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MS. Holkham Gr. 97

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)

Diktyon no.: 48165

Plutarch, Moralia (selection)


Language(s): Greek

1. (fols 1r-22v)
Plutarch, Quomodo adulator ab amico internoscatur (48e-74e)

Ed. F.C. Babbitt, Plutarch's moralia, vol. 1, Cambridge, Mass, 1927 (repr. 1969), pp. 264–394.

2. (fols 23r-41r)
⟨Ps.-⟩Plutarch, Consolatio ad Apollonium

Ed. F.C. Babbitt, Plutarch's moralia, vol. 2, Cambridge, Mass, 1928 (repr. 1962), pp. 108–210.

3. (fols 41v-48r)
Plutarch, De capienda ex inimicis utilitate (86b-92f)

Ed. F.C. Babbitt, Plutarch's moralia, vol. 2, Cambridge, Mass, 1928 (repr. 1962), pp. 4–40.

4. (fols 48r-61r)
Plutarch, De garrulitate (502b-515a)

Ed. M. Pohlenz, Plutarchi moralia, vol. 3, Leipzig, 1929 (repr. 1972), pp. 279–311.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: paper
Extent: iii + 61 leaves + ii foliated as 62–63.
Dimensions (leaf): 283 × 200 mm.


1 × 2 (ii), 1 × 8 (6; 2 unfoliated fols after fol. 2; fol. iii pasted to fol. 1), 6 × 8 (54), 1 × 8 -1 (61), 1 × 2 (63).


30 lines per page.


Possibly the MS was copied in Padua by the same scribe as MS Par. gr. 2956. See F. Vendruscolo, ‘La "Consolatio ad Apollonium" fra Mistrà (?) e Padova: apografi quattrocenteschi del Bruxellensis 18967(b)’, Bollettino dei Classici, 17 (1996) 10, and E. Gamba, ‘Un nuovo manoscritto copiato da Niccolò Leonico Tomeo (Par. gr. 1833). Appunti per la ricostruzione della sua biblioteca’, Eikasmos 25 (2014) 348.


Large decorative main headpieces (fols 1r, 23r), smaller for subsections (fols 41v, 48r) and large initials (fols 1r, 23r, 41v, 48r).


various marginal notes throughout the text, mainly by Johannes Calphurnius; Also by the scribe: fol. 1r, 41v (in red ink, top) : ἰ(ησο)ῦ· ἡγοῦ; Fol. 1r has been trimmed on top.

fol. 61r (in red ink at the end of the text): ΑΝΘΩΝΙΑι ΑΓΑΜΗΤΗι


Typical Holkham binding of dark green leather, with Coke family ostrich crest in gilt in the centre of the upper cover; Date: early nineteenth century. Rebound by John Jones of Liverpool (worked for Holkham 1816–1823. The spine lettered in gilt: /PLUTARCHI OPUSCULA GR. MS. SÆC. XII.; in pasted black leather: MS. /HOLKHAM/ Gr. 97. Below there is a flowerish decoration in gilt.


Origin: 15th century

Provenance and Acquisition

Ownership Notes: front paste down (top, right in black ink): signature of Th(oma)s William Coke. fol. 1r: erased notes on top and bottom. Fol. iii(r): Joannes Calphurnius oratoriam Artem grece/ latineq(ue) Patavii gloriose docens librum/ hunc Cornoois Reg. s. Joannis Viri/dario devotus legavit Ut/ Inde Profitiens Lector gratus Existat/ Mccccc3. Cf. D. Marcotte, ‘La Bibliothèque de Jean Calphurnius’, Humanistica Lovaniensia 36 (1987) 189, type 1. Johannes Calphurnius bequeathed this codex to S. John Viridario in Verdara in Padua, in 1503. The MS alongside MS. Holkham Gr. 92 and MS. Holkham Gr. 116 was purchased by Thomas Coke in 1717 at Padua. See S. de Ricci, A handlist of manuscripts in the library of the Earl of Leicester at Holkham Hall: abstracted from the catalogues of William Roscoe and Frederic Madden (Supplement to the Bibliographical Society's Transactions, 7, Oxford, 1932), pp. ix-x and 23. See also E. Mioni, Bibliothecae Divi Marci Venetiarum codices graeci manuscripti, vol. 1.1, Rome, 1967, Appendix, tab. V, and Marcotte, 1987, 185.

Catalogue Nrs: paste down (in pencil): MS. Holkham Gr. 97; fol. 1(r) (in pencil): No 275 (sup lin 6) D4B.ΙΙ. (= Old Catalogue Nrs: Olim Holkham Hall, Libr. of the Earl of Leicester, 276)

Record Sources

Description by Dimitrios Skrekas (2020), with the support of the Leventis Foundation, the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research, the Yerolemou Trust and the Michael Marks Charitable Trust.


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