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MS. Barocci 11

Summary Catalogue no.: 11

Ascetica 13th cent.

Physical Description

Composite: fols. 7-10 || fols. 11-202

MS. Barocci 11 - Part 1 (fols. 7-10)


Language(s): Greek

2. (fol. 8r-v)

Index to Part 2, item 1

3. (fols. 9r-10v)
Dorotheus of Gaza , Epistula ad fratrem (opening of part 2, item 1, as far as 1613 D 2 καὶ ὄρεϲιν)

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Western paper, watermark not identifiable


Origin: 15th century, middle

MS. Barocci 11 - Part 2 (fols. 11-202)


Language(s): Greek

1. (fols. 11r–15r)
Dorotheus of Gaza , Epistula ad fratrem,

pr. PG 88.1613–18

2. (fols. 15r–24v)
(following the preceding item without interval or heading) Life of S. Dositheus,

pr. P.M. Brun, Orientalia Christiana Analecta 26. 1932. 102–22 = BHG 3 2117, but beg. πρότερον δὲ ἐν ϲυντόμῳ ἐρῶ κτλ.

3. (fols. 25r–165v)
Dorotheus Abbas, Didascaliae,

1–11, 12–14, 19, 16, 17, pr. PG 88. 1617–1748, 1761–88, 1808–12, 1793–1804.

4. (fols. 166r–189v)
John Cassian , Epitome Conlationum Ad Leontium (πρὸϲ Λεόντιον περὶ τῶν κατὰ τὴν ϲκήτην Πατέρων),

pr. K.I. Dyobouniotes, Ἐκκληϲιαϲτικὸϲ Φάροϲ xi (1913), pp. 57–65, 161–8.

5. (fols. 189v–202v)
Patristic extracts
Rubric: Διηγήματα καὶ παραινέϲειϲ ψυχωφελεῖϲ ἐκ τῶν ἁγίων πατέρων
Incipit: εἶπεν ὁ ἅγιοϲ Ἰωάννηϲ ὁ Χρυϲόϲτομοϲ

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Oriental paper (except 1–10, 203–4).
Extent: 204 leaves.
Dimensions (leaf): 155 × 110 mm.
Dimensions (ruled): 130 × 80 mm.
Foliation: Foliated (1–6), (7–10), 11–202, (203–4).


(fol. 11) i–xxiv 8; incomplete. Quires numbered on centre of lower margin, first recto and last verso; foliation apparently by the original hand.


Ruling: 20–1 lines. Ruling type Leroy 00D1.


One scribe: apparently a variant of the same hand on fol. 113rv. Marginalia, 15th cent.


Rubrication: titles and initials in vermilion; headpiece of simple penwork ornament, vermilion and yellow, on fol. 11r.

Ornamental strips and decorated initials. (Hutter iii. 108, Abb. 421-2)


Binding blind-stamped brown leather, 17th–18th cent.


Origin: 13th century, last third

Additional Information

Record Sources

Description by Nigel Wilson, c. 1970, information regarding date and decoration revised with reference to Hutter. Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (H. O. Coxe, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae pars prima recensionem codicum Graecorum continens, Quarto Catalogues I, 1883, repr. with corrections 1969).