A catalogue of Western manuscripts at the Bodleian Libraries and selected Oxford colleges

Maximus, of Turin, Saint, pseudo: Sermons (CPL 220-226b) [Latin]

  • See CPL for details of other editions, for identification of the few sermons which belong to Maximus of Turin (see also CPL 219a) or his contemporary namesake (see also CPL 219b), and for identification of sermons which belong to other authors.
  • CPL 220-226b
  • PL 57.221-530 (= CPL 220), 529-760 (= CPL 221), 771-82 (= CPL 222), 759-64 (= CPL 222a), 843-916 (= CPL 223), 915-20 (= CPL 224), 921-58 (= CPL 226).

The above references reflect only the current coverage of the online catalogue and may not be comprehensive.