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Maximus, of Turin, Saint, pseudo: Sermons (CPL 219b, 220-226b) [Latin]

  • See CPL for details of other editions, for identification of the few sermons which belong to Maximus of Turin I (d. between 408 and 423, for whom see also CPL 219a) or (possibly) to Maximus of Turin II (fl. c. 451-465, for whom see CPL 219b), and for identification of sermons which belong to other authors.
  • CPL 219b, 220-226b
  • PL 57.221-530 (= CPL 220), 529-760 (= CPL 221), 771-82 (= CPL 222), 759-64 (= CPL 222a), 843-916 (= CPL 223), 915-20 (= CPL 224), 921-58 (= CPL 226).

The above references reflect only the current coverage of the online catalogue and may not be comprehensive.