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MS. Lat. bib. c. 11

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)



With 'modern' chapter divisions (except 3–4 Esdras). Prefaces marked with an asterisk below are added in the margin by a contemporary hand.

The hand of the marginal prologues has added about 250 long notes of themata for feast days and listed them on fol.365v. In the 15th cent. Carthusian divisions for reading (terminationes) P.S.T, a-h, in Reffectorio, were added. Scattered 14th–15th cent. notes.

(fol. 1)
Jerome, Ep. LIII to Paulinus
Incipit: Frater Ambrosius
Language(s): Latin
(fol. 2v)
Jerome, Pref. to Pentateuch

Stegmüller, Repertorium no.285.

Language(s): Latin
(fol. 3)

Genesis - Deut.; Iosue (pref.311); Iudic., Ruth, I–IV Reg. (pref.323); I Paralip. (pref.328 and 327), II Paralip. (pref. *327); followed (fol. 118) by Oratio Manassae; I Esdras (pref. *330) running straight on with no ornamental line to 2 Esdras, 4 Esdras 1–2, 3 Esdras, 4 Esdras 15 - end. A column is left blank on fol.135v–136; Iudith (pref.335); Hester, ch.3–16 numbered 3–5 (pref. 341); Tobias (pref.332).

(fol. 145v)

I, II Machab. (pref.*547 and *553).

(fol. 160v)

Psalmi (Gallican), with titles and diapsalmata in red.

(fol. 177)

Is. (pref.482); Ierem. (pref.487); Lement. (pref. beg: Et factum est postquam in captivitatem); Baruch (pref.491); Ezech. (pref.492); Dan. (pref.494); Osee (pref.500, 507); Ioel (pref.510); Amos (pref.512); Abdias (pref.516 and *519); Ionas (pref.522, *524, *521 and one *beg: Ionas qui columba interpretatur; Miche (pref. 525); Naum (pref.527); Habacuc (pref. 531, 529); Soph. (pref.534, 532); Aggeus (pref.538, 535); Zach. (pref.539); Malach. (pref.543).

Incipit: (preface) Ionas qui columba interpretatur
(fol. 237)

Iob. (pref.*357, *344, at the end 350); Parabolae (pref.457); Eccles. (pref.462); Cantica; Ecclesiasticus (pref.* beg: [M]ultorum nobis et magnorum nobis); Sap.

Incipit: (preface) ⟨M⟩ultorum nobis et magnorum nobis
(fol. 266v)

Matt. (pref.*590, *589); Marcus (pref.607); Lucas (pref.614, 615); Ioannes (pref.*624).

(fol. 295v)

Actus (pref.637, 640, 631, 635).

(fol. 304)

Can. Epp. (pref.809).

(fol. 308)

Rom. (pref.675); I, II Cor. (pref.685, *700); Galat. (pref. 707); Ephes. (pref.715); Philip. (pref.728); Coloss. (pref.736); I, II Thess. (pref.748, 752); I. II Tim. (pref.765, 772); Titus (pref.780); Philemon (pref.783); Hebr. (pref.*793).

(fol. 327)

Apocal. (pref.823, *839).

(fol. 332)
Stephen Langton, Interpretationes Hebraicorum nominum
Incipit: Aaz apprehendens
Language(s): Latin
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: in litteris
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iv + 370 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 365 × 235 mm.
Dimensions (written): 225 × 120 mm.


1(10)–15(10), 16(12)–29(12), 30(14) (14 canc.), 31(16), 32(16), quires signed a, b … [z], A, B … [L] in lower right corner of first folio


2 cols., 63 lines. Writing above the top line.


Fine fleuronnée borders, initials. (P&A i. 522)

First lines of books and of some prefaces, and divisions in the psalter in elongated blue capitals ornamented with red; initials, running titles and chapter numbers in alternating red and blue


17th cent. calf binding with tooled centrepiece.


Origin: 13th century, first half ; French

Provenance and Acquisition

Belonged to a Carthusian monastery in the 15th century (see above).

Upper pastedown inscribed 'Ye 6', damaged 18th-cent. spine-label '[Y]e 6'

Given by F. E. Norris , 1952.

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Typescript description by Bodleian Library staff.

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