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MS. Lat. th. b. 5

Summary Catalogue no.: Not in SC (late accession)


1. (p.1)
Hugh of St. Cher, Postillae in Bibliam (Isaiah)

Stegmüller, Rep. biblicum, no.3688.

Incipit: (prologue) Habemus firmionem sermonem
Incipit: (text) Visio Ysaie. Hic est titulus
Explicit: sub planta pedum vestrorum. Deo gracias. Laus honor et gloria Iesu.
Language(s): Latin
2. (p.525)
Jean de la Rochelle, Postille super Danielem

Stegmüller, Rep. biblicum, no.4896, here wrongly attributed to Hugh of St. Cher. A copy is also found in the Exeter College set of Hugo de Vienna (MS.61).

Rubric: Postille super Danielem secundum Hugonem de Wienna autentice
Incipit: (prologue) Optavi et datus est michi sensus…Sap. vii. Ex verbis istis
Incipit: (text) Danielem prophetam etc. Huic libro premittit Ieronimus prologum
Explicit: Daniel commedit.Deo gracias. Laus honor et gloria Iesu.
Colophon: Finitur per me Matheum de Moravia diocesis Olomuncensis cuius metropolis civitas regalis Pragensis Sub anno domini Millesimo CCCC lvj. O myla O ma myla cisarsofno gedna.

Pp.598–600 are blank.

Language(s): Latin
Ps.-Hugh of Saint-Cher, Commentary on the Apocalypse

Stegmüller, Rep. biblicum, no. 3771.

Incipit: (prologue) Vidit Iacob scalam. Gen.xxviii. Quatuor sunt cause
Incipit: (text) Apocalypsis etc. Liber iste dividitur
Explicit: quicquid viderit corrigendum. Benedictus sit Iesus. Amen. Laus honor et gloria Iesu.
Final rubric: Explicit liber Hugonis de Wyenna doctoris fidelissimi autenticus super Apocalipsim Iesu Christi.
Colophon: Et finitur per me Matheum de Moravia nacionis Germanorum diocesis Olomuncensis cuius metropolis Pragensis Anno gratie millesimo CCCC lv in profesto Marci Evangeliste.
Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: translator
Form: codex
Support: parchment noticeably white (p. 750 called by the scribe ‘malum velin per totum’, p. 395 ‘carta pessima et abiecta’)
Extent: 830 pages
Dimensions (leaf): 390 × 265 mm.
Dimensions (written): 275 × 165 mm.


1(12)–34(12), 33(6) 1–25 are signed θ, a-z (omitting u, w), 7; 26–35 are signed a-k


2 cols., 60 lines


Fine borders, initials. (P&A iii. 1056, pl. XCVIII)

Illuminated initials at beginning of each work, blue, rose, green and orange acanthus leaves, picked out with white, on a gold ground, with ivy leaf floriation on inner and upper margin, English work (that on p.601 is reproduced in Bodleian Library, Annual Report of the Curators, 1951–2, 1951–2, facing p.9), at beginnings of chapters blue initials flourished with red, lemmata underlined in red

Additions: There are a few marginalia partly taken over from the exemplar (e.g.pp.711sqq., 732sqq.) and partly by a contemporary reader (e.g.pp.745, 748).


Contemporary sheep-skin binding, originally pink, with one clasp remaining.


Origin: 1455–1456 ; English

Provenance and Acquisition

Written by Matheus de Moravia of the diocese of Olomouc (Olmütz), p. 827: see the references given in B.L.R. IV, (1953) 341

Inscription, p. 829, concerning the price of parchment, writing, decoration, etc.: ‘Hic liber continet in se in toto li quaternos et quilibet quaternus continet in se viij folia precium uniuscuiusque quaterni pro scriptura xld. et pro velin uniuscuiusque quaterni viijd.et pro ligatura et illuminatura xxiijs.viijd. Summa totalis huius xj li.vjs. viijd.’

J. P. R. Lyell

Quaritch, cat. 699 (1952), item 56; purchased by the Bodleian

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Typescript description by Bodleian Library staff, revised by Peter Kidd, late 1990s

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