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MS. Bodl. 340

Summary Catalogue no.: 3404

Homilies in Old English, with pen-trial in Dutch verse



All from Aelfric's two series of Sermones catholici except except arts. 1, 7, 8, 19-26.

1. (ff. 1-5v)
Rubric: Sermo in natale domini
2. (ff. 5v-10v)
Rubric: In natale sancti stephani protomartyr
3. (ff. 10v-17)
Rubric: In assumptione sancte lohannis
4. (ff. 17v-22)
Rubric: In natale Innocentum
5. (ff. 22-26v)
Rubric: In octauas domini
6. (ff. 26v-33)
Rubric: In epiphania domini
7. (ff. 33-35v)
Rubric: Dominica .I. post theophania. et quando uolueris
8. (ff. 35v-40v)
Rubric: Dominica .II. post theophania et quando uolueris
9. (ff. 40-45v)
Rubric: Dominica .III. post epiphania domini
10. (ff. 45v-52)
Rubric: In purificatione sancte marie uirginis
11. (ff. 52-58v)
Rubric: In natale sancti gregorii pape
12. (ff. 58v-66v)
Rubric: In natale sancti cuthberhti. episcopi
13. (ff. 66v-81)
Rubric: In natale sancti benedicti abbatis
14. (ff. 81-86v)
Rubric: In adnuntiatione sancte marie
15. (ff. 86v-93)
Rubric: In dominica. in .LXX
16. (ff. 93v-98v)
Rubric: Dominica. in .LX
17. (ff. 98v-103v)
Rubric: Dominica. In quinquagesima
18. (ff. 103v-8)
Rubric: Dominica .I. in .XL
19. (ff. 108-12)
Rubric: Domini.ca .II. in .XL
20. (ff. 112-15v)
Rubric: Dominica .III. in .XL
21. (ff. 115v-19)
Rubric: Dominica .IIII. in .XL
22. (ff. 119-23)
Rubric: Dominica .V. in .XL
23. (ff. 123-8)
Rubric: Dominica. in ramis palmarum
24. (ff. 128-34v)
Rubric: De cena domini. De huius diei ueneratione et de domini misericordia in memoria iohannes euangelista uenera.
25. (ff. 134v-44)
Rubric: De parasceue
26. (ff. 144-52v)
Rubric: De sabbato sancto
27. (ff. 152v-7)
Rubric: Dominica pasce
28. (ff. 157-60v)
Rubric: Dominica .I. post pasce
29. (ff. 160v-3)
Rubric: Dominica .II. post pasce
30. (ff. 163-6)
Rubric: Kl. mai. natale. apostolorum. philippi. et iacobi
31. (ff. 166-7)
Rubric: V. nona mai. inuentio sancte crucis
32. (ff. 167-9)
Rubric: Passio alexandri papae.

At the end of the homily the scribe wrote 'Explicit hic liber'. The verso of f. 169 of MS. 340 is blank, except for scribbles in Latin of verses, &c., and a line of Old Dutch (s. xi2), see following. One of the hands on this page does not look English.

(fol. 169v)

Pen trials, written shortly before 1100, including verses in Old Dutch, 'Hebban olla vogala', pr. Sisam 1933; Erik Kwakkel, ‘Hebban olla vogala in historisch perspectief’, Tijdschrift voor Nederlandse Taal- en Letterkunde, 121 (2005)

Language(s): Latin and Old Dutch
Language(s): Old English

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: ii + 170 + ii; fols. ii, iii, 170-1 are parchment endleaves, 16th century (?)
Dimensions (leaf): 315 × 220 mm.
Foliation: ii-iv, 1-171.
Foliation: Ff. 1-169 were formerly paginated in yellow-brown ink on rectos 1-338 (s. xvi ?).


1-21(8), 22 two (fols. 168-9); 2 and 7 in quire 21 are half sheets.


26 long lines. Written space c. 258 × 155 mm. Writing in some quires is between double ruled lines.


Late sixteenth or early seveenth century.


Origin: For history see MSS. Bodl. 340, 342

MS. Bodl. 340 - binding strips


Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment


Origin: 14th century

Additional Information

Record Sources

Description adapted and abbreviated (June 2022) from N. R. Ker, Catalogue of Manuscripts containing Anglo-Saxon (Oxford, 1957), no. 309, with additional reference to other published literature as cited.


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