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MS. Rawl. G. 163

Summary Catalogue no.: 14887

Psalterium, glossed (Bruno of Würzburg); Tegernsee, s. xi2


Language(s): Latin

This description is abbreviated from Daniela Mairhofer, Medieval Manuscripts from Würzburg in the Bodleian Library, Oxford: A Descriptive Catalogue (Oxford, 2014), pp. 715–22. For purposes of scholarly citation, reference to the printed catalogue is requested.

1. (fol. 1ra–vb)
Prefatory prologues

Stegmüller, Bibl. 407, and, following, 406.

2. (fols. 2ra-257vb)

Gallican Psalter and Canticles, with the commentary attributed to Bruno of Würzburg

2.1. (fol. 2ra–vb)
2.2. (fols. 2vb–3vb)
Prologue to the Psalter
2.3. (fols. 3vb–4rb)
Jerome, Prologue to the Psalter

Stegmüller, Bibl. 430, 1833(2)

2.4. (fol. 4rb–vb)
Dicta s. Augustini de virtutibus psalmorum

Stegmüller, 1833(8)

2.5. (fol. 4vb)
Tres orationes antequam psalmi incipiantur

The three prayers preceding the Psalter are missing, only the rubric is preserved at the foot of fol. 4vb. (See MS. Laud Lat. 96, fols. 5vb-6rb)

2.6. (fols. 5r–213vb)

Gallican psalter with gloss (Bruno of Würzburg)

Bruno of Würzburg (attrib.), Gloss on the Psalter
2.7. (fols. 214ra–227rb)

Canticles with gloss (Bruno of Würzburg)

Bruno of Würzburg (attrib.), Gloss on the Canticles
2.8. (fols. 227ra–231vb)

Pater Noster, Apostles' Creed, Te Deum, and Athanasian Creed, with gloss of Bruno of Würzburg

Bruno of Würzburg (attrib.), Gloss on Pater Noster, Apostles' Creed, Te Deum, and Athanasian Creed
2.9. (fols. 234ra–248vb)
Litany of the saints, and prayers
2.10. (fols. 249ra–255rb)
2.11. (fols. 255ra–257vb)
Psalterium abbreviatum, attributed to Jerome

Fols. 258r–259v blank.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: ii (paper) + 257 + ii (paper) leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 300–09 × 234–38 mm.
Foliation: i–ii, 1–261


Ruling in hard point, two shifting columns, (fols. 5r ff.) for the text and gloss on a single full- and half-space grid: (fols. 1r–4v) 23, (fols. 5r–257v) 23 lines for the main text, usually 45 lines for the gloss; (fols. 5r ff.) double spacing for the text, single for the gloss. Ruled space c. 216–25 × 176–79 mm.


Calligraphic protogothic, Tegernsee, 11th century, second half: main text, gloss and canticles by several hands.


Fine borders, initials. (Pächt and Alexander i. 33, pl. IV): Tegernsee, 11th century, second half: full-page strapwork initials on fols. 5r, 73v, 140v.

Red rubrics, tituli, colophons and other highlights.


Brown leather over board for Thomas Rawlinson (1681–1725).


Origin: 11th century, second half ; Germany, Tegernsee, Benedictine monastery

Provenance and Acquisition

Würzburg, Benedictine abbey of St Stephen, before the end of the 12th century: suggested by later additions (see, Meierhofer 2014).

A 17th-century (?) shelfmark, fol. 1r.

Thomas Rawlinson (1681–1725): binding

Richard Rawlinson (1690–1755): bought for £1. 3s. at Thomas Rawlinson’s sale in 1734, second day’s sale, no. 154 in Ballard (1734).

Given to the Bodleian Library by Rawlinson; accessioned in 1756.

Record Sources

See above. Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (H. O. Coxe, Laudian Manuscripts, Quarto Catalogues II, repr. with corrections, 1969, from the original ed. of 1858–1885).


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