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MS. Barocci 183

Summary Catalogue no.: 183

Menologion (January), 13th cent.


Language(s): Greek

(fols. 1r–255v, 264r–271v, 256r–263v)
Menologion for January
a. (fols. 1r–20v)
Amphilochius, vita S. Basilii,

cf. BHG 3 247, not exactly as pr. F. Combefis, Amphilochii opera, Paris 1644, pp. 155 ff.

b. (fols. 21r–34v)
vita S. Silvestri

BHG 3 1628–9, partly pr. F. Combefis, S. Silvestri Romani antistitis acta antiqua et probatiora, Paris 1659, pp. 2–80.

c. (fols. 35v–41r)
⟨Symeon Metaphrastes⟩, vita S. Pauli Thebani

BHG 3 1468, pr. K.T. Corey ap. W.A. Oldfather, Studies in the text tradition of St Jerome’s Vitae Patrum, Urbana 1943, pp. 217–233; see also pp. 200 f., 210 f. on this MS.

e. (fols. 45v–49v)
⟨Symeon Metaphrastes⟩, passio S. Polyeucti

BHG 3 1568, pr. PG 114. 417–29.

f. (fols. 49v–56v)
⟨id.⟩, vita S. Marciani

BHG 3 1034, pr. PG 114. 429–56.

g. (fols. 57r–85r)
⟨Theodorus ep. Petrensis⟩, vita S. Theodosii

BHG 3 1776, pr. H. Usener, Der heilige Theodosios, Leipzig 1890, pp. 3–101.

h. (fols. 85v–89v)
⟨Symeon Metaphrastes⟩, passio SS. Hermyli et Stratonici

BHG 3 745, pr. PG 114. 553–65.

i. (fols. 89v–106r)
Nilus Monachus, Narrationes (de SS. patribus Sinai et Rhaithu)

BHG 3 1307b, pr. PG 79. 589–600.

j. (fols. 106r–112v)
⟨Symeon Metaphrastes⟩, vita S. Ioannis Calybitae

BHG 3 869.

k. (fols. 112v–121v)
sermo de catenis Petri apostoli

BHG 3 1486, pr. E. Batareikh, Χρυϲοϲτομικά, Rome 1908, pp. 978–1005.

l. (fols. 122r–151v)
Athanasius ep. Alexandrinus, vita S. Antonii

BHG 3 140, pr. PG 26. 837–976.

m. (fols. 151v–166v)
⟨Symeon Metaphrastes⟩, vita S. Athanasii ep. Alexandrini

BHG 3 183, pr. PG 25. 185–211.

n. (fols. 167r–200r)
vita S. Euthymii

BHG 3 648b.

o. (fols. 200r–203v)
⟨Symeon Metaphrastes⟩, passio Timothei apostoli

BHG 3 1848, pr. PG 114. 761–73.

p. (fols. 204r–216r)
⟨id.⟩, passio S. Anastasii

BHG 3 85, pr. PG 114. 773–812.

q. (fols. 216r–239r)
⟨id.⟩, passio S. Clementis Ancyrani

BHG 3 353, pr. PG 114. 816–93.

r. (fols. 239r–244v)
⟨id.⟩, vita S. Eusebiae (alias Xenae)

BHG 3 634, pr. PG 114. 981–1000.

s. (fols. 244v–255v, 264r–268r)
⟨Gregorius Presbyter⟩, vita S. Gregorii Nazianzeni

BHG 3 723, pr. PG 35. 244–304.

t. (fols. 268r–271v, 256r–260v)
⟨Symeon Metaphrastes⟩, vita S. Xenophontis

BHG 3 1878, pr. PG 114. 1014–43.

u. (fols. 260v–263v)
memoria de reliquis S. Ioannis Chrysostomi

BHG 3 877.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Parchment (except fols. i–iii, 272–4).
Extent: iii + 274 leaves.
Dimensions (leaf): 295 × 215 mm.
Dimensions (ruled): 240 × 180 mm.
Foliation: Foliated (i–iii), 1–67, 69–79, 80ab, 81–90, 91ab, 92–157, 158ab, 159–250, 252–271, (272–4).


(fol. 1) i–vii 8, (fol. 57) viii 10 (4, 5 canc.), (fol. 65) ix–xiii 8, (fol. 104) xiv 10 (5, 7 canc.), (fol. 112) xv 10, (fol. 122) xvi–xx 8, (fol. 161) xxi 6, (fol. 167) xxii 8, (fol. 175) xxiii 10 (4, 6 canc.), (fol. 183) xxiv 10 (6, 8 canc.), (fol. 191) xxv–xxxiii 8. Quires numbered on the lower left corner of the first recto and lower right corner of last verso.


Ruling: 2 columns of 31–4 lines. Ruling type Leroy 32C2.


One scribe. Subscriptions: fol. 121v Χριϲτὸϲ παράϲχοι τοῖϲ ἐμοῖϲ πόνοιϲ χάριν· οἴμοι τῶ ἀθλίω μονοτρόπω Νικήτα; fol. 216r εὔχεϲθαί μοι τῶ ταλένι (sic) μοναχῶ Νικήτα καὶ τῶν ἐπταιϲμένων μοι αἰτῶ ϲυγνώμην (sic).


Rubrication: Decorated headpieces and initial letters; also many initials in carmine.

Ornamental headpieces and decorated initials at the beginnings of Lives. (Hutter iii. 96, Abb. 384–6)

Additions: Occasional marginal glosses, probably later than the scribe.


Binding of blind-stamped brown leather (spine modern).

Accompanying Material

Flyleaves: fols. i + 274 are from an early printed book on law.


Origin: 12th century, end (Hutter); 13th cent. (Wilson)

Provenance and Acquisition

Note on fol. 40v μνήϲθητι Κύριε τοῦ δούλου τοῦ Θεοῦ Κωνϲταντίνου τοῦ Ϲυροπούλου.

Record Sources

Description by Nigel Wilson, c. 1970; supplementary information from Hutter (1982). Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (H. O. Coxe, Catalogi codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae pars prima recensionem codicum Graecorum continens, Quarto Catalogues I, 1883, repr. with corrections 1969).


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