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MS. Lat. bib. f. 3

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)



With 'modern' chapter divisions.

Language(s): Latin
Colophon: Finita est biblia anno MoCCoLiiij. Deo gratias et beate virgini Marie et omnibus sanctis domini nostri Ihesu Christi.
(fol. 1)
Jerome, ep.LIII to Paulinus
Incipit: Frater Ambrosius
Language(s): Latin
(fol. 3)
Jerome, Pref. to Pentateuch

Stegmüller, Repertorium no.285.

Language(s): Latin
(fol. 3v)

Gen.-Deut.; Iosue (pref.311) - Ruth; I–IV Reg. (pref.323), I, II Paralip. (pref.328); I Esdras (pref.330) divided into nine chapters; Nehem.; III Esdras (in this MS. called II); Tobias (pref.332); Iudith (pref.335); Hester (pref.341).

(fol. 160v)

Iob (pref.349). At the end are added in another hand prefaces to Isaiah (pref.480) and Daniel (pref.495). Parabolae (pref.457, 455); Eccles.; Cantica; Sap. (pref. 468 added in another hand); Ecclesiasticus.

(fol. 198)

Is.(pref.482); Ierem. (pref.487); Lament.; Baruch (pref.491); Ezech. (pref.492); Dan. (pref.494); Osee (pref.500, 507); Ioel (pref.510); Amos (pref.512); Abdias (pref.519); Ionas (pref.524); Miche (pref.526); Naum (pref.528); Habacuc (pref.531); Soph. (pref.534); Aggeus (pref.538); Zach. (pref.539); Malach.

(fol. 271)

I Macchab. (pref.551).

(fol. 289)

Matt. (pref.589); Marcus (pref.607); Lucas (pref.620); Ioannes (pref.624).

(fol. 325)

Rom. (pref.670, 677); I, II Cor. (pref.685, 699); Galat. (pref.707); Ephes. (pref.715); Philip. (pref.728); Coloss. (pref.736); I, II Thess. (pref.747 and 746 joined, 752); I, II Tim. (pref.765, 772); Titus (pref.780); Philemon (pref.783); Hebr.

(fol. 347)

Actus (pref.640).


Can Epp.


Apocal. (pref.835).

On fol.366v in a contemporary hand are prefaces to Can Epp. (809) and Hebr. (793), to both of which the reader is referred by the rubricator at the beginnings of each book; and the ‘Oratio Manasse’. On fol.367 in another 13th cent. hand, are prefaces to Malach. (543) and Matt. (590). A French 15th cent. hand has added a 3–4 line summary to each book, beg: In hoc libro agitur de … The same hand has added a list of psalms and canticles (fol. 367v).

(fol. 369)
Stephen Langton, Interpretationes nominum Hebraicorum
Incipit: Aay (sic for Aaz) apprehendens
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: sit.et
Form: codex
Support: thin parchment
Extent: i + 403 leaves
Dimensions (leaf): 155 × 115 mm.
Dimensions (written): 110 × 80 mm.
Edges cropped by binder.


1(16)–10(16), 11(18), 12(16)–15(16), 16(14), 17(16), 18(16), 19(10), 20(16)–26(16), 27(10), 28(8)


2 cols., 51 lines


Good borders, historiated and other initials. (P&A i. 528)

Two historiated initials showing (fol.1) St.Jerome writing, and (fol.3v) the six days of creation; large decorative initials at the beginnings of books, smaller initials blue with red flourishes and red with violet flourishes.


French 19th cent. binding of quarter morocco.


Origin: 1254 ; French (?)

Provenance and Acquisition

'Ex libris ... Dep ... etta' (French, early 19th cent.)

Bought at Sotheby's, 5 June 1950, lot 10

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