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MS. Barocci 16

Summary Catalogue no.: 16

Ioannes Climax (18 Dec.) 1294


Language(s): Greek

1. (fol. v recto and verso, fols. 1r–263r)

Ioannes Climax

1a. (fol. v recto and verso)

Index of contents

1b. (fols. 1r–2r)
Ioannis Rhaithou, Epistula,

pr. PG 88. 624–5

1c. (fol. 2rv)

pr. ibid., 628

1d. (fols. 2v-3r)

note appended to index of contents

pr. ibid., 629.

1e. (fols. 3r–8r)
vita auctoris

pr. ibid., 596–608.

1f. (fols. 8r–10r)
Ioannes Climax, epistula,

pr. ibid., 625–8.

1g. (fols. 10v–241v)
Ioannes Climax, scala Paradisi,

pr. ibid., 632–1161A. Fol. 112v was left blank owing to the thinness of the parchment.

1h. (fols. 241v–263v)
Ioannes Climax, liber ad pastorem,

pr. ibid., 1165–1208.

2. (fols. 263r–282v)
Basilius Magnus
2a. (fols. 263r–279v)
de renuntiatione,

pr. PG 31. 625–48.

2b. (fols. 280r–282v)
de ascetica disciplina,

pr. ibid., 648–52.

(fol. 283r)


Colophon: ἐτελειώθη τὸ παρὸν βιβλίον εἰϲ τὴν ιηʹ ἡμέραν τοῦ δικεμβρίου μηνὸϲ ἔτουϲ ͵ϛωγʹ (ἰνδικτιῶνοϲ) ηʹ κύκλου (ϲελήνηϲ) αʹ κύκλου (ἡλίου) κζʹ. εἰϲ τὸν αὐτὸν μήναν ἐκημήθην εἰ κυρί̣α̣ μου καὶ μήτηρ μου ἡμέρα ϛʹ τοῦ μηνὸϲ ιʹ, εἰϲ τὸν αὐτὸν χρόνον καὶ μῆνα

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Parchment (except fols. i–iii and 285).
Extent: v + 285 leaves.
Dimensions (leaf): 160 × 110 mm.
Dimensions (ruled): 115 × 80 mm.
Foliation: Foliated (i–iii), (iv), v, 1–284, (285).


(fol. v) i–xxi 8, (fol. 168) xxii 12 (3, 9 canc.), (fol. 178) xxiii–xxxii 8, (fol. 258) xxxiii 6, (fol. 264) xxxiv 8, (fol. 272) xxxv 10, (fol. 282) xxxvi 3 leaves. Quires numbered bottom left of first recto and bottom right of last verso.


Ruling: 22 lines. Ruling type similar to Leroy 44D1.


Two scribes: A fol. v recto and verso, fols. 1r–127v, 263r–284r; B 128r–263r.


Rubrication: titles and initials in faded carmine, simple penwork headpieces.

Additions: Subscription fol. 283r, see above. Below in later hand ἔτουϲ ϡηʹ.Fols. 283r–284v also have pentrials.


Blind-stamped brown leather, 17th–18th cent.


Origin: 1294

Record Sources

Description by Nigel Wilson, c. 1970. Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (H. O. Coxe, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae pars prima recensionem codicum Graecorum continens, Quarto Catalogues I, 1883, repr. with corrections 1969).


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