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MS. Bodl. 342

Summary Catalogue no.: 2405

Homilies in Old English



All from Aelfric's two series of Sermones catholici. The numbering is Ker's and continues from MS. Bodl. 340.

33. (ff. 1-8v)
Rubric: Incipit liber catholicorum sermonum anglice in anno primo. Primus sermo de initio creature.
34. (ff. 8v-14)
Rubric: In letania maiore
35. (ff. 14-21)
Rubric: in letania maiore. Feria .II
36. (ff. 21-27v)
Rubric: Feria .III. de dominica oratione
37. (ff. 27v-34)
Rubric: In letania maiore. Feria .III
38. (ff. 34-37)
Rubric: Alia uisio
39. (ff. 37-38)
Rubric: Hortatorius sermo de efficacia sancte misse
40. (ff. 38-45v)
Rubric: Feria .IIII. de fide catholica
41. (ff. 45v-50)
Rubric: Feria .IIII. In letania maiore
42. (ff. 50-56v)
Rubric: In ascentione domini
43. (ff. 56v-64)
Rubric: In die sancto pentecosten
44. (ff. 64-68v)
Rubric: .Dominica .II. post pentecosten.
45. (ff. 68v-71v)
Rubric: Dominica .III. post pentecosten.
46. (ff. 71v-73)
Rubric: Alia narratio de euangelii textu
47. (ff. 73-79)
Rubric: Dominica .IIII. post pentecosten
48. (ff. 79-85)
Rubric: VIII. kl. iulii. natiuitas sancti iohannis baptiste
49. (ff. 85-86v)
Rubric: III. kl. in festiuitate sancti petri
50. (ff. 86v-91)
Rubric: Item de petro
51. (ff. 91-94)
Rubric: III. kl. iulii. passio apostolorum petri et pauli
52. (ff. 94-99v)
Rubric: De passione apostolorum
53. (ff. 99v-106v)
Rubric: .II. kl. iulii. natale sancti pauli apostoli
54. (ff. 106v-10v)
Rubric: Dominica .VIII. post pentecosten
55. (ff. 110v-14v)
Rubric: Dominica .IX. post pentecosten
56. (ff. 114v-21v)
Rubric: Dominica. undecima. post pentecosten
57. (ff. 121v-7v)
Rubric: .VIII. kl. agusti. natale sancti iacobi. apostoli
58. (ff. 127v-31v)
Rubric: Dominica .XII. post pentecosten
59. (ff. 131v-4v)
Rubric: Dominica .XVI. post pentecosten
60. (f. 134v)
Rubric: De maria.
61. (ff. 134v-9)
Rubric: Dominica .XVII. post pentecosten
62. (ff. 139-47v)
Rubric: Dominica .XXI. post pentecosten
63. (ff. 147v-8)
Rubric: Excussatio dictantis
64. (ff. 148-51)
Rubric: In natale unius apostoli
65. (ff. 151-4v_
Incipit: Designauit dominus et alios .LXX. duos. et . reliqua. Se haelend geceas
66. (ff. 154v-9v)
Rubric: In natale sanctorum martyrum
67. (ff. 159v-65v)
Rubric: In natale unius confessoris
68. (ff. 165v-71)
Rubric: In natale sanctarum uirginum
69. (ff. 171-9)
Rubric: In dedicatione aecclesiae.
70. (ff. 179-83)
Rubric: Kl nouembris. natale omnium sanctorum
71. (ff. 183-7)
Rubric: De. euuagelio
72. (ff. 187-94v)
Rubric: VIIII. kl. decembris. natale sancti clementis martyris.
73. (ff. 194v-7v)
Rubric: Dominica .I. in aduentum domini.
74. (ff. 197v-202v)
Rubric: Dominica .II. in aduentum domini

The scribe left lines 4, 5 on f. 202v blank and wrote 'Explicit hie liber' on line 6

75. (f. 202v)

An account of Paulinus, bishop of Rochester, added in s. xi in 24 lines which extend into the lower margin of the page. Ends imperf., after which a line or two has been cut off by the binder. Pr. Sisam 1931, 10. The lines are in the hand of the principal corrector. Arts. 76-79 are on two added quires (see above).

76. (ff. 203-4v)

Conclusion of the homily for the first Sunday in Lent: cf. art. 18 in MS. Bodl. 342.

77. (ff. 204v-6)

Septuagesima: cf. art. 15 in MS. Bodl. 340. Ends abruptly in line 14 'hired on his ealle'. The rest of the page (ll. 15-22) was left blank: part of it contains the Latin hymn for St. Mary Magdalene, beg. 'Laudes cristo cum canticis' (Anal. Hymn. xii. 174), added in s. xi in an un-English-looking hand

78. (ff. 206v-11v)
Rubric: .II. kl. december.. natale sancti andree
79. (ff. 211v-18)
Rubric: Eodem die passio sancti. andreae. apostoli

The text continues on f. 218, but this leaf has been cut vertically so that only the inner half remains. The end of the homily is at the foot of the recto. The verso is blank, except for scribbles in Latin, for which see Sisam 1933, 10.

Language(s): Old English and Latin
Language(s): Old English

Physical Description

Form: codex
Support: parchment
Extent: iv + 218 + iv; fols. i, 221-2 are paper endleaves of the date of binding, fols. ii, iii, 219-20 are are parchment endleaves, 16th century (?), fol. iv is a medieval endleaf.
Dimensions (leaf): 315 × 210 mm.
Foliation: i-iv, 1-222. Traces of a pagination like that in MS. Bodl. 340.


I-25(8), 26 two (ff. 201-2), 27-28(8)


26 long lines (22 in quires 27-8). Written space c. 250 × 153 mm. Writing between double ruled lines except on fols. 203-6. Fols. 206v-10v were first ruled with single writing lihes and then reruled with double lines.


Late sixteenth or early seveenth century.


Origin: For history see MSS. Bodl. 340, 342

Record Sources

Description adapted and abbreviated (June 2022) from N. R. Ker, Catalogue of Manuscripts containing Anglo-Saxon (Oxford, 1957), no. 309


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