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MS. Rawl. liturg. d. 1

Summary Catalogue no.: 15827


Book of Hours, Use of Sarum (some leaves missing)
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Fine borders, historiated and other initials. (P&A iii. 869, pl. LXXXIII)

Historiated initials and full borders (fols. 11v, 23r, 26r, 29v, 32v, 40r, 59r and 83r), made of gold, pink and blue bars, decorated with foliage, flowers and gold disks:

fol. 11v

  • Type initial D
  • Subject Agony in the garden (Christ kneeling in prayer before chalice and host; three apostles asleep).

fol. 23r

  • Type initial D
  • Subject Betrayal of Christ.

fol. 26r

  • Type initial D
  • Subject Christ before Pilate (oxidization damage).

fol. 29v

  • Type initial D
  • Subject Descent from the Cross.

fol. 32v

  • Type initial C
  • Subject Entombment.

fol. 40r

  • Type initial D
  • Subject Christ in Judgement (oxidization damage).

fol. 59r

  • Type initial D
  • Subject Vigil of the Dead.

fol. 62v

  • Type initial D
  • Subject Face.

fol. 83r

  • Type initial B
  • Subject Commendation of souls.

fol. 99v

  • Type initial S
  • Subject Veronica's veil with Christ's head.

fol. 100v

  • Type initial G
  • Subject St Anne teaching the Virgin Mary to read.

fol. 101r

  • Type initial G
  • Subject Virgin and Child.

fol. 102r

  • Type initial G
  • Subject St. Christopher with Child and staff.

fol. 102v

  • Type initial G
  • Subject St. Michael.

fol. 103r

  • Type initial G
  • Subject St. George.

fol. 103v

  • Type initial G
  • Subject St. John the Baptist.

fol. 104v

  • Type initial G
  • Subject St. Thomas of Canterbury.

fol. 105r

  • Type initial G
  • Subject St. Catherine.

fol. 105v

  • Type initial G
  • Subject St. Margaret.

fol. 106r

  • Type initial G
  • Subject St. Mary Magdalene.

fol. 107r

  • Type initial O
  • Subject The Virgin Mary.

fol. 108v

  • Type initial O
  • Subject Crucifixion.

fol. 109r

  • Type initial A
  • Subject Christ in crown of thorns.
  • Type initial S
  • Subject Right hand with wound.

fol. 109v

  • Type initial A
  • Subject Left hand with wound.
  • Type initial O
  • Subject Christ in crown of thorns with wound in side.

fol. 110r

  • Type initial S
  • Subject Right foot with wound.
  • Type initial S
  • Subject Left foot with wound.

fol. 110v

  • Type initial O
  • Subject Virgin and Child.
  • Type initial O
  • Subject St. John the Evangelist, holding chalice with dragon.

fol. 111v

  • Type initial D
  • Subject Christ with crown of thorns, holding a scroll.

Gold KL monograms on blue and pink background in the calendar, decorated with sprays of foliage, flowers and gold disks.

Gold 3-line initials, decorated with foliage and flowers, with sprays of foliage, flowers and gold disks extending into margins.

1-line gold and blue initials, decorated with contrasting purple and red penwork.

Gold and blue line-endings.


Origin: c. 1420 ; English, London (?)

Provenance and Acquisition

Richard Rawlinson, 1690–1755

Bequeathed to the Bodleian in 1755

Record Sources

Summary description abbreviated from the Summary Catalogue (1895). Decoration, localization and date follow Pächt and Alexander (1973). Additional description of decoration by Elizabeth Solopova, c. 2000.

Digital Images

Digital Bodleian (30 images from 35mm slides)

Last Substantive Revision

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