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MS. Tanner 106

Summary Catalogue no.: 9932

Guardbook of charters, letters and other documents, 1463-1557


Summary of Contents: Includes papers of the lawyer Edward White, of Filby, d. 1528 (F. Blomefield, An Essay Towards A Topographical History of the County of Norfolk 5 (1806), p. 505); a few Paston family papers; some documents from religious houses mostly in Norfolk and Suffolk; and documents from Christ Church Oxford.

Language(s): Latin and English

1. (fol. 1)

Receipt and quitclaim from Henry Wyat, knight, to Edmund Whyte, esquire, for £20 for the purchase (pro perquisitione) of the manor of Parva Thorpe (Little Thorp) Norfolk; Apr. 30, 1529.

2. (fol. 2)

Grant by Anne countess of Oxford to Edward Whyte, esquire, of an annuity of 26s. 8d. for the term of her life. Nov. 8, 1526.

3. (fol. 3)

Grant by Thomas Feyns, lord Dacre (Dakrys) to Edward Whyte, esquire, of a lifetime annuity of a buck and doe ('a doo') from the manor of Horsford (Horseford), Norfolk; Jun. 3, 1513.

4. (fol. 5)

Grant by Edmund Stretham, prior of the Crossed Friars by the Tower of London, to James Love of Sudbury, Suffolk, yeoman, of a piece of land called 'Punteslond' in Great Waldingfield (Waldyngfeld Magna); Mar. 16, 1533.

5. (fol. 6)

Grant by Philip Calthrope, knight, Thomas Blenerhaysett, knight, John Blenerhaysett, Edward White and Richard Loyde, esquires, to Miles Hobert, esquire, of the manors of Witton [near Blofield] (Wytton), Litte Plumstead (Parva Plumsted) and Brundall (Brundale) [Norfolk] as the jointure of Ellen Hobert wife of Miles. [5] Henry VIII.

6. (fol. 7)

Receipt for the rent of a close, given under the hand of Robert ⟨Walkingtone⟩, abbot of Langley, in Norfolk; Feb. 6th 1532. (English)

7. (fol. 8)

Receipt given to Thomas Lucas under the hand of John ⟨Melford, alias Reeve⟩, abbot of Bury St. Edmund’s, for payment of an annuity due to him in right of his church; Dec. 1st 1532. (English)

8. (fol. 9)

Receipt given under the hand of William Waller of Ipswich, for money paid by John Southwell for the purchase of certain lands in Coddenham [Suffolk]; Oct. 4th 1534. (English)

9. ( fol. 10)

Grant by Thomas Thomas Howard, earl of Surrey, to Edward Whyte, for life, of an annuity of 4m. from the manor Winfarthing (Wynferthyng), Norfolk, and of the office of steward of the manor of Framingham Earl (Framyngham comitis); Mar. 10, 1520.

10. (fol. 11)

Grant by Christopher Willoughbe, knight, to Edward Whyte, of a lifetime annuity of £3 6s. 8d. from the manor of Parham, Suffolk. Feb. 22, 1527/8.

11. (fol. 12)

Grant by Walter Hobart and Anne his wife, to Thomas Wentworth, lord Wentworth, and others, of the manor of Flixton (Flyxton), Suffolk; Jan. 10, 1537.

12. (fol. 13)

Grant of confirmation by Thomas Howard, earl of Surrey, and Edmund Jenney, to James Hobart and others, of lands in Norfolk called 'Chapeleyns', 'Coks', and 'Griggis'; Feb. 4, 1510..

13. (fols. 14, 15)

Autographs of the privy council appointed by Henry VIII to exercise the authority of the crown during the minority of Edward VI. (English)

14. (fol. 14v)

Order from Dr. William Tresham, subdean of Christ Church, Oxford, for the payment of five marks to one T. Byllingsley for two standard candlesticks, &c. ; Dec. 23d 1553. (English)

15. (fol. 15v)

Dr. William Tresham to sir Colman, parish priest of Dorton, Buckinghamshire; sends one John Drasier to make up the high altar; June 10th 1554. (English)

16. (fol. 16)

Dr. William Cooke, dean of the Arches’ in the reign of Edward VI, to the vicar of Harrow-on-the-Hill, for the payment of arrears of procurations. (English)

17. (fol. 16v)

Dr. Richard Croke, canon of Christ Church, Oxford, on the old Foundation, to Thomas Palmer. (English)

18. (fol. 18)

Letter of attorney by James Hubert and Robert Sowthewell appointing Robert Fuller and Henry Warner for the manors of Morley Deopham (Depeham), Norfolk; Oct. 28, 1526.

19. (fol. 19)

Quitclaim by George Fastolf to William Paston of the manors of Caister (Caistor), Bedeham, &c. in Norfolk; Feb. 4, 1542.

20. (fol. 20)

Acknowledgments by sir Richard Wyngfeld of money received from sir Edw. Ichingham for suit of assize for the lordships of Topcroft, Wootton, and Denton; ann. 1516, 1517. (English)

21. (fol. 22)

Letter from John Paslevv, abbot of Whalley, to Thomas Grymedyche. (English)

22. (fol. 23)

Acknowledgment by sir John Jernegan of money received from Robert Crane for lands formerly belonging to the prior of Woodbridge; Jan. 14th 1537. (English)

23. (fol. 24)

Letter from John Baker, prior of Lees, to Mr. Jernyngham, confirming the grant of certain lands out of the manor of Gapton Hall, in Bradwell [Suffolk], to “sir William Jakson, prist;” Oct. 11th 1526. (English)

24. (fol. 25)

Receipt of William Lakenham, prior of St Andrew's, Bromholm (Bromeholm), for 40s. from John Jettoner, farmer of a moiety of the tithes of Carlton Colville (Carleton Colvyll), Suffolk; Jan. 30, 1531.

25. (fol. 26)

Letter of Thomas Howard, first earl of Surrey, to Symonde White; “written in the Castell of Shirefhoton [Sheriff Hutton], the xith day of Juyn.” . (English)

26. (fol. 27)

Acquittance by sir John Williams, treasurer of the court of augmentations, for money paid by Thomas Woodhowse, of Waxham, for lands and tenements left for the maintenance of obits, lights, lamps, and anniversaries in sundry churches in Norfolk; July 5th 1548. (English)

27. (fol. 28)

Expenses of James Curthropp, canon of Christ Church, Oxford, to London in Midsummer term. (English)

28. (fol. 28v)

Acquittance by Rob. Ward, [disputant with bishop Ridley,] for money paid him by the treasurer of Christ Church, Oxford, for the “lesson of phylosophy;” July 1st 1557. (English)

29. (fol. 29)

Letter of Dr. William Tresham, subdean of Christ Church, and the canons, to their bailiff and tenants in East Walton, requiring them to pay their rents to Mr. Mildmaye; June 29th 1557. (English)

30. (fol. 29v)

Acquittance by Roger Marbeck, canon of Christ Church, Oxford, for Mr. Goodryck’s fee; May 18th 1557. (English)

31. (fol. 30)

Henry Syddall’s expenses in certain business of the church in Staffordshire and Cheshire, an. 1553. (English)

32. (fol. 30v)

Acquittance by sir Edw. North, chancellor of the court of augmentations, for half a years fee received of the dean and chapter of Christ Church, Oxford; June 22d 1554. (English)

33. (fol. 30v)

Acquittance by Arthur Cole for money received of the dean and chapter of Christ Church, Oxford, for the portion of Chalgrove; Sept. 16th 1553. (English)

34. (fol. 31)

Letter of Alexander Belsyr, canon of Christ Church, Oxford, to Thomas Palmer. (English)

35. (fol. 32)

Letter of Richard Bruerne, canon of Christ Church, Oxford, to the same. (English)

36. (fol. 33)

Letter of John viscount Beaumont to Barthe White; dated “Eppeworth, 21 day of Juyll.” (English)

37. (fols. 33v, 35)

Autographs of Edward VI. and of several eminent men during his reign. (English)

38. (fol. 34)

Memorandum of expenses, made by Richard Wilks, receiver in the family of Dr. Thomas Goodrich, bp. of Ely. (English)

39. (fol. 35v)

Declaration of Ralph Lampet touching the will of sir John Fastolf as to the manor of Caistor, and other manors in Norfolk; March 19th 1463. (English)

40. (fol. 36)

Letter of Henry Ratcliffe, earl of Sussex, to his “aunte my ladie Hubberd;” Attleborough, July 19th 1551. (English)

41. (fol. 36v)

Acquittance by Dr. Thomas White for the procurations of East Garston; Nov. 11th 1551. (English)

42. (fol. 36v)

Acquittance by John Birde, bishop of Chester, for half a year’s pension for Kirkham; Oct. 22d 1551. (English)

43. (fol. 37)

Charter of sale by John Clere, knight, to William Paston, esquire, of part of the manor of Hornynghall and Cleres [in Caister]; Jan. 10th 1556.

44. (fol. 38)

Letter of William Potkyn to William Hare, touching the letting of part of the manor of Antyngham. (English)

45. (fol. 39)

Letter of Dr. Richard Nykke, bishop of Norwich, to the same; some things concerning the rectory of Newton Flotman; ruinous state of the parsonage of Hingham. (English)

46. (fol. 39v)

Letter of John Algood to “Mastyr Appylton,” denying the claim of the prior of Colne to rent for certain lands. (English)

47. (fol. 40)

Acquittance by Seth Hollande to the dean and chapter of Christ Church, Oxford, for two years’ pension due to the bishop of Worcester, out of the parsonages of Twining, Thornbury, Tedbury and Little Compton; May 29th 1557. (English)

48. (fol. 41)

Letter of Sir William Penyngton and Thomas Godsalve to William Potkyn, touching the settlement of certain matters in dispute between his tenants and the vicar of Honing [Norfolk]. (English)

49. (fol. 42)

Acquittance by Richard Thornden, bishop of Dover, vice-collector to cardinal Pole, for money received of sir Hugh Turnbull, treasurer and prebendary of Christ Church, Canterbury, for first-fruits and tenths; Dec. 1st 1557. (English)

50. (fol. 42v)

Acquittance by Dr. Nicholas Harpisfeld for money received of Alexander Belsyr, canon of Christ Church, Oxford, for procurations from the rectories of Ashendon (Ashenden), Dorton, and Lathbury [Bucks]; Feb. 25th 1547 . (English)

51. (fol. 43)

Acquittance by Nicholas Grimold, rhetoric-reader at Christ Church, Oxford, for money paid him by Henry Syddall, sub-dean, for the stipend of his lecture, &c. ; Oct. 3d 1550. (English)

52. (fol. 44)

Acquittance by William Haynes, sub-dean of Christ Church, Oxford, for money received of sir Thomas Holcroft, for the rent of the parsonage of Frodsham [Cheshire]; Dec. 10th 1547. (English)

53. (fol. 44v)

Acquittance by Dr. Richard Cox, dean of Christ Church, Oxford, for money received of sir Thomas Holcroft, for the rent of the parsonage of Kirkham [Lancashire]; May 30th 1547. (English)

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: paper and parchment
Extent: 44 'leaves'


Origin: 1463-1557 ; England

Provenance and Acquisition

Thomas Tanner, 1674–1735

Bequeathed by him to the Bodleian in 1735.

Record Sources

Description adapted (March 2023) from the Quarto Catalogue (A. Hackman, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecæ Bodleianæ pars quarta codices viri admodum reverendi Thomæ Tanneri, S.T.P., episcopi Asaphensis, complectens, Quarto Catalogues IV, repr. 1966, with corrections, from the ed. of 1860).

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