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MS. Lat. bib. f. 2

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)



With 'modern' chapter divisions.

Language(s): Latin
(fol. 1)

Gen. (pref. Stegmüller Repertorium 284 and 285)-Deut.; Iosue (pref. 311); Judic.; Ruth; I–IV Reg.(pref. 323); I Paralip. (pref.328), ending imperf. at 2.9 (fol.144v); Esdras and Nehemias written as one book in 17 chapters (pref.330); Tobias. (pref. 332); Iudith (pref. 335); Hester (pref. 341).

(fol. 167v)

Iob (pref. 344); Parabolae (pref. 457); Eccles.; Cantica; Sap. (pref. 468); Ecclesiasticus, omitting the prologue of Jesus ben Sirach.

(fol. 211v)

Is. (pref. 482); Ierem. and Lament.; Baruch (pref. 491); Ezech. (pref. 492); Dan. (pref. 494); Osee (pref. 500)- Miche; Naum (pref. 527)- Malach.

(fol. 295v)

I, II, III Machab. (pref. 551).

(fol. 316v)

Matt. (pref. 596 and 590); Marcus (pref. 607); Lucas (pref. 620); Iohannes (pref. 624).

(fol. 361v)

Actus (pref. 640).

(fol. 375)

Rom. (pref. 678); I, II Cor. (pref. 683 and 701); Galat. (pref. 706); Ephes. (pref. 721); Philip. (pref. 730); Coloss. (pref. 736); I, II Thess. (pref. 747 and 752); I, II Tim. (pref. 766 and 772); Titus (pref. 780); Philemon (pref. 784); Hebr. (pref. 793).

(fol. 402v)

Can. Epp. (pref. 809).

(fol. 408v)

Apoc. (pref. 835).

(fol. 415)
Stephen Langton, Interpretationes nominum Hebraicorum
Incipit: Aaz apprehendens
Explicit: Z Zusitidis … vel consiliatores eorum.
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: -teras legeret
Form: codex
Support: very thin fine, parchment
Extent: vi + 447 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 145 × 100 mm.
Dimensions (written): 95 × 65 mm.


1(24)–7(24), 8(10)(10 canc.), 9(24)–15(24), 16(26), 17(24)–19(24)


2 cols., 50 lines. Writing below the top line.

(fol.415–443v 3 cols.)


Fine initials. (P&A iii. 460)

Large floriated initials on rose grounds with green border.


white skin over boards.


Origin: 13th century, third quarter ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

'Lent by Mr. North of Saltby to be returned by me E. P.'

'Ex dono Rev. Mr. North vicarii de Saltby in comit. Leicest. 1701 J. B'. (For William North, vicar of Saltby 1680–1704, see J. Nichols, History of the county of Leicester (London, 1795), II. 306.)

'Ex dono optimi amici Johannis Baxter May 4 1702, H. M.'

Bought at Durham by Thomas Astle, 18 June 1765

Askew sale, 12 March 1785, perhaps lot 149, bought by the father of P. H. Leathes (d. c. 1838) (fol. i)

'Christopher Feelsen', fol. 189v

Rev. Isaac Gosset, vicar of Windsor (fol. i)

Mrs. Hilgrove Coxe, Watlington

Given by her to the Bodleian, 1938

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