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MS. Bodl. 443

Summary Catalogue no.: 2384


1. (fol. 1)
Bartholomew of Exeter, Poenitentiale
Rubric: Liber penitencie
Incipit: Nunquam nimis docetur aut scitur

Largely compiled from decrees of Councils. A leaf or two may be missing at the end

Language(s): Latin
2. (fols 19r-79r)
Gregory the Great, Homiliae XL in Euangelia

With the preface to Secundinus

Language(s): Latin
2b. (fol. 79r)
Oratio de Mortalitate

PL 76.1311, but the last sentence is missing here.

Language(s): Latin
3. (fol. 79v)
Defensor of Ligugé, Liber scintillarum
Rubric: Liber Scintille Scripturarum

Extracts from the New Testament and the works of the Fathers; with a list of chapters but without a preface

Language(s): Latin
4. (fols. 90v-107r)
Incipit: De nequitia mulieris. Omnis plaga tristicia cordis est

The main items are:

(fols. 90vb-91ra)
Isidore, Sententiae (II.vi and II.xvii)
(fol. 91ra-vb)
Anselm of Canterbury, Ep. 2

Followed by extract from Gregory, Moralia in Job, 35.17.43-4

(fols. 91vb-93ra)
Rubric: Augustinus de contemptu carnis
Paulinus of Nola, Liber exhortacionis (cc. 63 (end)-66)
(fol. 93ra-b)
Regula Benedicti c. 4
(fol. 93ra-95va)
Statutes of Stephen Langton for the diocese of Canterbury 1213 × 1214

Councils and Synods II.i.23-36

(fols. 95va-102vb)
Honorius of Autun, Gemma animae

Pref and I.1-123

(fols. 102vb-104vb)
Verba seniorum (extracts)
(fol. 104vb-105ra)
'Narratio' on the cross
(fols. 105ra-va)

Ps.-Isidore, Serm. 3.4-8 (PL 83.1223)

(fols. 105va-107va)
Geoffrey Babio, Sermones 55, 28, 75

There are notes 'hic deest', e.g. fol. 104vb, 105ra.

See J. Longère, Les sermons latins de Maurice de Sully, évêque de Paris (+1196): Contribution à l'histoire de la tradition manuscrite (1988), pp. 87-90
Language(s): Latin
5. (fol. 107r)
Maurice de Sully, Sermons
See Longère, Les sermons latins, pp. 90-1

At fol. 134v miscellaneous theological notes follow in various hands, including some 'narrationes'; see Longère, Les sermons latins, pp. 91-2.

Language(s): Latin
6. (fol. 138)
Consuetudinary, Use of Sarum

In the longer recension.

Incipit: De chori ordinatione. Quatuor principalium personarum
H. Frere, The Use of Sarum, I (Cambridge, 1898)
Language(s): Latin
7. (fol. 151v)
Religious poems

One elegiac poem begins:

Incipit: In cera celi Pater est, medioque notatur | Filius in filo

With miscellaneous theological notes including more exempla. In a different hand from the preceding.

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: ii + 157 leaves
Dimensions (binding): 11 × 7.75 in.


2 cols


Illuminated capitals.


Origin: 13th century, late ; England

Provenance and Acquisition

Presented by Sir Henry Savile in 1620

Record Sources

Description adapted (December 2022) by Stewart J. Brookes and Matthew Holford from the Summary Catalogue (1922), with additional description of fols. 90v-107r (art. 4), and additional reference to published literature as cited.


Last Substantive Revision

2022-12-12: Description revised to incorporate all the information in the Summary Catalogue (1922)