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MS. Bodl. 839

Summary Catalogue no.: 2572


1. (fol. 1r-9v)
Ambrose, De mysteriis
Rubric: Ambrosius de Sacramentis
Language(s): Latin
2. (fol. 9v-25r)
Ambrose, De sacramentis
Language(s): Latin
3. (fol. 25)
Palladius of Hellenopolis, Historia Lausiaca
Incipit: Multi multos libros

The preface, followed by chapters 35-36

Language(s): Latin
4. (fol. 30)
Theological extracts
Language(s): Latin

Including texts by Augustine (fol. 31v), Macarius (fol. 40), Anselm (fols 42v, 46v), Isidore (fol. 47v) and others

Fols 34v, 44, 48 are from the Verba Seniorum, Book V of the Vitae Patrum by Ps-Jerome and others

5. (fol. 53v)
Alcuin, Letter to Oduin
Incipit: Primo paganus cathecuminus fit accedens
Language(s): Latin
6. (fol. 56)
Commentary on the Lord's Prayer
Incipit: Volumus fratres karissimi paruam uobis admonitionem
Language(s): Latin
7. (fols 59, 126, 145, 162)
Incipit: Cum adpropinquaret Ihesus Hierusalem uidens ciuitatem fleuit super illam. Fleuit etenim pius Redemptor

Some sermons (fols 98, 100v, 133v, 137v, 152, 162) are by Augustine

Language(s): Latin
8. (fol. 108)
Gilbert Crispin, Disputatio iudaei et christiani
Rubric: Disputatio Judei & Christiani
Incipit: Quia Christiani te dicunt
Language(s): Latin
9. (fol. 139v)
Martin of Braga, Formula uitae honestae
Rubric: Libellus Martini

With a preface

Language(s): Latin
10. (fol. 154v)
Sermon on John the Baptist
Incipit: Quoniam laus ęcclesię fratres
Language(s): Latin
11. (fol. 158)
Concerning John The Baptist's Head
Incipit: Regnante Pipino rege Francorum

An account of John the Baptist's head being transferred from Palestine to Saint Jean d'Angély

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i + 167 leaves
Dimensions (binding): 9.5 × 6.5 in.


A leaf or more is missing after fol. 55. After fol. 165 a leaf or leaves are lost


The hand changes at fols 18, 59, 115, 128 and elsewhere, but all the writing is contemporary


Pächt and Alexander iii. 76



Origin: 12th century, beginning ; England, Lanthony

Provenance and Acquisition

Lanthony (Secunda), Gloucestershire, Augustinian priory of St Mary the Virgin and St John the Baptist: 'Morganus canonicus de Kermerd⟨en⟩' at end, and below it a table of contents in Morgan's hand (s. xv)

Morgan wrote his name in many Lanthony books, including: London, British Library, Royal 2 C.x; London, Lambeth Palace, 30; Lambeth Palace, 80, fols 168–244; Lambeth Palace, 101; Lambeth Palace, 138, fols 1–44; Lambeth Palace, 148; Lambeth Palace, 153, fols 156–179; Lambeth Palace, 165, fols 102–190; Lambeth Palace, 195; Lambeth Palace, 200, fols 114–163; Lambeth Palace, 208; Lambeth Palace, 215; Lambeth Palace, 218, fols 1–89; Lambeth Palace, 227; Lambeth Palace, 231; Lambeth Palace, 345, fols 97–227; Lambeth Palace, 360, fols 1–118; Lambeth Palace, 365, fols 1–119; Lambeth Palace, 377; Lambeth Palace, 378, fols i, ii, 1–56, 125–65; Lambeth Palace, 390; Lambeth Palace, 394; Lambeth Palace, 397; Lambeth Palace, 398; Lambeth Palace, 409; Lambeth Palace, 449; Lambeth Palace, 452; Lambeth Palace, 481; Oxford, Bodleian, MS. Hatton 49; Oxford, Corpus Christi College, MS. 33; Oxford, Corpus Christi College, MS. 43; Oxford, Trinity College MS. 39 (MLGB3)

In the 16th century this volume and MS. Bodl. 762 were owned by the same person, as the tags show

Lettermark 'C' on fol. 1r shows that Thomas James used this manuscript when collating Ambrose (MLGB3)

Lambeth Palace (v. T. James in Queens Coll. 63 E.6 (Opera Ambrosii) against beginning of De initiandis, note written in 1612) (MLGB3)

MS. Bodl. 839 first appears in Bodleian lists c. 1655

Record Sources

Description adapted (March 2023) by Stewart J. Brookes from the Summary Catalogue (1922). Decoration, localization and date follow Pächt and Alexander (1973)


Last Substantive Revision

2023-03-21: Description revised to incorporate all the information in the Summary Catalogue (1922)