A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

Exeter College MS. 153

Statuta, 1–23 Henrici VI, A. D. 1422–1442; London?, England, s. xv¾


Language(s): Latin

i. (fols. 3r–4v)
Statutes 1 Henry VI (1422–23)

Pr. SR ii. 213–16.

Fols. 1r–2r are blank; for fol. 2v see History.

ii. (fols. 4v–10r)
Statutes 2 Henry VI (1423–24)

Pr. SR ii. 216–27.

iii. (fols. 10r–11r)
Statutes 3 Henry VI (1424–25)

Pr. SR ii. 227–8.

iv. (fols. 11r–12v)
Statutes 4 Henry VI (1425–26)

Pr. SR ii. 229–32.

v. (fols. 12v–15r)
Statutes 6 Henry VI (1426–27)

Pr. SR ii. 232–8.

vi. (fols. 15r–28v)
Statutes 8 Henry VI (1429–30)

Pr. SR ii. 238–62. The original ending, 1¼ lines in all, is on fol. 35r but it was written again in the same hand although in different ink at the foot of fol. 28v after the insertion of item 7 following, a quire of six leaves inserted between fol. 28 and the present fol. 35.

vii. (fols. 29r–34r)
Statutes 9 Henry VI (1430–31)

Pr. SR ii. 263–72. Fol. 34v is blank.

viii. (fols. 35r–47v/11)
Twenty-five numbered excerpts from statutes Edward III to Henry VI

Many of the statutes concern weights and measures, liveries, and artificers and labourers; others concern riots, flight of offenders, vagabonds, etc. The heading, properly that of the next item, is ‘Incipiunt Statuta de anno decimo Henrici Sexti edita.’

ix. (fols. 47v/12–51r)
Statutes 10 Henry VI (1431–32)

Pr. SR ii. 272–7.

x. (fols. 51r–8r)
Statutes 11 Henry VI (1432–33)

Pr. SR ii. 278–88.

xi. (fols. 58r–62r)
Statutes 14 Henry VI (1435–36)

Pr. SR ii. 289–94.

xii. (fols. 62r–5r)
Statutes 15 Henry VI (1436–37)

Pr. SR ii. 295–300.

xiii. (fols. 65v–75r)
Statutes 18 Henry VI (1439–40)

Pr. SR ii. 301–15.

xiv. (fols. 75r–81v)
Statutes 20 Henry VI (1441–42)

Pr. SR ii. 315–25.

xv. (fols. 81v–94v)
Statutes 23 Henry VI (1444–45)

Pr. SR ii. 326–43.

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: purrount.
Form: codex
Support: parchment HFFH
Extent: 94 leaves preceded and followed by a medieval membrane flyleaf
Dimensions (leaf): 247 × 170 mm.
Dimensions (written): c. 180–190 × 80 mm.


1–38 48 (4 + 6) 5–118. The only catchword is on fol. 86v, in the scribe’s hand. Quires are numbered in small roman on first leaves, with a–d placed above the figures, or alone without the figures, to indicate the position of the leaf in the quire.


One column, c. 32–38 lines. Frame ruled in crayon.


Five or six secretary hands, all with anglicana elements. The scribal stints do not always correspond to the beginnings and ends of groups of statutes.


None. Spaces were left for initials.


Sewn on five bands between wooden boards covered with blind-stamped calf, s. xv4/4 (not identifiable in Oldham, EBSB). The pattern is of the ‘all-over’ type described by G. Pollard, ‘The names of some English fifteenth-century binders’, The Library, 5th ser. 25 (1970), 193–218, used in London, Oxford, Cambridge, and Salisbury, mostly before 1475. The thongs are brought in through tunnels in the edges of the boards. On the front cover are the remains of two straps, each held by three tacks, and on the back cover are the remains of two clasps.


Origin: s. xv¾ ; London?, England

Provenance and Acquisition

Probably written in London?

At the top of fol. 3r are ‘Doto[sic]: Jones 1642’ and ‘Lucy Jones 1641’. On a label on the spine, on fols. 1r and 2v is ‘76’ (on fol. 2v followed by a title and ‘vide Catal: G. Glynne Barti:’) (all s. xviii): these refer to the catalogue of the library of Sir William Glynne (CMA ii. 49–54, no. 2000. 76), the majority of whose manuscripts came to Exeter by bequest of Joseph Sandford: see MS 87, History.

Exeter library identifications are, on fol. 1r, ‘Cox[sic] CLIII’ and on a label on the spine ‘13’. On the front pastedown are the book stamp and ‘MS. 153’.

Record Sources

Andrew G. Watson, A descriptive catalogue of the medieval manuscripts of Exeter College, Oxford (Oxford: Oxford University Press), 2000.


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