A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

MS. Laud Misc. 306

Summary Catalogue no.: 1417

Homiliary (Paul the Deacon, etc.) and sermons; Germany, 12th century

Physical Description

Two codicological units, together early or from the outset, the second apparently a supplement to the first.
Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: i (paper) + i (parchment) + i (medieval parchment) + 158 + ii (parchment)
Dimensions (leaf): 395 × 305 mm.
Foliation: i–ii, 1–161, in pencil.


Not fully collatable due to the tightness of the binding. Quire signatures XV–XVIII and XXII in red span the two main parts (fols. 91r, 99r, 107r, 116r, and 148r), suggesting that the volume was mainly composed of quaternions, of which three are missing at the beginning. One would expect the 15th quaternion to start on the 113th leaf, not the 90th, so about 24 leaves are apparently missing.
Secundo Folio: Et verum


Margins frequently excised, leaves damaged elsewhere by the process of excision, with early repairs in places.


Laudian binding. Sewn on six bands, laced into pasteboards covered with polished brown leather, each cover stamped in gilt with the arms of Archbishop Laud, with vestiges of two ties; the spine with most of a paper label inscribed with a title in the 17th-century; the joints and spine repaired.


Provenance and Acquisition

The book has common provenance, as yet unidentified, with MS. Laud Misc. 465: both have margins excised in an identical manner, with added replacement text (e.g. here fol. 49) and flex punctuation (e.g fols. 106–7).

12th–15th-century marginalia (e.g. fols. 17v, 19r, 35r).

Archbishop William Laud, with the usual inscription, here dated 1636 (fol. 1r).

Part of his third donation to the Bodleian, 1639. Former Bodleian shelfmarks: ‘Laud 306’ (front pastedown), ‘Laud. I. 76’ (spine label).

MS. Laud Misc. 306, part I (fols. 2–115)


Language(s): Latin

(fols. 2r–115r)

Sermons on the gospels for the Temporale, from the Wednesday before Easter to the 24th Sunday after Pentecost (the beginning missing). Mostly from the Homiliary of Paul the Deacon, listed below (=PD) with numbering as in R. Grégoire, Homéliaires liturgiques médiévaux: analyse de manuscrits (Spoleto, 1980), which provides further details of sources and editions.

(fol. 1ra-va)
Bede, Homiliae euangelii II.9
Incipit: ||Et iterum. Videbitur deus deorum in Syon
Explicit: cooperante ipso mediatore dei et hominum homine Ihesu Christo qui vivit […] secula seculorum amen

PD II.10

(fols. 1va-5ra)
Gregory, Homiliae XL in euangelia II.24
Rubric: Feria IIIIa. Secundum Iohanem.
Incipit: Manifestauit se iterum Ihesus
Rubric: Gregorii papę
Incipit: Lectio sancti ęuangelii que modo in auribus uestris
Explicit: ad perfectionem roborat Ihesus Christus dominus noster qui cum patre […]

PD II.11

(fols. 5ra-9rb)
Gregory, Hom. in euangelia II.25
Rubric: Feria Va. Secundum Iohannem.
Incipit: Maria stabat ad monumentum
Rubric: Omelia Gregorii pape
Incipit: Maria Magdalena quę fuerat in ciuitate peccatrix
Explicit: ęterno consolabitur gaudio, qui uiuit et regnat […]

PD II.12

(fols. 9rb-12ra)
Bede, Hom. euangelii II.8
Rubric: Feria sexta. Secundum Matheum.
Incipit: Undecim discipuli abierunt
Rubric: O(melia) v(enerabilis) Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Evangelica lectio fratres karissimi quam modo audiuimus et iuxta litteram
Explicit: celestis premia subleuet, in qua uiuit et regnat […]

PD II.13

(fols. 12ra-15vb)
Gregory, Hom. in euangelia II.22
Rubric: Sabbato secundum Iohannem
Incipit: Una sabbati Maria Magdalena uenit
Rubric: Omelia Gregorii pape
Incipit: Fractus longa molestia stomachus
Explicit: ipse quem amamus Ihesus Christus […]

No. 133 in the version of Paul the Deacon printed in PL 95, which differs from that analysed by Grégoire.

(fols. 15vb-17ra)
Eusebius Gallicanus, Hom. 12A
Rubric: Sermo beati Augustini de resurrectione domini
Incipit: Exulta celum et in leticia esto terra. Dies iste amplius
Explicit: triumphauit et inferos uicit
(fols. 17ra-20vb)
Gregory, Hom. in euangelia II.26
Rubric: Dominica Ia post Pascha. Secundum Iohannes.
Incipit: Cum esset sero die illa
Rubric: Gregorii pape
Incipit: Prima lectionis huius euangelicę questio animum pulsat
Explicit: pertingitis, quanto mediatorem||

PD II.15; ending at PL 76.1204, just before the end of the sermon.

One sermon, and the bulk of the following item, missing at this point.

(fol. 21ra)
Bede, Hom. euangelii II.13
Explicit: remunerator uincencium Ihesus Christus dominus noster qui uiuit […]

PD II.21

(fols. 21ra-24ra)
Bede, Hom. euangelii II.11
Rubric: Dominica iiija secundum Iohannem
Incipit: […] Vado ad eum
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Sicut ex lectione ęuangelica fratres karissimi audiuimus dominus et redemptor noster
Explicit: dare consueuit Ihesu Christo domino nostro qui uiuit […]

PD II.22

(fols. 24ra-27ra)
Bede, Hom. euangelii II.12
Rubric: Dominica va secundum Iohannem
Incipit: […] Amen amen dico uobis si quid
Rubric: Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Potest mouere infirmos auditores
Explicit: de patre adnunciet nobis qui uiuit […]

PD II.24

(fols. 27ra-30va)
Bede, Hom. euangelii II.14
Rubric: In Letania secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Quis uestrum
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Rogatus a discipulis saluator
Explicit: ante secula parauit per Ihesum Christum dominum nostrum qui […]

PD II.19

(fols. 30va-31vb)
Augustine, In Iohannis euangelium tractatus 105.1-107.4
Rubric: In uigilia dominicę ascensionis secundum Iohannem
Incipit: Subleuatis Ihesus oculis
Rubric: Omelia Augustini episcopi
Incipit: Glorificatum a patre filium
Explicit: non est hic de aliquo quantocius||

PD II.25. Breaking off just before the end due to the excision of two (?) leaves after fol. 31.

(fols. 32ra-34vb)
Bede, Hom. euangelii II.17
Incipit: || ⟨exem⟩plo confortari qui et ipsi
Explicit: priusquam mundus esset aput patrem, cum quo uiuit […]

PD II.30

(fols. 35ra-38vb)
Gregory, Hom. in euangelia II.30
Rubric: (fol. 34vb) In die sancto secundum Iohannem
Incipit: […] Si quis diligit me
Rubric: Gregorii
Incipit: Libet fratres karissimi euangelicę lectionis uerba
Explicit: non relinquitur sed datur, per dominum nostrum […]

PD II.33

(fols. 38vb-40ra)
Augustine, In Iohannis euangelium tractatus XII.11-14
Rubric: Feria iia secundum Iohannem
Incipit: […] Sic deus dilexit mundum
Rubric: Augustini
Incipit: Quomodo qui intuebantur serpentem eneum a Moyse in ^h^eremo non peribant morsibus serpentum
Explicit: quia bona et salubria sunt
(fols. 40ra-41vb)
Augustine, In Iohannis euangelium tractatus XLV.1-8
Rubric: Feria iija secundum Iohannem
Incipit: Dixit Ihesus turbis Iudeorum, Amen amen
Rubric: Augustini episcopi
Incipit: De illuminato qui natus est cecus
Explicit: ad furandum et occidendum
(fols. 41vb-43va)
Augustine, In Iohannis euangelium tractatus XXVI.2-8
Rubric: Feria iiija secundum Iohannem
Incipit: Nemo potest uenire ad me
Rubric: Augustini episcopi de eadem lectione
Incipit: Magna gratię commendatio nemo uenit nisi tractus
Explicit: et deus erat uerbum
(fols. 43va-44va)
Rubric: Feria Va secundum Lucam
Incipit: Conuocatis Ihesus duodecim
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Modo cum euangelium legeretur audiuimus quia conuocatis Ihesus duodecim apostolis dedit illis uirtutem et potestatem super omnia demonia et ut languores curarent. Et misit illos predicare regnum dei et sanare infirmos. Fortasse enim nemo crederet hominibus illitteratis
Explicit: fidelis intra in gaudium domini tui, cui est honor […]

Largely as PL 95.1342D-1347B, serm. 153 in the Paul the Deacon collection there printed, which differs from that analysed by Grégoire.

(fols. 44va-45va)
Ambrose, In Lucam V.10-15
Rubric: Feria sexta secundum Lucam
Incipit: Factum est in una dierum
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Et ecce uiri portantes in lecto hominem
Explicit: lepra contaminetur
(fols. 45va-47ra)
Ambrose, In Lucam IV.57-66
Rubric: Sabbato secundum Lucam
Incipit: Surgens Ihesu de signagoga[sic]
Rubric: Ambrosii
Incipit: Et in synagoga erat homo habens spiritum inmundum […] Uide clementiam domini saluatoris
Explicit: sacramentum hoc magnum est ego autem dico in christo et in ęcclesia
(fols. 47ra-49vb)
Bede, Hom. euangelii II.18
Rubric: In octauo Pentecosten secundum Iohannem
Incipit: Erat homo ex Phariseis
Rubric: Omelia Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Sicut ex lectione ęuangelica
Explicit: et potestas ante omnia et in omnia secula seculorum amen

PD II.16 (in Pascha annotina)

(fols. 50(a)ra-54rb)
Gregory, Hom. in euangelia II.40
Rubric: Dominica prima post Pentecosten secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Homo quidam erat diues
Rubric: Omelia Gregorii pape
Incipit: In uerbis sacri euangelii fratres karissimi prius sequenda est ueritatis historia et postmodum requirenda spiritualis intelligentia allegorię
Explicit: in uestris mentibus loquatur qui uiuit […]
(fols. 54rb-58va)
Gregory, Hom. in euangelia II.36
Rubric: Dominica ija post Pentecosten secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Homo quidem fecit cenam magnam
Rubric: Omelia Gregorii pape de eadem lectione
Incipit: Hoc distare fratres karissimi
Explicit: animore flagramus Ihesum Christum […]

PD II.38

(fols. 58va-65ra)
Gregory, Hom. in euangelia II.34
Rubric: Dominica iiia secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Accesserunt ad Ihesum publicani
Rubric: Omelia beati Gregorii pape
Incipit: Æstivum tempus quod corpori meo
Explicit: factus est iudex noster qui uiuit […]

PD II.39

(fols. 65ra-66rb)
Bede, Hom. euangelii III.4
Rubric: Dominica IIII secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Estote misericordes
Rubric: Omelia uenerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Hoc loco nobis nichil aliud
Explicit: festucam de oculo fratris

PD II.37

(fols. 66rb-67va)
Augustine, Serm. 148
Rubric: Item omelia beati Augustini episcopi
Incipit: Modo cum euangelium legeretur audiuius dominum dicentem, Nolite iudicare
Explicit: salutę conueniant, sui est honor […]
(fols. 67va-69ra)
Bede, Hom. euangelii III.5
Rubric: Dominica V secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Cum turbę irruerent
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Stagnum Genesaret idem dicunt esse
Explicit: uocantem ac iubentem ut sequerentur

PD II.57

(fols. 69ra-70rb)
Ambrose, In Lucam IV.68-79
Rubric: Omelia Ambrosii episcopi de eadem lectione
Incipit: Ascendens autem in unam nauim […] Ubi dominus multis impertiuit
Explicit: uiuificandi habeant potestatem
(fols. 70rb-72va)
Augustine, De sermone domini in monte I.9.21-10.28
Rubric: Dominica via secundum Matheum
Incipit: […] Amen dico uobis nisi habundauerit
Rubric: Omelia beat⟨i⟩ Augustini ep⟨iscopi⟩
Incipit: Inquit dominus discipulis suis quia nisi […] Idem non solum illa
Explicit: Beati ergo pauperes spiritu quoniam ipsorum est regnum cęlorum

PD II.58

(fols. 72va-74rb)
Bede, In Marcum II.8
Rubric: Dominica vij secundum Marcum
Incipit: […] Cum multa turba esset
Rubric: Omelia beati Gregorii pape
Incipit: In hac lectione consideranda est
Explicit: se pastor ese cibariis

PD II.60

(fols. 74rb-75rb)
(Ps.-) Maximus of Turin, Serm. 57 (extract)
Rubric: Omelia eiusdem
Incipit: Ait euangelis in presenti lectione, Cum turba multa esset
Explicit: dono repleti spiritus sancti per dominum nostrum […]
PL 57.741
(fols. 75rb-78ra)
Origen, Hom. V in Matth. VII.15-21
Rubric: Dominica viij secundum Matheum
Incipit: […] Attendite a falsis
Rubric: Omelia Orienis[sic] de eadem
Incipit: Quod paulo superius spaciosam et latam
Explicit: et cuius sitis. Prestante et adiuuante ipso domino nostro […]

PD II.61

(fols. 78ra-80ra)
Jerome, Ep. 121.6
Rubric: Dominica ixa secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Homo quidam erat diues
Rubric: Omelia beati Ieromini presbiteri
Incipit: Quis sit uillicus iniquitatis
Explicit: parce et me

PD II.52

(fols. 80ra-84ra)
Gregory, Hom. in euangelia II.xxxix
Rubric: Dominica x secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Cum appropinquaret dominus Iherusalem
Rubric: Omelia Gregorii pape de eadem
Incipit: Lectionem breuem sancti euangelii breui si possum sermone
Explicit: de quo loquimur qui uiuit et regnat […]
PL 76.1293-1301
(fols. 84ra-85ra)
Bede, In Lucam V.18
Rubric: Dominica xj post Pentecosten secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Duo homines ascenderunt
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Quia parabolam suam dominum
Explicit: districtione pensetur ignoro

PD II.64

(fols. 85ra-87ra)
Bede, Hom. euangelii II.6
Rubric: Dominica xija secundum Marcum
Incipit: Exiens Ihesus de finibus Tiri
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Surdus ille et mutus
Explicit: intimare dignabitur Ihesus Christus dominus noster […]

PD II.69

(fols. 87ra-88vb)
Bede, In Lucam III.10
Rubric: Dominica xiiia secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Beati oculi qui uident
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Non oculi scribarum et Phariseorum
Explicit: subleuanda deuotus operare

CCSL 120.221-5 (PL 92.467B-470C); cf. PD II.69.

(fols. 88vb-90va)
Epiphanius, Interpretatio euangeliorum sermo 49
Rubric: Omelia Iohannis episopi de eadem
Incipit: Audiuit uestra dilectio ęuangelio canente in presenti lectione hominem qui inciderat in latrones
Explicit: miserebitur dominus nunc et in omnia secula seculorum amen
ed. Alvar Erikson (Lund, 1939), 118-23
(fols. 90va-92ra)
Bede, Hom. euangelii III.13
Rubric: Dominica xiiiia secundum Lucam
Incipit: Cum iret Ihesus in Iherusalem
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Leprosi non absurde intelligi possunt
Explicit: gloriam patri qui est in celis

PD II.74

(fols. 92ra-93rb)
Rubric: Dominica xva secundum Matheum
Incipit: […] Nemo potest duobus
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Nemo potest duobus dominis seruire quia non ualet simul
Explicit: ex habundantia super additur

PD II.75a-b, a confection of Bede Hom. III.14 and Bede In Lucam IV.12, 22-31.

(fols. 92rb-94rb)
Bede, Hom. euangelii III.15
Rubric: Dominica xvia secundum Lucam
Incipit: Ibat Ihesus in ciuitatem
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Naim cuiutas est Galileę
Explicit: semper in corda mittendo

PD II.76a

(fols. 94rb-95vb)
Bede, Hom. euangelii III.16
Rubric: Dominica xviia secundum Lucam
Incipit: Cum intraret Ihesus in domum cuiusdam
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Ydropis morbus ab aquoso humore
Explicit: uetat congruit

PD II.80

(fols. 95vb-97va)
Bede, In Marcum III.9
Rubric: Feria iiiia secundum Marcum
Incipit: Respondens unus de turba
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Notandum est quod semper loca rebus
Explicit: propulsabimus insidias

PD II.82

(fols. 97va-99va)
Gregory, Hom. in euangelia II.31
Rubric: Sabbato secundum Lucam
Incipit: […] Arborem fici habebat
Rubric: Omelia Gregorii pape
Incipit: Dominus et redemptor noster per euangelium suum aliquando uerbis loquitur
Explicit: transeuntes lacrimas gaudia mansura, per dominum nostrum Ihesum […]

PD II.86

(fols. 99va-101vb)
Ps.-John Chrysostom, Opus imperfectum in Matthaeum 52
Rubric: Dominica xviiia secundum Matheum
Incipit: Accesserunt ad Ihesum Pharisei
Rubric: Omelia beati Iohannis episcopi de eadem lectione
Incipit: Convenerunt ergo Pharisei ut multitudine
Explicit: melius cognoscens eum per ipsum

PD II.90

(fols. 101vb-103ra)
Petrus Chrysologus, Serm. 50
Rubric: Dominica xviiiija secundum Matheum
Incipit: Ascendens Ihesus in nauiculam
Rubric: Omelia beati Iohannis episcopi de eadem lectione
Incipit: Christum in humanis actibus
Explicit: perfidię iam moreris

PD II.89

(fols. 103ra-108vb)
Gregory, Hom. in evangelia II.xxxviii
Rubric: Dominica xxa secundum Matheum
Incipit: […] Simile factum est regnum
Rubric: Omelia beati Gregorii pape
Incipit: Textum lectionis ęuangelicę fratres karissimi uolo sub breutitate transcurrere
Explicit: assumere naturam nostram qui uiuit et regnat […]
(fols. 108vb-109vb)
Gregory, Hom. in evangelia II.xxviii
Rubric: Dominica xxia secundum Iohannem
Incipit: Erat quidam regulus
Rubric: Omelia beati Gregorii pape
Incipit: Lectio sancti euangelii quam modo fratres audistis expositione non indiget, sed ne hanc tacite preterisse uideamur
Explicit: per fidem tenetis per dominum nostrum Ihesum Christum qui uiuit […]
(fols. 110ra-111vb)
Rubric: (fol. 109vb) Dominica xxiia secundum Matheum
Incipit: […] Simile factum est regnum
Rubric: Omelia beati Iheronimi presbiteri
Incipit: Familiare est Syris et maxime
Explicit: hostia ipsi fuerimus

PD II.94a-b, a confection of Jerome, In euangelium Matthaei III.18.23-5 and Gregory, Dialogues, IV.60-2.

(fols. 111vb-112rb)
Bede, In Lucam V.20
Rubric: Dominica xxiii secundum Matheum
Incipit: Abeuntes Pharisei
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Et obseruantes Pharisei miserunt
Explicit: non inuenisset locum

PD II.95

(fols. 112rb-115ra)
Bede, In Lucam III.8
Rubric: Dominica xxiiii secundum Matheum
Incipit: Loquente Ihesu ad turbas ecce princeps
Rubric: Omelia venerabilis Bede presbiteri
Incipit: Ecce uir uenit cui nomen erat Iairus […] Priori lectione quam de abiectione
Explicit: peccatoris inpinguet caput eorum

PD II.96

The remainder of fol. 115 cut away; the verso blank.

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: Parchment; some original flaws with medieval repairs
Extent: 113 leaves


Ruled in plummet for two columns of 28–30 lines. Ruled space c. 270-5 × 205-10 mm. Written above top line.


Protogothic bookhands, by more than one scribe (e.g. there is a change in the second column of fol. 2r).


One fine pen-drawn zoomorphic initial in the form of a dragon sprouting foliage, reserved against a red ground (fol. 35r); other initials with lesser decoration in plain red, sometimes effusively embellished (e.g. fol. 45v, 78r).


Origin: 12th century, last(?) quarter ; German

MS. Laud Misc. 306, part II (fols. 116–159)


Summary of Contents: Supplementary homilies for Easter to the fifth week after Pentecost, for the dedication of a church, and for Christmas to Epiphany.

Language(s): Latin

(fols. 116r–122v)
Eusebius Gallicanus, Hom. 13-17 de Pascha
Rubric: Sermones de resurrectione domini quorum primus videlicet exulta superius [fol. 15v] infra omelias habetur
(fols. 116r–117r)
Hom. 13
Incipit: Beneficia dei nostri cum magna atque mirifica sint
Explicit: non dubitent reparatos

Paul the Deacon II.6

(fols. 117r–119v)
Hom. 14
Rubric: Maius sermo ut supra
Incipit: Magnum et mirabile paschalis baptismi sacramentum
Explicit: respiciant iam redempti
(fols. 119v–121r)
Hom. 15
Rubric: Sermo Eusebii Emiseni episcopi
Incipit: Hodierne diei sacrosancta sollempnitas Hebraice phasę
Explicit: rebellium transeat angelorum
(fols. 121r–122v)
Hom. 16
Rubric: Alio sermo unde supra
Incipit: Oportune et congrue sub die insigni sollempnitatis hodiernę
Explicit: pro alapsis suis
(fols. 122v–123v)
Hom. 17
Rubric: Sermo Eusebii Emiseni episcopi

Marginal note: De sacramento altaris

Incipit: Magnitudo cęlestium beneficiorum angustias humanę mentis excedit
Explicit: nescit distributione consumi
Ending at CCSL 101.201
(fols. 123v–124v)
(Ps.-)Maximus of Turin, Hom. 90
Rubric: Sermo Maximi episcopi in maiori letania
Incipit: Legimus in prophetis cum Ninive civitati subversio divinitus immineret
Explicit: superare possimus

PD II.17

Leo Magnus, Hom. 73-4 de ascenscione
(fols. 124v–125v)
Rubric: In ascensione domini sermo Leonis papę
Incipit: Post beatam et gloriosam resurrectionem domini nostri
Explicit: dexteram collocauit, qui […]

PD II.26

(fols. 125v–127r)
Rubric: Sermo eidem unde supra
Incipit: Sacramentum dilectissimi salutis nostrę
Explicit: possimus ascendere, cui est cum patre […]

PD II.27

(fols. 127r–135r)
Origen, Homilia in I Regum (De Helcana) 2-19
Rubric: Dominica prima post Pentecosten sermo Origenis
Incipit: Historia nobis recitata est de primo libro regnorum
Explicit: suscitauit ut in nouitate uitę ambulem in Christo Ihesu domino nostro
ed. W. Baehrens, GCS 33 (1925), 3-25
(fols. 135r–143)
Seven sermons attributed to St Augustine
(fols. 135r–136v)
Caesarius of Arles, Sermo 121
Rubric: Sermo beati Augustini episcopi de David et patre eius Ysai
Incipit: In scripturis divinis fratres karissimi. hec eademque persona
Explicit: feliciter uenire mereamur, quod ipse dominus noster prestare dignetur qui […]
Ps.-Augustine, serm. 37; Grégoire 333
(fols. 136v–138r)
Caesarius of Arles, Sermo 183
Rubric: De divite cuius ager uberes fructus attulit, et de divite qui induebatur purpura et bisso. Sermo sancti Augustini episcopi
Incipit: Si diligenter adtenditis fratres karissimi omnes sacerdotes domini non solum episcopos sed etiam presbiteros
Explicit: ad ęterna premia feliciter peruenire, prestante domini nostro, cui est […]
(fol. 138r–v)
Caesarius of Arles, Sermo 122
Rubric: Dominica .II. Sermo beati Augustini episcopi de plaga dei
Incipit: Cum Regum lectio legeretur audivimus
Explicit: habitatorem habere mereamur, prestante eodem domino […]
(fols. 138v–139v)
Caesarius of Arles, Sermo 123
Rubric: Alius sermo beati Augustini episcopi de iudicio Salomonis et duabus meretricibus
Incipit: De duabus meretricibus dilectissimi fratres que adiucium [sic for ad iudicium] Salemonis venerunt
Explicit: iungere et conseruare dignetur, prestante eodem unigenito domino nostro […]
(fols. 139v–141r)
Caesarius of Arles, Sermo 124
Rubric: Dominica .III. sermo beati Augustini episcopi de beato Helia
Incipit: In lectionibus que nobis diebus istis rectantur fratres karissimi frequenter admonui
Explicit: in ore sapientis, regnante ipso domino […]
(fols. 141r–142v)
Claudius of Turin, Quaestiones XXX super libros Regum (extract)
Rubric: Alius sermo de David
Incipit: Videamus fratre karissimi quomodo David Christum prophetice signaverit
Explicit: quam credentium Iudeorum
PL 104.670B-673A
(fols. 142v–143v)
Caesarius of Arles, Sermo 127
Rubric: Dominica .IIII. Sermo beati Augustini episcopi de Eliseo
Incipit: Cum divina lectio legeretur audivimus quod cum pretereunte beato Heliseo pueri irridentes clamaverunt
Explicit: consorcium regni mei, ad quod regnum nos pietas diuina perducere dignetur, qui […]
(fols. 143v–147r)
Leo Magnus
(fols. 143v–144v)
Sermo 89
Rubric: Feria .IIII. VII mensis sermo Leonis pape
Incipit: Predicationem nostram dilectissimi familiaris vobis adiuvat consuetudo
Explicit: placatus exaudiat per Christum dominum nostrum
(fols. 144v–146r)
Sermo 90
Rubric: Feria VI. sermo Leonis pape
Incipit: Sacratum dilectissimi in septimo mense ieiunium
Explicit: consequamur affectum, per dominum Ihesum Christum qui […]
(fols. 146r–147r)
Sermo 92
Rubric: Sabbato sermo Leonis pape de eodem
Incipit: Apostolica institucio dilectissimi dominum Ihesum Christum
Explicit: donetur et posse, per dominum nostrum […]
(fols. 147r–151v)
Three sermons for the Dedication of a church or altar
(fols. 147r–149v)
Augustine, Serm. 15
Rubric: Sermo Augustini episcopi in dedicatione ecclesię
Incipit: Decorem domus domini locum tabernaculi claritatis eius diligimus [cf. Ps. 25.8] si et nos ipsi sumus. Quis ergo decor est domus dei
Explicit: ibi est decor domus dei qui uiuit […]
PL 38.116-121; CCSL 41.193-201
(fols. 149v–150v)
Ps.-Augustine, Serm. 230
Rubric: Sermo Augustini in dedicatione ecclesie vel templi
Incipit: Sicut optime novit sanctitas vestra, consecrationem altaris hodie celebramus
Explicit: nutriat in se ignem, quem in eo dignetur ascendere
PL 39.2168-21670
(fols. 150v–151v)
Eusebius Gallicanus, Hom. 49 in dedicatione ecclesiae
Rubric: Sermo Leonis papae in dedicatione ecclesię
Incipit: Beatos apostolos sermo divinus sub apellatione commemorat montium pro stabilitate virtutum
Explicit: non uult excludi ipse qui uiuit […]

Grégoire 188, 386

(fols. 151v–156r)
Four sermons for Christmas day
(fols. 151v–153v)
Leo Magnus, Serm. 26
Rubric: Sermo de nat. domini
Incipit: Omnibus quidem diebus dilectissimi atque temporibus animis fidelium divina meditancium
Explicit: hii filii dei sunt, qui regnat cum filio […]

Alan of Farfa I.15d

(fols. 153v–154v)
Ps.-Maximus of Turin, Sermo 10, de natiuitate Domini V
Rubric: Sermo beati Augustini episcopi unde supra
Incipit: Hodie fratres karissimi Christus natus est nos renati. Hodie salvator mundi per matrem nascendi tempus accepit
Explicit: inoffensam cęlestis fidei ueritatem

PD I.21

(fols. 154v–155r)
Ps.-Augustine, Serm. 122
Rubric: Item sermo sancti Maximini unde supra
Incipit: In adventu dominico fratres karissimi solutus est omnis paternę prevaricationis metus
Explicit: iniquitate purgaret

PD I.22

(fols. 155r–156r)
Ps.-Maximus of Turin, Sermo 13
Rubric: Sermo Maximini de eadem die
Incipit: Hodierni misterii sacramentum fratres karissimi sicut credidistis semper et creditis
Explicit: dubitare non possis

PD I.23

(fols. 156r–157v)
Three sermons for the feast of St Stephen (26 December)
(fol. 156r)
Ps.-Maximus of Turin, Sermo 85
Rubric: Sermo de sancto Stephano
Incipit: Hesterno die natalem habuimus domini salvatoris
Explicit: palmam martyrii consequitur coronam

Alan of Farfa I.19a

(fols. 156r–157r)
Rubric: Item de eodem
Incipit: Donet mihi dominus dicere salubriter qui donavit Stephano tanta dicere
Explicit: in domino glorietur cum quo uiuit […]

Alan of Farfa I.22, a confection of Augustine, serm. 319, and Ps.-Augustine, serm. 122

(fol. 157r–v)
Augustine, Serm. 314
Rubric: Sermo unde supra
Incipit: Natalem domini hesterna die celebravimus natalem servi hodie celebramus
Explicit: desiderat coronari
(fols. 157v–158v)
Two sermons for the feast of the Holy Innocents (28 December)
(fols. 157v–158r)
Ps.-Augustine, Serm. 218
Rubric: Sermo de innocentibus
Incipit: Christo igitur secundum prophetię fidem nato in Bethleem Iudę temporibus Herodis
Explicit: credulitate querendus est

Alan of Farfa I.29

(fol. 158r–v)
Ps.-Maximus of Turin, Sermo 78
Rubric: Item sermo ut supra
Incipit: Quocienscumque fratres karissimi sanctorum martyria celebramus
Explicit: cęlestibus honoratur

Alan of Farfa I.30a

(fol. 159r–v)
Leo Magnus, Serm. 36 (for Epiphany, 6 January)
Rubric: Sermo Leonis pape de epiphania domini
Incipit: Dies dilectissimi quo primum gentibus salvator mundi apparuit
Explicit: serit discordias. ascendit iras. incitat lin||

Alan of Farfa I.46

Physical Description

Secundo Folio: ra uitali
Form: codex
Support: parchment


Ruled in plummet for two columns of 30 lines. Ruled space c. 270 × 205 mm. Written above top line.


Protogothic bookhand.


Initials in plain red with simple arabesque decoration


Origin: 12th century, last(?) quarter ; German

MS. Laud Misc. 306, endleaf (fol. 1)


Language(s): Latin

(fol. 1r–v)
Readings added on a previously blank flyleaf for the feast of St Peter’s Chains (1 August), and Holy Saturday
(fol. 1r)
Rubric: Isti lectiones leguntur Rome in ad vinculi sancti Petri apostoli
Incipit: Notandum est fratres karissimi qua de causa celebratui festivitas sancti Petri que dicitur ad vincula kalendis Augusti. Hec ergo a quibusdam dicitur causa
Explicit: sed illi me tibi cuius sum unigenitus indicavit [two? more words uncertain]
(fol. 1v)
Rubric: \In illo tempore. Secundum Mathei/
Incipit: ‘Vespere autem sabbati …’ [Matthew 28:1] Vigiliam huius sacratissime noctis sicut ex lectione ewangelica audistis fratres karissimi. Resurrectio domini ac salvatoris nostri dedicavit
Explicit: deinceps anime superno gaudio sine fine fruantur.

Physical Description

Form: sheet
Support: parchment
Extent: 1 leaf


Recto: 2 columns of up to 32 lines; verso: a single column of 27 lines, the last few squeezed into a limited space. Ruled space (fol. 1r) c. 290 × 205 mm.


Recto: Proto-gothic bookhand; verso: a different proto-gothic bookhand


Recto: Two- and one-line initials in red and green.

Verso: a few embellished initials, in plain brown ink.


Origin: 12th century, late, or 13th century, early ; German

Additional Information

Record Sources

Description by Peter Kidd and Matthew Holford (June 2021). Previously described in the Quarto Catalogue (H. O. Coxe, Laudian Manuscripts, Quarto Catalogues II, repr. with corrections, 1969, from the original ed. of 1858–1885).

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