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MS. Laud Misc. 276

Summary Catalogue no.: 1254


(fols. 1r-85r)
Gregorius Nazianzenus, Orationes (tr. Rufinus)

With additional texts on the creed before or. 9.

Collated (siglum O) in Tyrannii Rvfini Orationvm Gregorii Nazianzeni novem interpretati, ed. A. Engelbrecht, CSEL 46 (1910).

(fol. 1r-v)
Praefatio Rufini
(fols. 2r-23v)
Apologeticus (or. 1)
(fols. 23v-30r)
De ephiphaniis sive de natali Domini (or. 2)
(fols. 30r-37v)
De luminibus, quod est de secundis epiphaniis (or. 3)
(fols. 38r-44v)
De pentecoste et de spiritu sancto (or. 4)
(fols. 44v-51r)
In semet ipsum de agro regressum (or. 5)
(fols. 51r-55r)
Ad cives Nazianzenos gravi timore perculsos et praefectum irascentem (or. 6)
(fols. 55r-63r)
De reconciliatione et unitate monachorum (or. 7)
(fols. 63r-70v)
De grandinis vastatione, cum pater episcopus reticeret (or. 8)
(fols. 81r-85r)
De Arianis, quod non licet semper et publice de Deo contendere (or. 9)
(fol. 85r)
Sequence ‘Summi regis archangele Michael’

Addition, late tenth-century (Bischoff 2004).

Collated (siglum F) in Analecta Hymnica 53, no. 192.

Fol. 85v blank except for later pen-trial.

Language(s): Latin

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i + 85 folios
Dimensions (leaf): 316 × 250 mm.
Dimensions (written): 235 × 184 mm.


Carolingian minuscule by several hands.

Rustic capitals used for rubrics and the beginning of some texts.

Uncial used for rubrics and the beginning of some texts.

Musical Notation:

Neums in the margin, fol. 85r.


Rubrics in red and black.

Plain and coloured initials.

Simple decorated initials, fols. 51r, 55r, 63r.


Origin: 9th century, second quarter or middle (Bischoff 2004); Germany, Lorsch, Benedictine abbey

Provenance and Acquisition

Script described by Bischoff (2004) as characteristic of the earlier Lorsch style, except for fols. 40r-41r and 50v-70v in ‘foreign’ hands.

Lorsch, Benedictine abbey: identifiable in the mid-ninth-century catalogues (A52, B148, Ca353, D239: A. Häse, Mittelalterliche Bücherverzeichnisse aus Kloster Lorsch (2002), p. 293 no. 293).

Eberbach, Cistercian abbey: identifiable as H 10 in the library catalogue of 1502.

William Laud, 1573–1645, 1638.

Part of his third donation to the Bodleian, 1639.

Record Sources

Description adapted (2019) from the following sources, and from additional published sources as cited in the description and bibliography:
Nigel F. Palmer, Zisterzienser und ihre Bücher: die mittelalterliche Bibliotheksgeschichte von Kloster Eberbach im Rheingau (Regensburg, 1998), p. 292 [physical description, provenance]
H. O. Coxe, Laudian Manuscripts, Quarto Catalogues II, repr. with corrections, 1969, from the original ed. of 1858–1885 [contents]

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