monday before Simon and Jude, 13 Edw. III

Fol. 97v-98r: Monday after St Edmund king, 13 Edw. III

(fols. 98r-100r)

Copies of royal writs. Fol. 98r-v: not dated. Fol. 98v-99r: 5 and 14 Feb. 14 [Edward III]. Fol. 99v: 28 Nov. 15 Edward III. Fol. 100r: 20 May 1 Edward III.

(fols. 99v-100r)

Added, late 14th century or early 15th century:

Letter from the mayor of Coventry to the mayor and bailiffs of Northampton, Friday after Hilary, 16 Richard II. French.

Memorandum concerning a lease in Northampton by John Tydenham, prior of St Andrew's, Northampton.

(fols. 100v-101r)

Note on a case in the London assize rolls, Friday after Annunciation, 7 Edward [?II].

(fols. 101r-104v)

Ordinances of Edward I (as above, fols. 63v-69v); pr. Munimenta I.280–88, ending imperfect at ‘et lours chars sur le’

Imperfect at end (catchword, fol. 104v, and cf. reference to now missing last folio of the book, fol. 100r).

As Ker pointed out (MMBL, I, 35), the sequence of material in this volume and in the Liber Memorandum (London Metropolitan Archives, COL/CS/01/003) agrees almost exactly with Liber Horn (London Metropolitan Archives, COL/CS/01/002), fols. 261r-264v, 281–369v, 375rv, 370–4v, 199v-219v, with the present volume further corresponding on fols. 72v-93r to Liber Horn, fols. 219v-232r, 251r-277r. The relationship between the three volumes needs further investigation, but it is not clear that any of the three was copied from any other.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: cum assisam infringerint
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i (modern paper, conjoint with pastedown) + ii (16th-century paper) + 104 + i (16th-century paper) + i (modern paper, conjoint with pastedown) folios
Dimensions (leaf): c. 230 × 160 mm.
Cropped, with occasional loss of text in the upper and outer margins.


Remaining catchwords and visible thread suggest 1–13(8), but cannot be collated in detail. Catchwords fols. 96v, 104v.


Fols. 1–96v: 46 long lines. Ruled in leadpoint. Ruled space c. 195 × c. 110 mm. , with an additional outer column of c. 23 mm. for marginal headings. Bounding lines extending the full width of the page: a single line in the inner margin, a double line followed by a single line in the outer margin; a single line in the upper margin, a single line followed by a double line in the lower margin (Muzerelle 1–21/0–2/1–1/J). Layout varies for the additions on fols. 93r-96v.


Fols. 1–93r: one hand writing a neat anglicana; headings in anglicana formata. Additions and marginalia in several hands.


Fol. 1: 6-line historiated initial D with gold background depicting a king with orb and sceptre (?), badly damaged, extending into a partial border. (P&A iii. 599)

Fols. 1–93r: two-line coloured initials in alternating red and blue, with contrasting penwork decoration in red and violet, extending into the border.


Contemporary and later marginalia in Latin, French and English.


Seventeenth or eighteenth-century binding, rebacked.


Origin: 14th century, second quarter, with later additions ; English, London

Provenance and Acquisition

Fols. 1–93r written after 1327 (fol. 6r) and probably before the date of the earliest additions, 1340.

In contrast to the Liber Memorandorum, this volume seems never to have belonged to the Corporation of London, and is not listed among the books in the custody of the Corporation c. 1470 (Hospitals, Towns, and the Professions, CMBLC 14, SH47). All the identifiable later owners seem to be associated by membership of the Inner Temple.

‘T. Warley 1530’, fol. 52r (cf ‘Warley’, fol. 27r; probably also his name, erased, fol. 46v; memorandum by him, fol. 16v; addition in his hand, fol. 95v, referring to a plea in Hustings, 24 Henry VIII, in which he acted as executor of John Whaberley, goldsmith of London). Probably identifiable as Thomas Warley (II), fl. c. 1520–1557, on whom see J. Baker, The Men of Court 1440–1550, Selden Soc. (2012), II.1627.

‘liber Johannis Croke ex Dono Lucae Norton’, 17th century, fol. iii verso (dates 20 May 1601, 24 Jan. 1619); perhaps Luke Norton of Sharpenhoe (d. 1630, Inner Temple 1583 onwards) and John Croke of Holborn, etc., judge and speaker of the Commons (d. 1620).

‘Liber V. Croke’, 17th century, fol. iii verso, perhaps Unton Croke (1593–1671), son of Sir John.

‘MS. Rob Baylis Eq. aur. senatoris Londinensis’, early 18th century, fol. ii: Sir Robert Baylis (1673–1748), alderman of London from 1719, knighted 1727 (see History of Parliament).

His sale, 20 Nov. 1749 and eleven following evenings: libri miscellanei, Gr. Lat. Quarto, no. 229 (Bibliotheca elegans. A catalogue of the entire and valuable library of Sir Robert Baylis, Knt. and Alderman, p. 27).

Richard Rawlinson, 1690–1755.

Bequeathed by him to the Bodleian.

Record Sources

Description by Matthew Holford, March 2019. Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (W. D. Macray, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ...viri munificentissimi Ricardi Rawlinson, J.C.D., codicum...complectens, Quarto Catalogues V, 5 fascicles, 1862–1900).


    Otto Pächt and J. J. G. Alexander, Illuminated Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library Oxford, III (1973), no. 599

Last Substantive Revision

2019-03: Description fully revised.