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MS. Rawl. D. 786

Summary Catalogue no.: 13556


Language(s): English and Latin

Churchwardens' accounts for the Church of St. Mary, Sutterton, Lincolnshire, from 1461 to 1537.
(fols. 1r-3r)

St Edward King 1-2 Edw. IV [1461-2]

(fols. 3v-6v)

St Edward King 2-3 Edw. IV [1462-3]; fol. 6v mostly blank.

(fols. 7r-8v)

Undated entries; fols. 7r, 8r half blank; fol. 9r blank.

(fols. 9v-10r)

Undated: Roger Gebone and Thomas Watt’ churchwardens, succeeding William Symond and Richard Haleday. Fol. 10v blank.

(fol. 11r)

Undated receipts: Robert Benet and William Wattes churchwardens, succeeding John Pesse and John Fyrfney (?); fol. 11v blank.

(fol. 12r)

Cancelled memorandum of a lease, 1480.

(fols. 12v)

Undated receipts: John Persy and John Wasse churchwardens, succeeding Robert Benet and William Wattys. Continues on fol. 15r

(fol. 13r-14v)

Memoranda partly dated 1483, 1489. Fols. 14r-v blank except for a short memorandum at the top of fol. 14v.

(fol. 15r)

Account of John Persy and John Wasse, continued from fol. 12v.

(fols. 15v-16r)

Undated: John Bosy and Athelard Percy, succeeding John Persy and John Wasse

(fols. 16v-17r)

1483: William Benet and William Malen’, succeeding John Bosy and Athelard Persy.

(fols. 18r-v)

1484: William Hylton and Richard Percy, succeeding William Benet.

(fols. 19r-20v)

Undated payments and receipts. Fols. 19v, 20r blank. Fol. 19, 20 are smaller inserted sheets, 265 × 110 mm.

(fols. 21r-23r)

Memoranda, partly dated 1484, 1485, 1486, 1487. Fol. 22v mostly blank, fol. 23r blank except for heading 'Anno domini Millesimo CCCCmo lxxxixo'.

(fols. 23v-24r)

Easter 5-6 Hen. VII [1490-1] (John Pese, John Bosy)

(fols. 24r-v)

Undated (or part of the following account?) (John Pese, Henry Rudde)

(fols. 24v-25v)

Easter 7-8 Hen. VII [1492-3] (John Pese, Henry Rudde); rest of fol. 25v blank.

(fols. 26r-v)

Easter 6-7 Hen. VII [1491-2] (John Percy and John Bossy); probably continuing at fol. 29r

(fol. 27r)

[8-9 Hen. VII], Thomas Gybon and John Pesse, continuing from fol. 30v.

(fols. 27r-28v)

Easter 10-11 Hen. VII [1495-6] (Adlardus Perce, John Parker)

(fol. 29r)

Payments by John Perce; probably continuing from fol. 26v.

(fols. 29v-30v)

Easter 8-9 Hen. VII [1493-4] (Thomas Gybon, John Peese); continues on fol. 27r.

(fols. 31r-33r)

Easter 11-12 Hen. VII [1496-7] (Adlardus Perce, John Parker); fols. 31v, 32r blank, 33r part blank; fol. 33v blank.

(fol. 34r)

Memoranda partly dated 1481.

(fols. 34r-35v)

Easter 11-12 Hen. VII [sic] (Adlardus Perce, John Parker). Fol. 35v blank.

(fols. 36r-37r)

Easter 12-13 Hen. VII [1497-8] (John Peese, Nicholas Hubbert)

(fols. 37v-40v)

Easter 13-14 Hen. VII [1498-9] (John Peese, Nicholas Hubberde)

(fols. 41r-42v)

Easter 14-15 Hen. VII [1499-1500] (John Peese, William Gybon)

(fols. 43r-43v)

Easter 15-16 Hen. VII [1500-1501] (John Pese, William Gybon). Fols. 44r-45v blank.

(fol. 46r-v)

Undated brief memoranda and accounts.

(fols. 47r-48v)


(fols. 49r-51r)

Undated. Fol. 51v blank.

(fols. 52r)

Undated payments made by John Perse. Fol. 52v blank.

(fols. 53r-55v)

Easter 16-17 Hen. VII [1501-2] (Christopher Crosley, John Pees)

(fols. 56r-v)


(fols. 57r-58v)

Easter 22-23 Hen. VII (1507-8) (Thomas Mille, Thomas Roger)

(fols. 59r-60v)

Easter 23-24 Hen. VII (1508-9) (Roger Hylton, Roger Bussy)

(fols. 61r-63v)

Undated but following the preceding account (Roger Hilton and Richard Wyghtynggam succeeding Roger Hilton and Roger Boze). Fol. 64r blank.

(fol. 64v)

Undated memoranda.

(fols. 65r-68r)

1-2 Hen. VIII (1510-11) (Thomas Brandon, Richard Qwyttynggam) and associated memoranda.

(fols. 68v-71v)

2-3 Hen. VIII (1511-12) (Thomas Brandon, Richard Qwyttnggam) and associated memoranda

(fols. 72r-73v)

3-4 Hen. VIII (1511-12) (Richard Qwyttynggam and Richard Pottes)

(fols. 74r-75v)

Undated (William Benyt and Alan Wace)

(fols. 76r-77v)

Undated (Thomas Hylton, Edmund Pasmer, succeeding Richard Qwytyngam) and associated memoranda. Fol. 78r blank except for a few undated memoranda.

(fols. 78v-80v)

Undated, but following from the previous account.

(fols. 81r-82v)

Undated, but following from the previous account.

(fols. 83r-86r)

Undated, probably following from the previous account.

(fols. 86r-89v)


(fols. 89v-91v)

1518 (Henry Lawcland, Roger Busse)

(fol. 92r-v)

Undated receipts

(fols. 93r-96v)

1519 (Henry Lawkland, Roger Busse). Fol. 95 is a small sheet (155 × 112 mm.) sewn to the bottom of fol. 96.

(fols. 97r-100v)

1520-1, 12 Hen. VIII (Henry Lawkland, Roger Bosse), with associated memoranda partly dated 1522.

(fols. 101r-105r)

13 Hen. VIII, 1521 (Henr Lawkland, Roger Bowsse)

(fols. 105v-107v)

Good Friday 13-14 Hen. VIII [1522-3] (John Wryght, William Brandon); continued on fol. 109v (?)

(fol. 108r-v)

Good Friday 14-15 Hen. VIII [1523-4] (John Wryght, William Brandon). Fol. 109r blank. Continues fol. 110r (?).

(fol. 109v)

Continues from fol. 107v (?): expenses, 14 Hen. VIII

(fol. 110r-v)

Continues from fol. 108v (?): expenses, 14-15 Hen. VIII.

(fol. 111r-v)

Undated: receipts of the bellman.

(fols. 112r-114v)

Good Friday 15-16 Hen. VIII [1524-5] (John Wryght, William Brandon). Fol. 115r blank.

(fols. 115v-118v)

Good Friday 16-17 Hen. VIII [1525-6] (Roger Busse, Edmund Marchall). Fol. 119r blank.

(fol. 119v)

Memoranda dated 1525.

(fol. 120r-v)

Undated: receipts of the bellman.

(fol. 121r-122r)

Memoranda partly dated 1523, 1524, 1525.

(fols. 122v-123v)

Good Friday 17-18 Hen. VIII [1526-7] (Roger Boosse, Edmund Marchall)

(fols. 124r-125v)

19 Hen. VIII (Richard Wyttyngeham, William Brandon)

(fols. 126r-127r)

Good Friday 20-21 Hen. VIII [1529-30] (Richard Qwyttyngham, William Brandon)

(fols. 127v-129r)

Good Friday 21-22 Hen. VIII [1530-1] (John Eschedayll, William Feld)

(fols. 129v-131v)

Good Friday 22-23 Hen. VIII [1531-2] (Sir JohN Eschedayll, William Felde)

(fols. 132r-133v)

Good Friday 23-24 Hen. VIII [1532-3] (Thomas Hulton, William Brandon)

(fols. 134r-135v)

Good Friday 24-25 Hen. VIII [1533-4] (Thomas Hulton, William Brandon)

(fols. 136r-137v)

Good Friday 25-26 Hen. VIII [1534-5] (William Gebon, Robert Wase)

(fols. 138r-140r)

Good Friday 26-27 Hen. VIII [1535-6] (William Gebon, William Booge)

(fols. 140v-141v)

Good Friday 27-28 Hen. VIII [1536-7] (William Gebon, William Booge)

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper folded in folio. Watermarks:
  • (fols. 2, 4, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 21, 23, 26, 28, 30, 31, 33, 34, 42, 44) millwheel with cross above and figure within, unidentified.
  • (fols. 36, 38, 40, 53, 55) gothic letter p with Greek (?) cross
  • (fols. 48, 63) hand/glove with 6-pointed star/flower
  • (fol. 50) hand/glove with 5-pointed star/flower
  • (fol. 52) hand/glove with 5-pointed star/flower and letter T
  • (fol. 58, 60, 64, 65, 70, 71, 72, 73) hand/glove with 5-pointed star
  • (fols. 79, 80, 83) three lilies in shield with crown and letter below
  • (fol. 84) hand/glove with six-pointed star/flower
  • (fol. 85, 88, 90, 91, 94, 97, 98) hand/glove with five-pointed star/flower and noose
  • (fol. 123) bull's head with cross (indistinct)
  • (fol. 135) hand/glove with five-pointed star/flower
  • (fol. 137) hand/glove with crown
  • (fol. 138) hand/glove with five-pointed star/flower
  • (fol. 141) hand/glove with five-pointed star/flower
Extent: ii (modern paper) + 1 (medieval parchment endleaf or wrapper, fol. 1) + 140 + ii (modern paper). Leaf dimensions vary between different sections of the manuscript:
Dimensions (leaf): 310 × 240 mm.
Dimensions (leaf): 290 × 195 mm.
Foliation: i-ii, 1-143


The structure of the volume has not been fully determined due to the tightness of the binding and post-medieval repair and reorganization of the leaves.


Fols. 2r-9r frame-ruled for a ruled space of approximtely 210 × 130 mm.

Elsewhere unruled; in one column, with variable written space and lines per page.


Written in several hands of varying formality mostly using mixed secretary and anglicana forms.


Largely undecorated, but with an elaborate strapwork initial on fol. 129v incorporating profiles of heads, and a less elaborate strapwork initial on fol. 131r.


Nineteenth century.


Origin: c. 1480-1537 ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

‘John Southwe(?)’, fol. 1r, 16th century

Richard Rawlinson, 1690–1755. Source of acquisition unknown. Eleven leaves were formerly in MS. Rawl. D. 1481 and were transferred to the present manuscript in July 1897.

Bequeathed to the Bodleian in 1755. Former Bodleian shelfmark MS. Rawl. Misc. 981.

Record Sources

Description by Matthew Holford, October 2021. Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (W. D. Macray, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ...viri munificentissimi Ricardi Rawlinson, J.C.D., codicum...complectens, Quarto Catalogues V, 5 fascicles, 1862–1900).

Digital Images

Digital Bodleian (full digital facsimile)

Last Substantive Revision

2021-10: Description revised for digitization.