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MS. Top. gen. c. 62

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)


Cartulary of Sir John de Norwich (d. 1362), relating to properties in Norfolk and Suffolk.
Language(s): Latin with Norman French and English
(fols. iv verso - x verso)

Notes on the manuscript by Craven Ord.

(fol. xii recto)

An incomplete index of places, by Thomas Martin; on a slip at the beginning in his hand is 'Mr. Blomfield in libro collationum mark'd O has extracted this chartulary ... from pag.137 to 136 etc.'.

(fols. 1v-3r)

See under fol. 109r.

(fol. 4r)

A note on the history of the family of Sir John de Norwich (d. 1362), illustrated by four deeds.

(fol. 6v)

Deeds, arranged by county and manor, mostly of his father Walter de Norwich (d. 1328), with many later additions; the latest deeds in the original hand are dated 26 Edw. III (i.e. 1352/3) (fol. 49r). The deeds relate to the following places in Norfolk:

(fol. 6r)

Stoke Holy Cross

(fol. 19r)


(fol. 23r)

Thorpe Market

(fol. 26r)


(fol. 29r)

Wrotham (Wretham)

(fol. 30r)

Great Massingham

(fol. 32r)

Kirby [Cane]

(fol. 33r)


(fol. 35r)


(fol. 36r)


(fol. 38v)


(fol. 39r)


And to the following places in Suffolk:

(fols. 37r, 39r, 51v)

Redisham (Redsham)

(fol. 40r)


(fol. 43r)

Mettingham and Ilketshall

(fols. 52r, 57r, 61r)

Mellis (Mells) and Wenhaston

(fol. 55v)

'Runhagh' and Cookley

(fol. 58r)


(fol. 60v)

Thorndon (Thornton)

(fol. 61v)

Dalham and Bradfield

(fol. 74v)


(fol. 79r)
Rubric: Fines facte in banco domini regis apud Westm. diversarum terrarum et tenementorum domini Walteri de Norwyco

with one addition (fol. 84r) relating to Sir John, dated 1353

(fol. 86r)
Rubric: Feoda militum
(fol. 90r)

Extents of the manors of Mellis (Mells), Bramfield (Bromfield) (fol. 93r), Lyng 'facta tempore dni. Walteri de Langeton per Willelmum de Bayfeld et socios suos' (fol. 95v), and Stoke Holy Cross (fol. 98r).

(fol. 99v)

Rentals of Stoke Holy Cross, Cookley, and 'Rughagh' (fol. 102r), Ilketshall and Mendham (fol. 102v), and Howe (fol. 103r); the rental of Thorndon (Thornton) is on fol. 90v.

At the end, in five different hands, are:

(fol. 104r)

A free man's oath of homage in French and English.

(fol. 104v)

Three deeds relating to Shipmeadow and Lyng, the last dated 1311.

(fol. 105r)

Deeds relating to Ilketshall, dated 1356.

(fol. 106r)

Five deeds relating to Ilketshall, one dated 1316.

(fol. 108v)

Tenements of the abbot of St. Benet, Holm in Ilketshall.

(fol. 109r)

Valuation of the manor of Ilketshall. This hand filled up fols. 1v-3r with an extent of the same manor.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: xviii + 126 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 360 × 245 mm.
Dimensions (written): 270–80 × 170–80 mm.


I4, II12, III10–1 (3rd leaf cancelled), IV8–1 (3rd leaf cancelled), V10, VI2–1(1st leaf cancelled). VII-VIII12, IX12–1 (10th leaf cancelled), X-XI12, XII6.


41–3 lines per page


19th-century binding.


Origin: 14th century, c. 1353 (fols. 6–49), with later additions ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

Thomas Martin of Palgrave, his sale, Lynne, 1772, lot 262 folio

John Ives, his sale, Baker & Leigh, 5 March 1777, lot 474

Bought by Gustavus Brander his sale, Sotheby's 13 Feb. 1790, lot 1158

Bought by Craven Ord, his sale 27 June 1829, lot 559

Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792–1872), MS. 3796

Sotheby's 11 Nov. 1946, lot 130

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Typescript description by Bodleian Library staff, revised by Peter Kidd, late 1990s.

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