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MS. Barocci 136

Summary Catalogue no.: 136



1. (fols. 1r–9v)
prolegomena to Aristides

pr. F.W. Lenz, Leiden 1959.

Language(s): Greek
1a. (fols. 1r–2v)
treatise ‘B’

pr. Lenz, pp. 112–19.

Language(s): Greek
1b. (fols. 2v–3r)
treatise ‘Pan’

pr. ibid., pp. 121–5.

Language(s): Greek
1c. (fols. 3r–4v)
hypothesis ‘H1

pr. ibid., pp. 157–66.

Language(s): Greek
1d. (fols. 4v–9r)
treatise ‘Te’ §§ 1–47

pr. ibid., pp. 127–49.

Language(s): Greek
1e. (fol. 9rv)
treatise ‘Ca’

pr. ibid., pp. 153–5.

Language(s): Greek
1f. (fol. 9v)

pr. G. Dindorf, Aristidis orationes, Leipzig 1829, vol. iii, pp. 1–2 l. 10.

Language(s): Greek
2. (fols. 10r–16v)
⟨Lucianus⟩, mortuorum dialogi,

1, 22, 4, 10, 20, 18, 13, 14, 21, 17, 3, 16, 25, 28, 2.

Language(s): Greek
3. (fols. 17r–243v)
Aristides, orationes
Language(s): Greek
3a. (fols. 17r–53r)
panathenaicus, or. 13

Dindorf, op. cit., pr. vol. i, pp. 150–320.

Language(s): Greek
3b. (fols. 53r–92r)
contra Platonem pro rhetorica, or. 45 D,

vol. ii, pp. 1–155

Language(s): Greek
3c. (fols. 92r–166r)
pro quattuor viris, or. 46 D,

ibid., pp. 156–414. Fol. 92rv is occupied by hypothesis beg. Πλάτων ὁ Ἀρίϲτωνοϲ ἐπιϲημότατοϲ ἐν φιλοϲοφίᾳ, ends ἀφαιρεῖϲθαι βλαβὴν ταῖϲ λύϲεϲιν.

Language(s): Greek
3d. (fols. 166r–172r)
ad Capitonem, or. 47 D,

ibid., pp. 415–36

Language(s): Greek
3e. (fols. 172r–176v)
panegyricus ad Cyzicenos, or. 27

Keil, Aristidis opera quae supersunt, vol. ii, Berlin 1898, pp. 125–38.

Language(s): Greek
3f. (fols. 176v–188r)
encomium Romae, or. 26 K,

ibid., pp. 91–124

Language(s): Greek
3g. (fols. 188r–189v)
in Aesculapium, or. 42 K,

ibid., pp. 334–9

Language(s): Greek
3h. (fols. 189v–192v)
in Iovem, or. 43 K,

ibid., pp. 339–47

Language(s): Greek
3i. (fols. 192v–201r)
‡Rhodiacus, or. 25 K,

ibid., pp. 72–91

Language(s): Greek
3j. (fols. 201r–204r)
in Minervam, or. 37 K,

ibid., pp. 304–12

Language(s): Greek
3k. (fols. 204r–207v)
in Alexandrum, or. 32 K,

ibid., pp. 217–27.

Language(s): Greek
3l. (fols. 208r–209v)
in Aegeum pelagus, or. 44 K,

ibid., pp. 347–52

Language(s): Greek
3m. (fols. 209v–213r)
in Serapidem, or. 45 K,

ibid., pp. 352–62

Language(s): Greek
3n. (fols. 213r–217v)
Isthmius in Neptunum, or. 46 K,

pp. 362–75

Language(s): Greek
3o. (fols. 217v–219v)
in Eteoneum epicedium, or. 31 K,

ibid., pp. 212–17

Language(s): Greek
3p. (fols. 219v–223r)
Apellae genethliacus, including the προθεωρία, or. 30 K,

ibid., pp. 201–11

Language(s): Greek
3q. (fols. 223r–226v)
contra incusantes quod non declamaret, or. 33 K,

ibid., pp. 227–36

Language(s): Greek
3r. (fols. 226v–227v)
monodia in Smyrnam, or. 18 K,

ibid., pp. 8–11

Language(s): Greek
3s. (fols. 227v–229r)
epistola ad imperatores de Smyrna, or. 19 K,

ibid., pp. 12–16

Language(s): Greek
3t. (fols. 229v–231v)
palinodia de Smyrna, or. 20 K,

pp. 16–23

Language(s): Greek
3u. (fols. 232r–233v)
prosphonematicus, or. 21 K,

ibid., pp. 23–7

Language(s): Greek
3v. (fols. 233v–235r)
Eleusinius, or. 22 K,

ibid., pp. 28–31

Language(s): Greek
3w. (fols. 235r–237v)
Smyrnae encomium, or. 17 K,

ibid., pp. 1–8

Language(s): Greek
3x. (fols. 237v–243v)
contra genii sui desultores, or. 34 K,

ibid., pp. 237–52

Language(s): Greek
4. (fols. 244r–246r)
Language(s): Greek
4a. (fols. 244r–246r)
iudicium dearum
Language(s): Greek
4b. (fol. 246r)
Doris et Galatea
Language(s): Greek

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Paper, watermarked with various designs including (a) similar to Mošin–Trajlić no. 3741 = AD 1322, (b) similar to Mošin–Trajlić no. 6106 = AD 1344.
Extent: iii + 247 leaves.
Dimensions (leaf): 235 × 150 mm.
Dimensions (ruled): 170 × 100 mm.
Foliation: Foliated (i–ii), (iii), 1–30, 31ab, 32–126, 127ab, 128–99, 201–46, (247).


(fol. 1) i–xxx 8, (fol. 240) xxxi 6. Quires numbered on bottom right corner of first recto (γʹ on fol. 32, δʹ on fol. 40 show that the book originally began with fol. 17).


Ruling: 34 lines. Ruling scarcely visible.


Two scholarly hands, A: fols. 1r–9v, 17r–243v, B: fols. 10r–16v, 244r–246r. A is very variable in appearance, cf. fols. 60r, 104r–105r.


Rubrication: titles and initials in carmine.

Additions: Fol. iii recto, verso and fol. 246v mainly occupied by pentrials. Fol. iii recto also has part of a literary text, mentioning a certain Aristaenetus and Theophilus – perhaps from a letter by ⟨Libanius⟩ . On fol. 16v θεοδώρου τοῦ Ϲοφιανοῦ. On fol. iii verso an antistoechia by Maximus Planudes, beg. ἐπειρώμην, pr. M. Treu, BZ v (1896), p. 338.—Some marginalia, partly contemporary with the two scribes, partly of Renaissance date.


Binding modern.


Origin: 14th century, first half

Record Sources

Description by Nigel Wilson, c. 1970. Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (H. O. Coxe, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae pars prima recensionem codicum Graecorum continens, Quarto Catalogues I, 1883, repr. with corrections 1969).


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