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MS. Barocci 103

Summary Catalogue no.: 103

Grammatical Texts Late 14th cent.


1. (fols. 15r–83v)
Manuel Moschopoulos
Language(s): Greek
1a. (fols. 15r–78v)
vocum Atticarum sylloge,

pr. by the Aldine press, Venice 1524.

Language(s): Greek
1b. (fols. 78v–83v)
(without the author’s name) de constructione nominum,

pr. by the Aldine press, Venice 1525 (as appendix to Theodore Gaza’s grammar), fols. 217r–225v, breaking off at fol. 225v line 1 οἷον ἀφιᾶϲιν.

Language(s): Greek
2. (fols. 84r–123r)
⟨Georgios⟩ Lacapenus, grammatica secundum alphabetum,

= epimerismoi, pr. S. Lindstam, Georgii Lacapeni et Andronici Zaridae epistulae xxxiii cum epimerismis Lacapeni, Götenburg 1924, pp. 3–200 (refers to this MS. p. ix, symbol d).

Language(s): Greek
3. (fol. 123r)
⟨Nicephorus⟩ Gregoras, grammatical note
Incipit: ἰϲτέον ὅτι πλείϲταϲ λέξειϲ

pr. J. Iriarte, Regiae bibliothecae codices graeci MSS., Madrid 1769, p. 381, from MS. Madrid N 95.

Language(s): Greek
4. (fols. 123r–124r)
Grammatical notes
Incipit: Ἠλύϲιον πέδιον παρ’ Ἕλληϲιν
Explicit: προϲελθεῖν οὐκ ἐῶϲα
Language(s): Greek
5. (fols. 124r–127v)
⟨Theodosius Alexandrinus⟩, excerpta de dialectis,

pr. R. Schneider, Excerptum περὶ διαλέκτων, Leipzig 1894, using this MS., symbol B.

Language(s): Greek
6. (fols. 127v–133v)
Grammatical note ⟨on transitive and intransitive verbs⟩
Incipit: τὰ μὲν τῶν ῥημάτων οὐδαμῆ μεταβαίνουϲαν εἰϲ ἕτερον πρόϲωπον

breaks off incomplete ἀποφλαυρίζω τὸ ἐξευτελίζω ἅπτω καὶ ἀνα[.

Language(s): Greek

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper, watermarked (among other designs cf. Mošin–Trajlić no. 377 (AD 1385–95) and nos. 5171–2 (AD 1350–70)).
Extent: 138 leaves.
Dimensions (leaf): 210 × 135 mm.
Dimensions (ruled): 150 × 95 mm.
Foliation: Foliated (1–4), (5–16), 17–133, (134–8).


Collation of fols. 15–133: (fol. 15) i 8 (1, 2 substitute leaves), (fol. 23) ii–xiv 8, (fol. 127) xv 8 (8 missing). Traces of original quire signatures on lower right corner of first recto.


Ruling: 29 lines, ruling type Leroy 00C1.


One scribe.


Rubrication: titles and initials in vermilion.

Additions: fols. 5–16 were added in the late 15th or early 16th cent: paper, unwatermarked with a design not clearly identifiable: contains (fols. 6r–11v) ἀποφθέγματα διαφόρων ποιητῶν, πρεϲβύτατον τῶν ὄντων θεόϲ, ἔτι ἄνδρεϲ ἦϲαν οἱ ταῦτα νομοθετήϲαντεϲ οὐ γυναῖκεϲ. Fols. 5, 12, 14 blank.


Italian Renaissance binding, no. 2755 in T. de Marinis, La Legatura artistica in Italia nei secoli xv e xvi, Florence 1960.


Origin: 14th century, late

Record Sources

Description by Nigel Wilson, c. 1970. Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (H. O. Coxe, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae pars prima recensionem codicum Graecorum continens, Quarto Catalogues I, 1883, repr. with corrections 1969).

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