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MS. Auct. D. 5. 17

Summary Catalogue no.: 1848


Language(s): Latin


With st. Jerome's Prefaces: the New Testament begins on 438v. At fol. 549 follow (1) Interpretationes nominum Hebraicorum, (2) short notes on every book in the Bible, with index, fol. 604, (3) 'Incipiunt Canones ...', a metrical digest of each Gospel, adapted to form a harmony by the use of the ten Eusebian canons: text beg. 'A generat. B. magos vocat. Egiptum petit. exit.': fol. 633.

(fols. 601v-603v)

Added on five blank pages in the 14th century. The obits etc. show a connection with the Benedictine monastery of St. Denis near Paris.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i + 638 leaves
Dimensions (binding): 6.625 × 4.5 in.


2 cols.



Historiated initials.

Other initials. (Pächt and Alexander i. 544, pl. XLI)


Gold ornament on black leather, Italian style, 16th cent., with arms inserted on the sides


Origin: 13th century, third quarter; additions, 14th century ; French, Paris

Provenance and Acquisition

Paris, abbey of St Denis: evidence in the calendar, see above.

Owned by 'Petrus de Armanhaco' (?: = Armagnac?) in the 15th cent. (fol. 548v)

Cardinal Reginald Pole: his arms (coloured, but injured) are on circular pieces of parchment let into the sides of the book.

This MS. (or possibly no. 1849) was presented by John Hawley, principal of Gloucester hall, in 1601.

Record Sources

Description adapted (March 2020) from the following sources:
Otto Pächt and J. J. G. Alexander, Illuminated Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford , I (1966), no. 544 [decoration, origin, date]
Summary Catalogue (1922) [contents, physical description, provenance and acquisition]

Digital Images

Digital Bodleian (6 images from 35mm slides)


    Printed descriptions:

    S. J. P. van Dijk, Latin Liturgical Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, vol. 3: Rituals and Directories (typescript, 1957), p. 113

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